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Kenwyn House Louise Down Tiffany Page-love is a feeling

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Kenwyn House Louise Down Tiffany Page-love is a feeling

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Kenwyn House Louise Down Tiffany Page-love is a feeling
  • Lucky 7 Tiffany
    "Driving in my car Got a message on my phone You say you don't love me anymore So I call your house that night Frightened so fight Afraid to be alone You were the one that had to change And I was"
  • Fall Out Boy Tiffany Blews
    "I'm not a crybaby I'm ''the'' crybaby A caterpillar that got stuck Mr. Moth come quick with any luck A long walk to a dark house A Roman candle heart keep us far apart I'm a cocktail party doing all"
  • Wondermints Louise
    "She lives but she don't move She loves but she don't groove She thinks without no reason That girl is out of season Louise, you don't know Louise You don't know Louise, you don't know Louise (just"
  • Bonnie Raitt Louise
    "Well they all said Louise was not half bad It was written on the walls and window shades And how she'd act the little girl A deceiver, don't believe her that's her trade Sometimes a bottle of perfume,"
  • Linda Ronstadt Louise
    "Well they all said Louise was not half badIt was written on the walls and window shadesAnd how she'd act a little girlA deceiver, don't believe her, that's her tradeSometimes a bottle of perfumeFlowers"
  • Sanctuary Rig Louise
    "It's the rising moon Speaks roughly to her little girl Don't give away the goods too soon It's your foolish pride That says stay close to what you know It's not a sin to feel alive! Don't believe their"
  • NOFX Louise
    "She had to walk with a silicone cock sticking in her ass and one in her cunt A butterfly straped tight to her clit But who's got the remote control That would belong to louise She's got a new pet a real"
  • Dr. Feelgood Sweet Louise
    "(steve walwyn) Seems like everyday I see you pass my way I try to catch your eye Each time you walk on by You know that I'm obsessed Just by the way you're dressed The way you swing your hips And how"
  • Joni Mitchell Cherokee Louise
    "Cherokee Louise is hiding in this tunnel In the Broadway bridge We're crawling on our knees We've got flashlights and batteries We've got cold cuts from the fridge Last year about this time We used to"
  • Bride Sweet Louise
    "I can still sweet Louise standing there Like a child she whispers softly to me She comes to me, I swear, I close my eyes I still see sweet Louise I hear the songs she used to sing Her voice sounds so"
  • The Byrds Tiffany Queen
    "Written by Roger McGuinn Happiness hit me on the first day that we met She was sitting in my kitchen with a face I can't forget She was looking my direction and calling with her eyes I was trying to do"
  • Clan Of Xymox Louise
    "Louise, it seemed a long time ago Louise, I'll always remember that day I crawled on my knees Begging you to stay You made me shiver, Louise You made me quiver Now, I do the strangest things I think"
  • Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders Louise
    "Woke up in my head Good times never end With bad back to bend Close my eyes just in time Hands that I won't shake Bones that I can't break It takes time to change Fall in line, one more time Louise, it's"
  • Eric Clapton Louise
    "Oh Louise, yes you're the sweetest girl I know. Don't you know now Louise, you are the sweetest girl that I know. You made me run from Chicago Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico. Now you know Louise, She's like"
  • The Yardbirds Louise
    "Oh, Louise, Yes, you're the sweetest girl that I know. Don't you know now, Louise, You are the sweetest girl that I know. You made me walk from Chicago, Oh, to the Gulf of Mexico. Now you know Louise, She's"
  • Dean Martin Louise
    "Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise Birds in the trees twitter Louise Each little rose tells me it knows I love you Love you Every little beat that I feel in my heart Seems to repeat what I felt"
  • Bonnie Tyler Louise
    "(Paul D. Fitzgerald - B. Tyler/ Paul D. Fitzgerald - John Stage) I watched you move - so self assured So merciless - so quiet You chose your prey - eyes cold and grey You feel compelled - to try it A"
  • Daniel Lanois Jolie Louise
    "Ma jolie how do you do Mon nom est Jean Guy Thibault Leroux I come from east of Gatineau My name is Jean Guy ma jolie J'ai une maison la fontaine Where we can live, if you marry me Une belle maison la"
  • Krispies Dear Louise
    "Headin' down to Beachwood park Waited til the day grew dark Everything is a little odd, oh no A little man shooting darts An old lady there walking her dog Wake, the world in disguise, oh yeah Come with"
  • Elton John No Shoestrings On Louise
    "Lady love rides a big red Cadillac Buys the hoedown show salt and beans Goes to church to pray for Lucifer She milked the male population clean So ride in line shake yourself by the hand Live your life"

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