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Kil tish love

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Kil tish love

  • Kil - Soledad
    "Vengo otra vez hasta aqu de nuevo a implorar tu amor sólo hay tristeza y dolor al verme lejos de ti. Culpable tan sólo soy de todo lo que he sufrido por eso es que ahora he venido y triste muy triste"
  • Aquella Noche - Tish Hinojosa
    "Sera pasa la mirada De amor en lamadrugada Qu ves que el fuego ya se fue? No, mi corazón yo te llevar Dime que me quieres Como aquella noche Con aquellos besos en aquel lugar Pntame montaa y monte Estrallado"
  • Historia De Un Amor - Tish Hinojosa
    "Ya no esta ms a mi lado corazón En al alna solo tengo soledad Y si no puedo verte Por que Dios me hiso quererte? Para hacerme sudrir ms Siempre fuiste la razón de mi existir Adorarte para mi fue religon En"
  • Estrellita - Tish Hinojosa
    "Estrellita de lejano cielo Tu sabes mi dolar, tu miras m sufrir Ven y dime s me quiere un poco Porque yo ya no puedo Sin su amor vivr Estrellita de lejano cielo Tu sabes m dolar, tu miras m sufrir Ven"
  • Un Noche Mas - Tish Hinojosa
    "Sombra de estrella, luna del mar Una noche ms, quiero serme tu captivo Sombra de estrella, quietos acqu Una noche ms, mi amor y mi Sol viajero volver Cuentos de otras tierras Brisas mares Sombra de estrellas"
  • Tu Que Puedes, Vu - Tish Hinojosa
    "Oye que el ro me hablaba Con voz de nieve con brea Y dulce me recordaba Las cosas de mi querencia Tu que puedes vulvete Me dijo el ro llorando Y los cerros que tanto quieres me dijo All te estn esperando Y"
  • Samba San Pedro - Tish Hinojosa
    "Un dia caminando por chansa fu a dar En sombre de un arbol el celo iluminando Un viejo lugar Un corazón carvado dificil de ller Con flecha bien cruzada y bien debujada Palabras de querer Eternamente tu"
  • Reloj - Tish Hinojosa
    "Reloj no marques las horas Porque me voy a enloqueser El se ir para siempre Quando amanesca otra vez No ms nos queda esta noche Para vivir nuestro amor Y tu tic toc me recuerda Mi irremediable dolor Reloj"
  • Carlos Dominguez - Tish Hinojosa
    "Carlos Dominguez, an unhappy man Always running away What are you searching for Carlos Dominguez? Why do you cry every day? I'm searching for something That I cannot find I look for a way I might find"
  • Unlit Hallway - Sun Kil Moon
    "Walking down the unlit hallway of life There's hope I know There's an angel she follows me Follows me close She touches my shoulder Sings words so clear they bring comfort to my ear She guided me home Breathe"
  • Floating - Sun Kil Moon
    "Come to me my love One more night Come on Cause I don't wanna be without Without you In the air tonight So cold and strange Winter of loss When I have changed She is floating out too soon So soon In"
  • Duk Koo Kim - Sun Kil Moon
    "looking out on my roof last night woken up from a dream i saw a typhoon coming in close bringing the clouds down to the sea making the world look gray and alone taking all light from my view keeping everyone"
  • Last Tide - Sun Kil Moon
    "Every bird fall weak on lifeless ground Every eye swelled from tears ever clear Every seed broken in Spring lived till Fall All your babies be around to see them growing up Will you be here with me my"
  • Harper Road - Sun Kil Moon
    "Blackberries ripe on the branches Her skin is burning, she bends to pick them Bake a delicious pie For our aching stomachs we delight Sorrow came in floods this April With our reason humble warning we're"
  • Like The River - Sun Kil Moon
    "We floated downstream like swans in the sun Surrounded by friends and lovers We watched on with smiles beaming so bright The river behind them, the fading daylight I knew her back from when she was young Those"
  • Blue Orchids - Sun Kil Moon
    "The ancient streets so crowded and narrow The winding stairs climb up, up high The air tonight hangs sour and heavy I'm dying up here love, lie with me lie The view electrical and sprawling The city lights"
  • Carry Me Ohio - Sun Kil Moon
    "Sorry that I could never love you back I could never care enough In these last days Her tears Fell on her pages found me out On her words I dont know what To do or say Wading through Warm canals and"
  • Heron Blue - Sun Kil Moon
    "Don't cry my love don't cry no more A crashing sky a rolling screen A city drowning Gods black tears I cannot bear to see She lay under the midnight moon Her restless body stiring Until the magic morning"
  • Gentle Moon - Sun Kil Moon
    "smile down on us sun, show your rays when things come undone all animals lead, us to light when we can't see stars, saturn and moon, glow for those who cannot get through rain fall and voice sound for"
  • Lily And Parrots - Sun Kil Moon
    "here she comes breakin through my window in the early morning hours for the moment, i am disrupted but in time she'll make me smile all the wonderous animals roamin' round the earth bring us songs of"

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