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Kensington - Riddles

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Kensington - Riddles

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Kensington - Riddles
  • Kensington Riddles
    "Get it now Tell me how to get it now To hold it in or let it out Tell me to go, or stay Headed now Show me where we're headed now If only I'd have read the signs I wouldn't be here going to waste I really"
  • Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Riddles
    "Talkin' heads are talkin' But listen to what they say How they sit in judgement An' claim to know the way If dreams can be dismembered An' our worth can be ignored Need a new direction Cause this one we"
  • Takida Riddles
    "I see you in my arms I will let you go every time I see you I think I don't need you I feel the pain again every time I see you Oh, why this again? I don't live like that Oh, something's within me How"
  • Big Head Todd And The Monsters Kensington Line
    "I work on a wreckin' wall Just off the liquor tracks Onto the shaky ground Oh, I'm fallin' down Hey, I'm ridin' A fool to confide Hey, Eddie watch your name Let that lady be your guide Oh, she's comin'"
  • Armin Van Buuren Heading Up High (feat. Kensington)
    "See, when you’re holding on to all that you can’t be Know that all there’s to gain lies whitin arm’s reach For the flaw lies in your head not in your heart See, how the darkest night will soon bring light"
  • Third Day She Sings In Riddles
    "The voice of an angel, I cannot tell Light or darkness, heaven or hell The smile of a believer, wedged and bound Friend or deceiver, the truth or a lie Chorus: She sings in riddles, she sings in rhymes Say"
  • Kensington War
    "So, cut my hands and pull my arms in All unforeseen but no surprise For all the men in all your armies Throw only bait that no one bites Up and away we all go Into the way we run There you will find"
  • Kensington Streets
    "So, whenever they'll say that all we had is bound to fall All together we'll stay (when they get in our way, when they get in our way) Strange, how everything seems to float in grey and drown in gold Stay,"
  • Kensington Done with it
    "Some now the best arrived Some now the best are home Don't, don't, don't, don't you want it Don't, don't, don't, don't you won't And when the blast arrived Don't be the last to fall Don't, don't, don't,"
  • Kensington Do I Ever
    "Can’t sit around holding up my guard Let it all go Let it all go around Go in and face the inevitable Can’t figure out how to play my part Where do I go? How do I go around Go in and make it inhabitable Now"
  • Kensington Sorry
    "Sorry for the road that I won't take For the words that I won't say For the love that I won't give Sorry for the heart that I won't show For the lengths that I won't go For the life that you won't live Sorry"
  • Kensington Bridges
    "Yet another unstable weekend We bought our won praise with easy goals And we’re off to sell it As the greatest story told Yet another ungraceful evening Another man’s faith An easy foe And we’re off"
  • Kensington Fiji
    "Whenever the day will break another mistake will take hold of every inch of an honest state a hell of a case you’d make if only the tides weren’t so string you’re letting in all your darkest ways now"
  • Kensington What Lies Ahead
    "cold and broken downit's all i knew I let corner me in and hide where my tracks lead now I am waking up and all I do is getting lost in the past to find where I'd first hear that I was never gonna be"
  • Kensington Gore All Your Base are Belong to Us
    "G: How are you gentlemen, captain it's good to see you again J: Wish I could say the same for you, but I'm afraid I can't G: Come now captain let's not bicker over past offense J: CATS you bastard I'd"
  • Kensington Gore Space Trippin'
    "Space trippin, I think I need some love but my baby says I'll never never get enough Space trippin, she says I've lost my touch My baby thinks I'm crazy, but bein sane is tough What the papers say, you"
  • Kensington Gore Funky Cheese
    "Ahh Yeah Are you freaking out? Im freaking out. Are you freaking out? You should be freaking out, Singing; Voodoo magic got me going now, Oh, its so tragic when youre one among the crowd. Voodoo magic"
  • Kensington Gore Paradicecube
    "Oh youve been eating my insides (Hah hah) For 22 fucking nights (Hah hah hah) Oh, girl I wish that youd play nice (Hah hah) Cause this just feels like paradise (Hah hah hah) And then the feeding turns"
  • Kensington Gore Hard and Fast in a Toilet Cubicle
    "Today my heart is spazzin out So I turn to the sky and I scream and shout But I dont get no answer back Till thunder strikes and grey turns black Girl, you know that tasty feeling I get No skin and bones,"
  • Kensington Gore Kurt Drickamer
    "Aw shit! They say nothing in this world is free Not even bodybags for you and me You know, there ain't no way, that at the end of the day We'll make it out of here unscathed, so Kick back, and take your"

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