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Kelis Blindfold Me

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Kelis Blindfold Me

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Kelis Blindfold Me
  • Kelis Blindfold Me
    "When he want it he blindfolds me Then I get sexy on him, get sexy on him, like Told him what I like When he heat it up at night Made him stand behind my door and watch me (uh uh uh) And I couldn't believe"
  • Tristan Prettyman Blindfold
    "Don't I seem better Don't I seem just fine I've been writing you love letters one at a time Keep my thoughts in order Put my love on the line But you came a long and took it all down And put your laundry"
  • Pulley Blindfold
    "Sitting in the backyard on a Sunday in the morning Touched by you and all your curls that sucked me in I can hear you when you're screaming I hear you when you're talking to me Laughing at the jokes,"
  • Red House Painters Blindfold
    "blood ridden hands are the first things to come through the bed when all the pain in your life comes to a head poor lost soul with no place to go wait until winter and you'll know three years fold through"
  • Curve Blindfold
    "You better believe it, hey yeah You better believe it, hey yeah You better believe it, hey yeah You better believe it, hey yeah [--talk--] The stronger the man The stronger the woman If it ended now Would"
  • Deftones Minus Blindfold
    "Done feeding, I leaned back head rested on the couch's top Must leave the house soon mean gone cause my pops he's hot Grab my blue backpack, My walkman, grip my bicycle Because I know my friends are waiting"
  • Kelis Bossy - Kelis, Too Short
    "(Kelis' introduction:) (Laughter) Hey Ya, You don't have love me, you don't even have to like me, but you will respect me, you know why? cause I'm a boss! Uh uh... watch the beat go... Uh uh... watch"
  • Kelis Weekend - Kelis, Will.I.Am,
    "(IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! AND THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'! OH! THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'!) This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on Somebody told me, the weekend's just for"
  • Foxy Brown Candy Ft. Kelis
    "I taste just like candy, candy I taste just like candy So dance with me Yo now let me paint y'all a picture Fox pimp hard, just quiet just like a whisper Don't get it mixed up Bad little sista Not bad"
  • Morcheeba Blindfold
    "Three months in here Can't catch the tears Time never lands Our love is all that stands now Streets feel strange And longer lives can never change I'm so glad to have you And it's getting worse I'm so"
  • Delirious Blindfold
    "Take this blind fold off of mei'm walking but i cannot seemysteries fly at my feetthe answers come with no reliefbroken shoes won't get u farclimb on my back i'll carry u afarwords just feel ansethetizedbut"
  • Bodyjar Blindfold
    "Did you hear what the tv told you about the raid today? Did you believe every reason why they took outr rights away? I will not remain (silent) blind to the truth And blinded by the television light Did"
  • 2:54 Blindfold
    "Singel promuje album który ukaże się w listopadzie 2014 r."
  • Ol' Dirty Bastard Got Your Money - Kelis
    "Ohhh baby I dedicate this to all the pretty girls All the pretty girls Its on (echo) All the pretty girls, in the world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your pretty anyways baby You give me your number,"
  • BREACH The Key (ft. Kelis)
    "Have you back in my face Rises past, past, past Thou can't just get to my space I know, gotta feel, Some things seem so real We got so much history I heard you, I heard you, I heard you, I heard you You"
  • Busta Rhymes What It Is ft Kelis
    "Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas"
  • Don Diablo Give It All (feat. Alex Clare & Kelis)
    "I don’t give It up I don’t give a damn if we fall Don't tell me that I should I Live that I don’t give it up … We only have 24 hours to live Would you like"
  • Fireflight Voluntary Blindfold
    "Amidst the war cries on the day of battle, blown by violent winds on this stormy day. Shall I offer the fruit of my body, for the sin of my soul? Chorus: For we have made a lie our refuge, and a falsehood"
  • Lil' Kim How Many Licks Remix Ft Kelis, Snoop Dogg,
    "This is the genius! This is the genius Yeah, wussup baby (lick it, lick it) Don't be scared, it don't bite Lick some... Get you lickin' again When I drink enough Gin, I'm invincible I don't love no hoe,"
  • Kelis Intro (Kelis Was Here)
    "This is my story This is my mark For all of the ages Until it's so dark Like a grave that's been found Or flames that began at first spark This is my song This is my story This is my mark From beginning"

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