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Kidda malli

  • Kidda Kidda - Boy Kill Boy
    "Gone, missing are the lost and lonely eyes Well, isnt that to come as no surprise Well it came to me Sunlight, begging me to leave this room and grow And the carpet, leading us to God knows who might"
  • Malle Babbe - Rob De Nijs
    "Je schuimt de straten af en volgt het dievenspoor met schooiers en soldaten, hun petten op n oor Je tilt je rokken op en lacht naar iedere man die in het donker wel durft wat overdag niet kan En bij nacht in"
  • The Mall - GangStarr
    "Intro/chorus: repeat 2x Make money money -- go shoppin! Take money money -- go shoppin! No matter what the weather, winter spring or fall We'll be doin it... "at the mall" (g-dep) Yo what the deal cousin,"
  • The mall - Gang Starr
    "Intro/Chorus: repeat 2X Make money money -- GO SHOPPIN! Take money money -- GO SHOPPIN! No matter what the weather, winter spring or fall We'll be doin it... "at the mall" Yo what the deal cousin, gave"
  • Smithaven Mall - R.A. The Rugged Man
    "This ugly motherfucker in the mirror (this fuckin mirror) Punch a hole through this mirror (what am I supposed to do?) This faggot in the mirror (can't deal with this breathin shit) I hate this breathin"
  • At The Mall - The Queers
    "Let's go! There are lots of pretty girls. ? It's such a different world. I want to live at the mall. At the mall. At the mall. At the mall. ? ? ? Yes, I want to live at the mall. At the mall. At the"
  • At The Mall - Damone
    "You're at the mall and I'm missin' you, missin' you, You're at the mall and I'm missin' you, missin' you, He's got it all and you know that I care, Yeah! You're at the mall and I'm missin' you, missin'"
  • The Last Mall - Steely Dan
    "Attention all shoppers It's Cancellation Day Yes the Big Adios Is just a few hours away It's last call To do your shopping At the Last Mall You'll need the tools for survival And the medicine for the"
  • At the mall - Adam Sandler
    "Can You Pass The Beats Please? Here Ya Go Thanks Hey Mom, Guess What? I Got Invited To Party Tonight, And I'm Gunna Go If Thats Ok With You NOOOOOO!!! Why Not Mom? Yeah, Why Mom, He Should Go It'll Be"
  • Klyde, Mall & Dre - Mac Dre
    "-=talking=- Testin' yea let's do this shit baby Shit I don't know I can't hear that shit You know my niggaz they control the weight From the Golden State I hold your fate in the palm of my hand Wit"
  • Let's Go To The Mall - Robin Sparkles
    "Let's go to the mall, everybody! Come on Jessica, come on Tori, Let's go to the mall, you won't be sorry Put on your jelly bracelets And your cool graffiti coat At the mall, having fun is what it's all"
  • 60 Pound Mall Rat - Sicko
    "Today I made the mistake of entering their domain I may never escape my loss will be their gain Hear their warning call don't go to the mall we need a bigger breed of cats cornered like raccoons hope"
  • Shopping Mall Of Love - Sparks
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) I found my thrill I found my thrill I found my thrill in Beverly Hills Folks call her Jill Folks call her Jill Folks call her Jill but that ain't what I call her She's like a star She's"
  • Down In The Mall - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) There's a brand new shopping center seven storeys high There's bound to be a sale or two--something we can buy There's four floors of pak\rking and we're sure to find a space We'll spend"
  • On The Bus Mall - The Decemberists
    "In matching blue raincoats Our shoes were our show boats We kicked around From stairway to station We made a sensation With the gadabout crowd And oh, what a bargain We're two easy targets For the old"
  • The Great Mall Explosion - Closet Monster
    "I thought this was the underground- that we built something ourself. a self-sufficient sub culture- a home away from hell. the more I see everything crumbling the more songs I'll sing like this. cause"
  • Meet you at the mall - Olsen Twins
    "On a day like today I want to show you a placeThat's always under sunny skiesAll the things that we'll see, I can guaranteeTime will seem to flyWe can hardly wait, senses will be reelin'When we go up and"
  • paryż z okna - schafter
    "i ain't no words how i love you! i ain't no words how i love you! chcę zobaczyć Paryż z okna nie podkręcą mnie jak ... .. tak jak fachman Młody x ze skrzydłami tak jak Batman … Niechaj żyje restauracja Żyje"
  • - Konvehdinmussuttajat
    "(Aave) usko tai l ei se mihinkn muutu jos viel muuttuu se on nhty ja kuultu huomen ylihuomen on eletty eilinen uni ei tuu Kallioon, yksin hyppii seinille aamuyn myt lhen klenkkailee hyksiin ku pumpusta"
  • Talakik - Hakim
    "Arabic Lyrics One, two, three, four. Okay, Talakeek. Hashkeek lia'aiynaik, wilaalbi kaman eldayeb feek, wilaalbi kaman eldayeb feek. Iw haboss lifouaa iw haseeb ilshoaa, iw hakalaim koulli ildounya a'alaik."

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