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Keith Urban The River

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Keith Urban The River

  • The River - Keith Urban
    "(Keith Urban) I know a place where love flows like water You sit on the bank and pass the time away So take my hand I want to show you something My very own lover's hideaway CHORUS: And I will take you"
  • Keith - Mark Olson
    "I found a coin in the dirt Sisters in times of sorrow Sisters in times of joy What happens now is yours Uncles will shake themselves Then they'll go back to ploughing Under the willow tree right where"
  • Keith - Discount
    "I read in the paper that another man made a difference today. column thirteen explained the reasons they had to put him away. but i can't stand here staring all i want in dismas.Tomorrow's paper, the same"
  • Keith Turbo - Kool Keith
    "New York City! (Keith Turbo) You're listening to the number one The one and only (Keith Turbo) Keith (Keith Turbo) Turbo Pontiac, GTO That's right, we do it like that Keith Turbo, the new man Here we"
  • Me & Keith - Verbena
    "Where is it? (spoken)its the only cluewhen youre sad and throughwhere you ? like you know your faithon the coldest of dayscause i need it toolike some kind of foolits the song ?on this green room ?boys"
  • Keith reid - Gary Brooker
    "There was no more fear of flying Once the final word were spoke There was no more tears of crying It had all become a joke Though they took a vow of silence Still the rumours quickly spread There was no"
  • Keith Song - Tabula Rasa
    "This day is gone I'm starting over Without a path that's drawn Everyday I'm older Where is this dream I'm riding on? Is this the chance to make it closer? So many years to learn That this is far enough Take"
  • Keith N Bumpy - Kool Keith
    "(feat. 'Bumpy') See.. you play around too fuckin much (How many people you got hurt?) You ain't learned your lesson yet (You ain't learned your fuckin lesson) You still playin and fuckin around That's"
  • Urban Guerrilla - Hawkwind
    "I'm an urban guerrilla I make bombs in my cellar I'm a derelict dweller I'm a potential killer I'm a street-fighting dancer I'm a revolutionary romancer My rising sign is Cancer I'm a two-tone panther So"
  • Urban Rebel - Abrasive Wheels
    "Walk tall walk proud walk the way that you choose The rebels must think or rebels can only lose Were right to speak the truth Were right to speak our minds Were right were question proof You want to destroy"
  • Urban Guerilla - Sammy Hagar
    "Yes Heavy metal Cinderella Sudden death, now the thrill is gone Oh yeah Nice shot, you're a killer So what? Some like it hot, be the urban guerilla Somewhere in the concrete jungle King Kong is"
  • Urban Ninja - One Cool Guy
    "imagine a town called unionville crime ran rampant and it wouldn't stand still huddled in their homes they couldn't sleep they needed a rough an tough vigilante out of their cries he had come at last out"
  • Urban Laughter - Bananafishbones
    "And the fighting it went on They were fighting 'til the crack of dawn Urban laughter in the skies In the end there was no one to survive Oh that was an evil day Urban laughter took me far away Blood in"
  • Urban Savages - Reagan Youth
    "We're urban savages, no one can manage us We're gonna hit the street We're urban savages, no one can manage us We gotta rock the street Locked inside your city like I'm locked inside your cage Capitalist"
  • Urban Guerilla - Cockney Rejects
    "People say I'm crazy But I love what I do I don't care who I maim or hurt As long as I see it through Hear the sound of the guns Fire at someone Listen to them run from me Just an urban guerilla Looking"
  • Urban train - DJ Tiesto
    "We go our separate ways through the portals of love truth was in creating, not the aftermath can't say i was nothing before you came into my life but i will keep the memories for when my soul gets weary"
  • Urban Rapsody - James Rick
    "Rick James featuring Rappin 4-Tay Come on, come on, come on with the funk thang Come on, come on, come on with the funk thang Come on, come on, come on with the funk thang Come on, come on, come on with"
  • Urban Myth - Frenzal Rhomb
    "If I gave you another wish you'd be hanging out for married bliss waiting for your life to control you Married bliss is an urban myth with concrete smiles and bloody wrists I never thought it would"
  • Urban Napalm - Down By Law
    "I think it began back in 1992 - flames and riots and my innocence was through the flames got put out but the hatred stayed so strong burning up the streets like an urban napalm white boy white boy -"
  • Urban Getaway - Elemeno P
    "Sometimes I feel like I should not be living here Feeling Shostakovich Sometimes the things you say they really frustrate me Twice in as many hours I live within A two kilometre, it's now a barrier Near"

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