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Kevin Gates satellite

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Kevin Gates satellite

  • Kevin - Pansy Division
    "Kevin's mysterious and enigmatic Kevin is tall and darkly attractive Kevin's the subject of speculation 'Cause Kevin avoids any explanation Kevin's a bachelor, never dated He's had a dozen offers he's"
  • Kevin - Otsochodzi
    "zostańmy dzisiaj w domu chcę oglądać “Kevin sam w domu” mamy środek grudnia, a ja ciągle żyję gdzieś z boku żeby znów nie robić nic, znajdę kilka powodów zostańmy dzisiaj w domu chcę oglądać “Kevin sam"
  • Satellite - Robin Schulz
    "I can hear the sirens calling Feel it in the air at night Moving in the wrong direction Waiting 'til our worlds collide Orchestra in new dimension Lighters go [?] Waiting for your attention Spinning like"
  • Satellite - Icehouse
    "Satellite, satellite Satellite, satellite She's got a wall full of pinups And magazine photos She teases her hair As she tries on the poses Just stands at the T.V. While she's filing her nails And sighs,"
  • Satellite - BT
    "See here we have a beautiful view of the earth down below, As the satellite departs. She smells of the sun, And she's constantly saying, That's it's all a lie, Because lies, sound so nice, And like soil"
  • Satellite - Mika
    "Satellite in my eyes Like a diamond in the sky How I wonder. Satellite strung from the moon And the world your balloon Peeping tom for the mother station Winters cold spring erases And the calm away by"
  • Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
    "Satellite in my eyes Like a diamond in the sky How I wonder Satellite strung from the moon And the world your balloon Peeping Tom for the mother station Winter's cold spring erases And the calm away by"
  • Satellite - Elliott Smith
    "While the hands are pointing up midnight You're a question mark coming after people you watched collide You can ask what you want to the satellite Cos the names you drop put ice in my veins And for all"
  • Satellite - Guster
    "Shining like a work of art Hanging on a wall of stars Are you what I think you are? You're my satellite You're riding with me tonight Passenger side, lighting the sky Always the first star that I find You're"
  • Satellite - Gabbie Hanna
    "I'm surrounded by stars But they don't hear me wishin' It's funny how a crowded room Can feel so damn alone They can hear my mind Or maybe they're just not listenin' So i remind mysef I'm better off on"
  • Satellite - Shaun Groves
    "My soul takes flight, drawn to your light Satellite Can't get enough, orbiting your love, Satellite You are the center of my universe, universe. You are the center of my universe, universe. Your gravity,"
  • Satellite - The Replacements
    "Thirty more channels than you need I could tune in free Some rabbit ears, some foil in a hanger Static on channel 13 cleared long enough for a scene A jet flew over head and it faded Couldn't find you"
  • Satellite - Dynamite Boy
    "I'm so unsure of what I'd say to you If you'd listen my words could cut you like a knife whisper into my ears your darkest dreams all your secrets i'll keep them in my heart come with me tonight in my"
  • Satellite - Khalid
    "Satellite I see you swimming through this open sky I rest my head upon these dandelions The stars are envious of you tonight Broken dreams I'm writing poems of our memories Wish I could hold you through"
  • Satellite - Bon Jovi
    "Are you out there? Can you hear me? Do you know my whereabouts? Do you know what I'm all about? Through the static you're so close, so far away Are you listening? I'm desperate. Sendin' out an S.O.S. 'Cause"
  • Satellite - Vega 4
    "Mr. green i think i find your face familiar you reminded me i know we're very similar fading out inside swallow all the shame and hide the hurt and pain satellite you're not alone satellite you're not"
  • Satellite - Nickelback
    "I know it's late, but something's on my mind It couldn't wait there's never any time. Cause life slips by without a warning and I'm tired of ignoring All the space that's between you and I Let's lock"
  • Satellite - Robyn Hitchcock
    "Every day the satellite seems to be the door of someone's reach every day the satellite seems a little further on the beach satellites and stags i'm growing betsy in a bag and she don't mind as long as"
  • Satellite - Colin James
    "She's as free as the blue horizon I'm a slave to this gravity And every night, I hope and pray She came back down to me I keep my eyes on the stars I track the heavens above my lonely world I'm tracking"
  • Satellite - Guided By Voices
    "They walked across the strip to the kittycats' clutch I'm in love with a girl named Satellite And I know that she'll take me home tonight They're very cute - so select them quickly Perhaps one day"

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