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Kenny Chesney When She Calls Me Baby

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Kenny Chesney When She Calls Me Baby

  • When She Calls Me Baby - Kenny Chesney
    "She'll call me honey When she needs a helping hand She might say darlin' If she needs someone to understand She'll call me sugar If she's feelin' kinda sweet She'll say that I'm crazy Over my little jealousies"
  • She Calls Me Baby - Jody Miller
    "When she holds me in her arms I forget you for awhile Cause we feel things that you don't understand And when she kisses me goodnight I feel better for awhile Now I can't sleep just holding her hand She"
  • She Calls - Slowdive
    "Today I lost a (...colours fray...) Watch the games you play And when it all force down you Don't forget the days When the sunshine fades away Remember what they say Remember what they say The right time She"
  • She Calls Home - The Bled
    "I've got such a filthy heart sometimes. when you take me to that place and I never wanna leave. In the middle of the night. when everyone is sound asleep. where will you be? you'll be waiting with a gasmask"
  • When Love Calls - Atlantic Starr & L.T.D.
    "Mmm, mmm hey hoo, yeah Ooh, ooh Yeah, whoa, whoa Yeah, yeah, yeah Here I stand with open arms I'm offerin' my love to you I wanna do for you All the things that you want me to There's so much more That"
  • Curtain Calls - Old 97's
    "In a western town, beneath the northern lights, where the pine trees pine for the fall of night, you believe in cards, you believe in signs and I'll be leavin' soon, but I'm here tonight. On a mountainside,"
  • Love Calls - Kem
    "I'm sittin' here thinkin' about you tonight And all that you mean to me I used to think I would never fall in love again I guess I was wrong When your heart was broken When your wounded pride was laid"
  • Closer (feat. Chesney Snow) - Magdalena Tul
    "closer and closer to you all the time closer and closer through we’re still so far we’re still so far even when you doubt the daylight receding the sorrow take a look around with sunrise your star will"
  • When The Piper Calls - China Crisis
    "China Crisis Working With Fire And Steel Possible Pop Songs, Vol. 2 When The Piper Calls Water drenched people Take me in from the rain To a warm kind of heaven Where it's shining again I've seen some"
  • The Kenny Parker Show - Boogie Down Productions
    "Indeed truly we are the mighty mighty BDP posse This is our 4th album and we're STILL not takin no shorts Yeah.. ha hah! On the wheels of steel, is Kenny Parker As we say he can't get no darker All about"
  • Kenny Parker Show 2001 - Xzibit
    "(feat. KRS-One) You are now tuned in to the ultimate sounds.. of Dr. Dre You know what time it is! Xzibit steps up to the mic layin down the hard-core, real raw, underground My name is KRS-One, and"
  • Me And Kenny - Afroman
    "dad i wanna be a rapper can i make a song with you? not right now man dad kinda busy well e40 let his son rap and master p let lil romeo rap how come you dont let me rap ok...i'll let you rap man..uhh"
  • Crazy She Calls Me - Rod Stewart
    "I say I'll move the mountains And I'll move the mountains If she wants them out of the way Crazy she calls me Sure, I'm crazy Crazy in love, I say I say I'll go through fire And I'll go through fire As"
  • When Death Calls - Black Sabbath
    "He saw the world, dim with the glow of the vertical sun His skin crept cold knowing that this was the hours of dying Misguided mortals, you'll burn with me Spirit of man, cannot be freed. When Death Calls"
  • When Heaven Calls - Nicole C. Mullen
    "Much faster then, The blink of an eye Lightening will flash And he'll split the sky Nobody knows The day or the time The trumpet will sound And we will arise When heaven calls This life is over We'll"
  • When He Calls - Emmylou Harris
    "(Paul Kennerley) When darkness fills the valley Fear and dread strive deep within us But our burdens soon will be lifted When these old homes turn to dust When He calls I'm going to live with Jesus In"
  • When Fantasy Calls - Slade
    "Juicy fruit - Cock-a hoot - You're comin' on strong - You're comin' on strong Not so fast - Make it last - The feeling takes time - It's yours and it's mine Oh when fantasy calls it takes all the"
  • When Love Calls - Atlantic Starr
    "Hey hoo yeah Ooh, ooh, yeah, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah Yeah Here I stand with open arms I'm offerin' my love to you I wanna do for you All the things that you want me to There's so much more That I could"
  • When Darkness Calls - Lynch Mob
    "Music: Lynch Lyrics: Mason, Esposito, Brown You light a fire in the rain And I feel it burnin' You swore you'd never hurt again I remember Under the spell of a different role A secret whispered No one"
  • No Booty Calls - Kelly
    "Hello? Hey, it?s your ex! It's one in the morning, what the hell do you want? Baby I'm horny. So what are you saying? You wanna get together? I want you to come over All dressed in leather Like you used"

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