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Kid a

  • Kid - Green Apple Quick Step
    "Looking under the washing machine I'm picking up our loveline Of dirtier change Maybe my old blue jeans I haven't worn in a year But deep in a pocket I've found the whole dollar bill Nothing ordinary"
  • Kid - Amos Lee
    "Been kicked around so long You're starting to get used to how it feels The taste of blood that's in your mouth There's still somehow it always heals Don't know how you keep on getting up From all those"
  • Kid - Bouncing Souls
    "You're a good kid Play the game to break your heart You've gotta get back to where you started Pay attention now or it'll slip by It's your heart, don't let it die Leave it all behind Whoooaaaa (catchy"
  • Kid - Clint Black
    "Verse one Last night I dreamed I was a kid again All the things I used to do I went and did again Spent the afternoon with my best and closest friend Wanderin' through the days we thought would never"
  • Kid A - Radio Head
    "I slip away I slipped on a little white lie We've got heads on sticks You've got ventriloquists We've got heads on sticks You've got ventriloquists Standing in the shadows at the end of my bed Standing"
  • Kid A - John Mayer
    "I slip away, I slipped on a little white lie. We've got heads on sticks, You've got ventriloquists. We've got heads on sticks, You've got ventriloquists. Standing in the shadows, at the end of my bed. Standing"
  • Kid Summer - Jackson's Kid Summer
    "Three quarters and I can't sleep Got a lot of dreams that I can't keep Praying to her lord Why don't you save me? Three quarters, never learned to cook Got your back turned cause you can't look Caught"
  • A Kid Called Down - Kid Down
    "Word spread like a plague Among the hometown heroes And no one ever cared about Kid Down It spread just like Traci Throughout the villagers Followed by a silencing That still haunts the town Painless"
  • Just a kid - Manic Street Preachers
    "Afraid of the sun So afraid of the sky Touch it and taste it But don't reach too high Bewildered by them Then so uncomplicated All these feelings Not fully created Just a kid amongst the Autumn leaves"
  • Be A Kid - Ben Lee
    "I wanna be a kid You can nearly do everything You can only not drive a car I wanna be a kid You can even bungee jump When you are a kid And I don't wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna Get old And"
  • Just A Kid - Kenny Chesney
    "Well, the news spread through Jerusalem Tonight a child is born There are shepherds falling to their knees And angels blowing horns. But in their golden halls the Pharisees Scoffed and drank there wines They"
  • A kid again - Barbra Streisand
    "I wish I were a kid again Doing what I did again Here I make my bit again To be a kid again Once more through the door Once more as before Into a land where I leave cares behind Please take me back There"
  • Just A Kid - Lil' Romeo
    "I'm the one wit the crushed out tank I'm the one who makin' young girls faint Don't smoke and too young to drink Just a kid but got a mill in the bank Sharp brown-skin I can always be found in, that"
  • About A Kid - Rustic Overtones
    "(D. Gutter) I swear I could be good for you if I ever get the chance to. I never win, you never get it I put up with this shit but I don't have to They can't get one more try for pigtails and barbie doll"
  • A Smart Kid - Porcupine Tree
    "Stranded here on planet earth It's not much but it could be worse Everything's free here, there's no crowds Winter lasted five long years No sun will come again I fear Chemical harvest was sown And I"
  • Comeback Kid - Sharon Van Etten
    "hey, you’re the comeback kid see me look away I’m the runaway I’m the stay out late I’m recovering kid, at the top of our street I was somewhat like him I was somebody comeback kid comeback kid come back,"
  • Kid Gloves - Rory Gallagher
    "'KID' GLOVES Well, they sprung me out of Quentin, I'm back on the mob's payroll They can buy my body Sure they can't buy my soul. I'm working out of Stockton I''m weighing in at two -o -one But there's"
  • Stray Kid - Pink Cream 69
    "(Andi Deris) Well, your Daddy died at 18 While you were on the way And your Mama worked to feed you She said herself to pay She left a stray-kid to run A little stray-kid to run Hey little stray-kid better"
  • Kid Ego - Extreme
    "''(Come down)'' Hey kid, I'm talkin' to you What am I supposed to do? You know that your something special That's something that you never knew Hey kid, got something to say But you won't listen anyway I"
  • Cisco Kid - Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers
    "The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine He drink whiskey, Poncho drink the wine We met down on the fort of Rio Grande We met down on"

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