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  • Set It Off (Radio Mix) - Peaches
    "Motherf**kers wanna get with me. Lay with me. Love with me. All- right. Motherf**kers wanna get with me. Lay with me. Love with me. All- right. Motherf**kers wanna get with me. Lay with me. Love with me."
  • Americanized - GWAR
    "I'm Americanized. 9 (nine) tons o' U.S.A.--I'm Americanized crack a day. It's up my butt, the USA All you people will worship us-- You worship me, but still you suck... U.S.A.--(I'm the Prince of Lies) I'm"
  • Civil Unrest - Damnation
    "Civil Unrest - A bullshit detector Civil Unrest - A hateful injection Bridge: They want us - Destroying ourselves They want us - Trapped in the projects They want to use us & leave us to die! Civil"
  • The Real R. Kelly (Interlude) - R. Kelly
    "Damn all these motherf**kers are here Can you believe this shit? All these motherf**kers claimin' to be R. Kelly What they don't know is I'm R. Kelly Look at that motherf**ker over there He ain't even"
  • Kaboom - Out Of Your Mouth
    "HERE WE GO Everybody move with the moves with a groove Get ya head game c'mon get ya head game Everybody's high everybody get high Make the dead wake, c'mon get ya head game Lookin down the end of"
  • Hihat - Kumikameli
    "tuokin kers taskuihinsa joka viisipennisen jonka lysi kadulta ja sstpossuun ktki sen kulki kers vuosikauden selkranka naukuen ja sitten luki lehdist koko rahan poistuneen tuokin kielsi aina kaiken lapsilta"
  • You're Not One - NoMeansNo
    "Mother, father, sister, brother Now you know where you belong Mother, father, sister, brother you are one husband, Wife, daughter, son now you know where you belong Husband, wife, daughter, son"
  • Intro - Mase - Mase
    "Yeah, Here we go one more time, For all you ballers and ballette's out there, The saga continues, We took a little break, But we back now, It's our turn now The first up to bat, Is that nigga... They"
  • Vihankylyv - Verjnuarmu
    "Polttaa kaskee liekill kuolon Kynt sen tahissa orjakuoron Kylyv kalama kaahun tuhkoo Muahan karruun luuta ja rustoo Raeskas tuas muata rivolla terll, suatto sen tiineeks kurjaen verell Kynti tuas routoo"
  • Infected - Outbreak
    "I believed every word a you were someone I respected, but this is a disease and everyone's infected. (You're all the same). It's a sick place and you're all the f**king same, scumbag motherf**kers playin'"
  • I Hate Led Zeppelin (Demo Version) - Screeching Weasel
    "Robert Plant is a slimy f**k John Bonham man, he really sucked Those greedy f**kers, those phoney shits They made their money off idiots I hate Led Zeppelin (x2) 12 dollar concerts were all the rage They"
  • (Ready To Shake The Scheme Of Things?) - Fitzgerald Patrik
    "The black & white racial disharmony Is just a cover story Conducted to hide the fact That working class people Are still being kicked All over the place WORK is nothing but a diversion Something you are"
  • Burn - Detroit Hate Choir - Dope
    "We don't know what to believe We only go by the t.v. I don't know but I will fight I won't let my brothers die Stand up Stand tall All for one and one for all Kill the f**king enemy Kill the f**king"
  • Crime Pays - Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo
    "The umm, security we have here today Not the OPEN security The ones, that that really sittin there And really think, we don't know who they are! "Now that's funky" (4X) Crime don't pay, that's what"
  • Vital Signs - Send More Paramedics
    "I'm Detecting Vital Signs Thank F**king God There's Somebody Still Alive Rush Him Straight Into Quarantine Screening Procedure For This Selfish Gene Viral Infection, There Is No Cure Vital Precaution,"
  • Detonator - Shinichi Osawa
    "Detonator explode Detonator explode Run that shit run that shit run that shit're about to blow kid Detonator on the fader disco ball is a razor Detonator on the fader disco ball is a razor Detonator"
  • Mean Ass Funk Show - Pods
    "Four young f**kers on an afternoon drive Through the land of gods and killing time Tried to relate to a nuclear age But we lost our souls in a pinball game This is it like the way we planned Not a church"
  • Black M.F. In The House - New Power Generation (N.P.G.)
    "Hey yo, what up man? How much it cost 2 get in this motherf**ker? What the... U people can't come in here What U talkin' about man? This is not the place 4 U Shit, all I wanna do is use your telephone"
  • True - Unjust
    "mind rape, man tanked, life at hand took the clean, god figure of man you take away, what you give, life's deliverance, crumbled, away! rights! tanked away! so-called team man, cutthroat, bent army"
  • White Trash - Nuts Can Surf
    "white trash, livin' next door, they don't clean up, they throw beer cans on the floor. their not very smart, an they stink, they like to wash there hair in my sink. they got 16 cats on their front porch, they"

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