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Kid Cudi feat. King Chip - Just What I Am

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Kid Cudi feat. King Chip - Just What I Am

  • Just What I Am (ft. King Chip) - Kid Cudi
    "I’m just what you made God Not many I trust I’mma go my own way, God Take my faith to wherever you want I’m out here, on my son Won’t stop ’til I get me some Club-hoppin’, tryin’ to get me some Bad bitches"
  • Chillen While We Sippin (ft. King Chip) - Kid Cudi
    "Now tell me do you feel it baby, I been on my grizzle Born to die so it’s all about this shit in the middle Never seen or heard the type of real like this I bet there’s nothin’ on the nigga, keep it good"
  • A Sweeter Place (feat. Kid Cudi) - Selena Gomez
    "is there a place where I can hide away red lips, French-kiss my worries all away there must be a sweeter place\ we can sugar-coat the taste sweeter place there must be a sweeter place Place where I"
  • Don't Kick The Chair (feat. Kid Cudi) - Dia Frampton
    "Have you ever felt like everybody’s watching Waiting for you to lose Have you ever felt like you’re living in a spot light Searching for the real you Tell me have you ever woken up Just to wish you could"
  • T.G.I.F. (Feat. Chip The Ripper) - Kid Cudi
    "Ayyy, what it do my dude I'm livin life dawg what about you And ine even gatta tell a lie My swag, my steez gatta nigga sky high So I'm, watchin my moves From the shoes on the cool beat Damned if a nigga"
  • Reload (feat. Chip) - Wiley
    "We’re gonna make the stars come out tonight So why don’t you reload reload re-reload the music Reload reload re-reload the music Just throw those hands up Show them you don’t care I want you to reload"
  • King Wizard - Kid Cudi
    "I can’t decide What if life’s a lie I push the lames aside They’ll learn I can’t ever front, know why? It’s not my style, no lie Fuck all the talk In time, they’ll burn I can’t decide What if life’s a"
  • Chip Away - Jane's Addiction
    "I chip away Cause I'm not ok So I I chip away Poked a hole right into myself And inside I found someone Who said I was O.K. Still I don't feel easy On this tree Among the blossoms Caustically I am the"
  • I am a kid - Olsen Twins
    "I am a kid. Let's get that rightI'm red and yellow. I'm black. I'm whiteOn a sunny day, on a stormy nightGonna toot my whistle, gonna shine my light.I am a kid.I am a kid.I am a kid.I'm a kid. I'm a kid."
  • I Am King - Forgotten Rebels
    "I remember when Elvis died you all laid down and prayed and cried every empire needs a king I'm good looking and boy can I sing he'll roll over in his grave because of me, Rock 'n' Roll is saved I'm so"
  • Chip Mammy - Farse
    "Redefining the words you once said to me, i got left behind, in the bottemless pit i call me. Long week pull myself together, i lost the bitter taste of ash, she never listened to you before, what makes"
  • Show Out (feat. Pop Smoke, Skepta) - Kid Cudi
    "Mm, uh, uh, uh, uh Ah, uh, uh Look Show out, show up (Grrt) Back out, pole up Man down, roll up Man down, roll up Show out, show up (Grrt) Back out, pole up Man down, roll up Man down, roll up All my"
  • Just A Kid - Kenny Chesney
    "Well, the news spread through Jerusalem Tonight a child is born There are shepherds falling to their knees And angels blowing horns. But in their golden halls the Pharisees Scoffed and drank there wines They"
  • When I Am King - Great Big Sea
    "Wake up without a care; Your head's not heavy, Your conscience clear. Sins are all forgiven here, Yours and mine. Fear is gone without a trace; It's the perfect time in the perfect place. Nothing"
  • I Am The King - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
    "Bone Bone Bone Flip that track, done flip done flip that Sometimes I braid my hair but then Sometimes I don't Sometimes I braid it up Sometimes I don't Sometimes I follow the law but then Sometimes I"
  • Am What I Am - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Poppy, Slim Thug) This is ghetto reality in Texas.. You see I am what I am, and it is what it is You'd feel how I feel, if you been where I been Live what I live, see what I see So get out my"
  • Kid - Bouncing Souls
    "You're a good kid Play the game to break your heart You've gotta get back to where you started Pay attention now or it'll slip by It's your heart, don't let it die Leave it all behind Whoooaaaa (catchy"
  • Who Am I feat. Scarface - Do Or Die
    "(feat. Scarface) (Chorus x 2) Who am I? Scar mother fucking face Who am I? A to the mother fucking K Who am I? Belo mother fucking Zero Who am I? Niggas Ain't Ready to Die (Scarface) Who the fuck am"
  • King - Enchant
    "(Music - P. Craddick & D. Ott / Lyrics - D. Ott) Frightened -- trying to decide Which way do I side Can't make up my mind this time Searching -- curiosity's burning Just what am I learning From all this"
  • Just For What I Am - Kitty Wells
    "Blue ain't just a word it's a feeling a feeling of loneliness that I can feel right now Love has looked at me but tried to change me I wished that love would take me just for what I am Just for what"

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