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  • Cartoon Network - Rover
    "Ten świat przypomina mi Cartoon Network Co różni ludzi Topniejące rysy trosk i liczba miejsc po przecinku gdy płacisz za croissant i sok Dzieli nas kartonowy płot i pies z papieru Kubek z kawą z brystolu,"
  • Cartoon - Skye Sweetnam
    "I'd like to live like I'm in a cartoonI'm chasing you all around the roomI'll beat you, beat your brains outOh thats how I flirtOh its a vicious little gameBut no one gets hurtAnd its aHey, heyLet's keep"
  • Cartoon - Soul Asylum
    "Now everybody's looking after me, if I'm dragging by some coat tail, I can't see it's too dark, but I've got to know what's got the best of me. When the circus that you left goes on parade, and those"
  • Cartoon - Young Dro
    "Ride wit a Chooley Broads wanna do me Get Fresh Louie Ice-berg Goofie Cops wanna 2 me I live like a movie 6's on the dualy Stay blowin fruity Niggas scared of me, my potnas say They beggin for the"
  • Cartoon World - U2
    "Mr. Burk is off to work He carries papers in his carrier bag Mr. Postman takes his bag back Those angry dogs, those angry dogs It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon world It's a cartoon"
  • Cartoon World - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen/John Wesley Harding) I like the colors I like the way they move They're all so brilliantly realized They just could not be improved I love the way the sex is so overt I love the way the"
  • Cartoon Network - Evanescence
    "I'm Robbie's sister...I guess that's plain to see.When we watch cartoon's cartoon's...I'm happy as can beI think samurai Jack's coolAnd Dexter's laboratoryI miss watching powerpuffI miss watching TVWell,"
  • Cartoon Autopsy - Dog Fashion Disco
    "Born in a cartoon of malicious riddles. Castrated at the thought of moving pictures. Mutating colours in the 3rd dimension. Technicolor and amphetamines in another crime scene. The lord of illustrated"
  • Cartoon Nightmares - Insane Clown Posse
    "That was from 1994... Welcome to Forgotten Freshness Volume 3 Draw something make sure you don't forget your red pen cause we gonna need it when you draw the blood in ps-ps-ps-psychopathic records baby"
  • Cartoon nightmares - ICP
    "That was from 1994...Welcome to forgotten freshness volume 3Draw something make sure you dont forget your red penCause we gonna need it when you draw the blood inPs-ps-ps-psychopathic records baby all"
  • Cartoon Heroes - Aqua Teens
    "We are what we're supposed to be Illusions of your fantasy All dots and lines that speak and say What we do is what you wish to do We are the cartoon symphony We do the things you wanna see Frame"
  • Cartoon Life - Keepsake
    "A break in time, flourescent sign. How they listen I don't know. It's a sympathetic show of cliched words to go, a sale on four, and "S's" in the eyes. How they fake it I don't know. Fill my cup, it's"
  • Cartoon Boyfriend - Wonder Stuff
    ""There's a worm in my head and a fish in the bed," she said Confused you will be He's got the car on the lawn and he's using the horn again Annoyed she will be CHORUS Cartoon boyfriend when you gonna rub"
  • Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
    "We are what we're supposed to be illusions are your fantasy All dots and lines that speak and say What we do is what you wish to do We are the color symphony We do the things you wanna see Frame by frame,"
  • Ghetto Cartoon - Coolio
    "Once upon a time in a land called fuck Lived a duck named Donald and his mother was a cluck. Mickey Mouse wore rags, pants in a sag neighborhood kingpin but his brother was a fag. Donald had beef so mickey"
  • Sleepytime Cartoon - Trout Fishing In America
    "Coming home late from work, standing outside in the dark, It's three o'clock and I'm fumbling for my keys. I ought to fix that front porch light, maybe tomorrow I'll remember Then I laugh when I remember"
  • Cartoon Network - Cappadonna
    "Ooh Ahh push em up high [5x] Now I was jus walkin through cartoon land When all of a sudden I ran into Sponge Bob Square Pants He was chillin wit the Power Puff Girls and Spiderman Drivin down Sesame"
  • Cartoon Blues - Bright Eyes
    "I listen to a lecture of nonsense till dawn. By a plagiary poet with dark glasses on. He said "how did you ever dream up that song? The one where the baby dies." I said I'll tell you the secret which one's"
  • French cartoon - BrainStorm
    "Easy we follow, easy we trustSome things we want, and some things we mustSometimes we're losing, somedays we're lostAll we have from down until dustDon't wanna no more be educated allwiseSubtine of all"
  • Kiedy - Molesta
    "(feat.Fu) Teraz twój świat to zabawki i kredkidom to nie Bagdad, nie ulice we krwita niewiedza, której ci zazdroszczęktórą miał Budda, kiedy żył jak książębędziesz kobietą, będę siwy z nerwówilu kadetom"

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