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Keira Knightley - A Step You Can

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Keira Knightley - A Step You Can

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Keira Knightley - A Step You Can
  • Keira Knightley A Step You Can’t Take Back
    "So you find urself at the subway When our world in a bag by our side And all at once it seems like a good way You realize it's the end of the line for what is worth Here comes the train upon the track"
  • Asia Cruise Step Step
    "Alright Yeah Somethin Goin Wrong But It Feels So Right, Tonight Yeah But What Going On? You're My Guiding Light Tonight Yeah Hope You Can Keep Up With The Way I Move (Move) Yeah Look Me In My Eyes Tell"
  • Keira Knightley Like A Fool
    "We take a chance from time to time And put our necks out on the line And you have broken every promise that we made And I have loved you anyway Took a fine time to leave me hangin' out to dry Understand"
  • Vampire Weekend Step
    "Every time I see you in the world You always step to my girl Back, back, way back I used to front like Angkor Wat Mechanicsburg, Anchorage and Dar es Salaam While home in New York was champagne and disco Tapes"
  • Soundtrack - Step up Step up
    "Chorus] Boy No matter what we go through You step up, I'll step up too It don't matter what the haters say As long as you are my boo No matter how hard it gets This love will have no regrets As"
  • Keira Knightley Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home
    "Maybe You don't have to smile so sad Laugh when you're feeling bad I promise I won't Chase you You don't have to dance so blue You don't have to say I do When baby you don't Just tell me The one thing"
  • Keira Knightley Coming Up Roses
    "When you were asleep And I was out walking The voices started to speak And they wouldn't stop talking There were signs all around It really got my mind racing You were right all along Something's gotta"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Step you
    "Talking about nothing at all,We acted in a moment and displayed our habits.Though i don't have to remind myself not to forget,From somewhere within me, fully...Wow oh oh oh oh no no no noI remember you"
  • 4Dreamers Step By Step
    "Step by step Gonna get to you girl Step by step ooh baby Gonna get to you girl Step by step ooh baby Really want you in my world Hey girl in your eyes I see a picture of me all the time And girl when"
  • New Kids On The Block Step By Step
    "Step by step Gonna get to you girl Step by step ooh baby Gonna get to you girl Step by step ooh baby Really want you in my world Hey girl in your eyes I see a picture of me all the time And girl when"
  • Uriah Heep Step By Step
    "It's alright, it's not wrong To sometimes feel You're just hanging on On those days when Your feelings are low Don't hold back Just let those show If you want my time and devotion You've got to give me Some"
  • Rich Mullins Step By Step
    "Sometimes the night was beautiful Sometimes the sky was so far away Sometimes it seemed to be so close You could touch it but your heart would break Sometimes the morning came too soon Sometimes the day"
  • Mesh Step By Step
    "I learn about life through your life I learn about touch through your hands I learn about love through your heart I learn to be kind where I can But the window's still broken It's starting to freeze And"
  • Norton Step by step
    "I believe in miracles I believe in signs And I believe that mountains move One prayer at a time If I could be an angel I'd make your every wish come true But I am only human Just a woman Lovin' you Where"
  • Mya Step
    "All I want is a little respect All I need is a little respect Ha Oh Ohhh Have you ever had a girl to call up your man Better tell her Step back Step back She claimin' that your man is her man Gonna get"
  • Ministry Step
    "I need help I need help I don't know who I am no more I'm gonna get some help Help me Step! Step, step it up baby! Got a question for you: like, who, what, where, why? Are we even here? Or are we following"
  • Phenom A Little Step
    "Its a moonlit night, beside a lake Stars are shining bright, magic in the air People all around, smiles you see People that you love You're not so sure its real, too good to be Just a lingering doubt,"
  • Beautiful Creatures Step Back
    "Crack back, Dog's tail, House rules, Rusted nails. Bare foot, Cold flaw, Black bricks, Lock the door. Hey, hey When you call my name I can feel the chills and the shivers, up and down my spine Hey, hey Now"
  • Atmosphere Step By Step (Slug)
    "(Slug) Something sinister sits in the corner Ignore it if ya want, but remeber that we warned ya There in the basement, behind the furnace Feeding off all of your fears so I can flurish Puts the shook"
  • Daryl Hall Next Step
    "(Hall, Stewart, Wolk, Baker) I wanna go up where something matters I wanna blow up where matter scatters I wanna live into the future I want to give... more girl Next Step No side stepping this time Cross"

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