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Kelis I Dont Think So

  • Got Your Money - Kelis - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "Ohhh baby I dedicate this to all the pretty girls All the pretty girls Its on (echo) All the pretty girls, in the world And the ugly girls too Cause to me your pretty anyways baby You give me your number,"
  • Bossy - Kelis, Too Short - Kelis
    "(Kelis' introduction:) (Laughter) Hey Ya, You don't have love me, you don't even have to like me, but you will respect me, you know why? cause I'm a boss! Uh uh... watch the beat go... Uh uh... watch"
  • I Don't Think So - Kelis
    "You think you might have a chance I Don't Think So You're tellin' me to be nice I Don't Think So You wanna get in my pants I Don't Think So I Don't Think So I Don't Think So You think you might have a"
  • What It Is ft Kelis - Busta Rhymes
    "Yeah Flipmode Neptunes nigga What you want nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon Who be the father to this Bounce right here niggas"
  • Weekend - Kelis, Will.I.Am, - Kelis
    "(IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! IT'S THE WEEKEND! AND THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'! OH! THEM FREAKS ARE COMIN'!) This is my song, this is my life, baby it's on Somebody told me, the weekend's just for"
  • Dont Think Twice - Indigo Girls
    ""Draw the Line" is an Amy Ray song. A studio version of it appears on "Blue Food." (Additionally, there's a live version of it on the legendary "Purple Parrot" bootleg - I mention it only because it"
  • Candy Ft. Kelis - Foxy Brown
    "I taste just like candy, candy I taste just like candy So dance with me Yo now let me paint y'all a picture Fox pimp hard, just quiet just like a whisper Don't get it mixed up Bad little sista Not bad"
  • I dont' care - Pink Slip
    "Just because you guys are nothingAnd im here getting everythingYou guys say what you really want to beAnd im here being what i wanna beIm so far, doing lot of thingsDo you think ill ever read one ofThis"
  • Dont Stop - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Miscellaneous Dont Stop AEROSMITH Don't Stop Transcribed by Mike Heasley Remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk? And now they got the"
  • I Dont Care - Bratz
    "When we met I knew then There was something cool about you Even though my friends didn't notice it at all You can me all along took a walk And started talking We stayed out all night counting all the stars I"
  • Dont Move - Butch Walker
    "written by Butch Walker Good morning sunlight As I get used to you It's all gonna be all right I did all I can do And as I'm waiting for those eyes To say what's on your mind I finally think I've found"
  • Dont Go - Hothouse Flowers
    "you know the way I could never say no to anything at all you know the way you just got to let go before you take the fall you came out of the smoke before me I had to take you in then right there you spoke"
  • Think - James Brown
    "James Brown (the modern,faster version) Heeeeeyow Think about the sacrifices that I made for you. Think about the good things I done for you. Now think of all the bad things I tried not to do baby baby. Think"
  • I don't think so - US5
    "Intro: US5, dont think so, Oh No, Oh No I can tell you nothing but the truth in fact Everytime that you were down I had your back I dont even wanna see you act like that Are you ready, lets go go V1: I"
  • I don't think so - Gracia
    "Lights out, bad deal, you don't know how I feel That's right, get real, don't under estimate me now Your sick ideals don't have no part in me Get lost, be gone, you hope that we'll go on But I don't think"
  • I Don't Think So - Heavy D
    "If you think, you gon' waste, my, time (baby) I don't think so Ready to come in on that one Uno, check me out, yo See I know how you get down You want a nigga to put down before you go down Always"
  • Think - Puddle Of Mudd
    "Wait wait wait You never wanna wait Wait wait wait Slow down Stop and think Think think think You never wanna think Cause everything Could it be a dream Another bad dream So I drink, drink, drink Im"
  • Don't Think So - Quiet Riot
    "You sucked religion from my life When we met I believed you were hell take the knife from my back I know youll use it again Dont Think Of Me I wont think of you Dont Think Of Me I wont think of you You"
  • I Hate You So Much Right Now - Kelis
    "Yo, this song, yo This song is for all the women out there That have been lied to by their men And I know y'all been lied to over and over again This is for y'all Yo, maybe you didn't break the way you"
  • I Really Don't Think So - Paolo And Isabella
    "Why does everything had to be looked They thinked about all the stories I loved Brings isn't breaking you when I go, no I really dont think so You know that I don't back you doin' what you want without You"

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