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Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart

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Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart

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Kelly Clarkson - Where Is Your Heart
  • American Idol Before Your Love - Kelly Clarkson
    "I wonder how I ever Made it through a day How did I settle for a World in shades of grey When you go in circles All the scenery looks the same And you don't know why Then I looked into your eyes Where"
  • American Idol Anytime- Kelly Clarkson
    "Anytime you feel Like you just can't hold on Just hold on to my love I'll help you be strong But you're so afraid to lose And baby I can't reach your heart I can't face this world it's keeping us apart And"
  • American Idol Respect-Kelly Clarkson
    "What you want, baby I got it, Mmm What you need, you know I got it, All I'm asking, Is for a little respect when you get home, hey baby, When you get home just a little bit mista. Ain't gonna do you"
  • Kelly Clarkson Where is your heart
    "I don't believe in the smile that you leave When you walk away and say goodbye Well, I don't expect the world to move underneath me But for God's sake, could you try I know that you're true to me You're"
  • Kelly Clarkson Where Is Your Heart?
    "I don't believe In the smile that you leave When you walk away And say goodbye Well I don't expect The world to move underneath me But for God's sake Could you try? I know that you're true to me You're"
  • American Idol Kelly Clarkson - Does He Love You
    "I've known about you for a while now when he leaves me he wears a smile now as soon as he's away from me in your arms is where he wants to be Kelly: but you're the one he rushes home to you're the one"
  • Alan Walker Baby Don't Go (feat. Kelly Clarkson)
    "I feel the first strike Of rain I hear they whisper Your name You and I We’re to … in the sky Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t go Baby, baby Coz my heart is gonna blow Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t go Baby, baby Don’t"
  • American Idol Stuff Like That There-Kelly Clarkson
    "I was alone on a shelf In a world by myself Oh, where could my prince charming be? But a man came along Made my life like a song And taught me these words of ecstasy... Tenderly... I want some huggin And"
  • American Idol Without You - Kelly Clarkson
    "No I can't forget this evening Nor your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way the story goes You always smile But in your eyes, your sorrow shows Yes it shows I can't live If living"
  • American Idol Think Twice - Kelly Clarkson
    "Don't think I can't feel that there's something wrong You've been the sweetest part of my life for so long I look in your eyes there's a distant light And you and I know there'll be a storm tonight This"
  • American Idol My Grown Up Christmas List - Kelly Clarkson
    "Do you remember me I sat upon your knee I wrote to you with childhood fantasies Well I'm all grown up now And still need help somehow I'm not a child but my heart still can dream So here's my lifelong"
  • John Legend Baby, It's Cold Outside (ft. Kelly Clarkson)
    "I really can't stay But baby it's cold outside I've got to go 'way But baby it's cold outside This evening has been Been hoping that you'd drop in So very nice I'll hold your hands they're cold as ice. My"
  • Reba McEntire Because Of You (Kelly Clarkson)
    "Reba: I will not make the same mistakes that you didI will not let myselfCause my heart so much miseryI will not break the way you did,You fell so hardI've learned the hard wayTo never let it get that"
  • American Idol Oh Holy Night - Kelly Clarkson
    "O' Holy night, the stars are brightly shining It is the night of our dear Savior's birth Long lay the world In sin and error pining 'Til He appeared and the soul felt His worth The thrill of hope, The"
  • Ben Haenow Second Hand Heart (feat. Kelly Clarkson)
    "I might think too much, drink too much, stay out too late I know you've been a fool but I swear you can change All your friends think I'm hopeless They don't understand Let the symphaty lock in... ... Second"
  • Kelly Clarkson Listen to your heart
    "I know there's something in the wake of your smileI get a notion from the look in your eyes yeahYou've built a love but that love falls apartYour little piece of heaven turns too darkListen to your heart"
  • Scarlet Road Kelly Lane
    "I've been kind of nervous about this get together I've been kind of nervous about the weather Oh what to do - you want to take a walk? - yeah - alright Take a walk in the pouring rain Take a stroll down"
  • American Idol Don't Play That Song- Kelly Clarkson
    "Dont play that song for me Cause it brings back memories Of the days that I once knew And all the days that I spent with you Oh no, dont let it play It fills my heart with pain Please stop it right"
  • American Idol You're All I Need- Kelly Clarkson
    "You're all I need to get by Like the sweet morning dew I took one look at you And it was plain to see You were my destiny With my arms open wide I threw away my pride I'll sacrifice for you Dedicate"
  • American Idol Beautiful Disaster(Kelly Clarkson Performance 2004
    "He drowns in his dreams An exquisite extreme, I know He's as damned as he seems And more heaven than a heart could hold If I tried to save him My whole world would cave in It just ain't right, oh it just"

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