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Kim Richey From Where I Stand

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Kim Richey From Where I Stand

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Kim Richey From Where I Stand
  • Kim Richey From Where I Stand
    "Funny we should meet The three of us here on the street You know, I've wondered what I'd say Now the moment's here And suddenly it's crystal clear Some things ain't never gonna change From where I stand I"
  • Eminem Kim
    "Aww look at daddy's baby girl That's daddy baby Little sleepy head Yesterday I changed your diaper Wiped you and powdered you. How did you get so big? Can't believe it now your two Baby you're so precious Daddy's"
  • VINCE GILL From Where I Stand
    "(Vince Gill, Al Anderson, John Hobbs) Oh, I'm drawn to you Like a burnin' flame But somebody's waitin' That bears my name Oh, Lord knows I'd love to love you 'Cause you know I'm just a man But I can't Not"
  • Bodyjar Not From Where I Stand
    "didnt want to see a world collide i once felt comfortable with enemies but now i see a hopeless situation endlessly my memory is on a loop it goes around things are so tough now im torn inside what if"
  • Figure Four Where I Stand
    "We stand up to this world So full of hate We gave ur lives to Christ We will never compromise They try to shut us out They try to steal our minds I know where I stand The line has been drawn here by hand Cut"
  • Blue October Where I Stand
    "Do you remember what you said to me Of all the people I could put my faith in Do you remember what it meant to me Of all the people I could waste my days with Sometimes, I get as low as it goes Other"
  • Dean Strickland Where I Stand
    "After speaking to her last night Me myself and I had a fight Still a little confused I am But now I know where I stand In a newfound relationaship she and I share No mutual friendship more like a onesided"
  • Maire Brennan Where I Stand
    "Fear not the stillness Will a gentle voice Guide me out side this frame Sweep stars around us Now the flowerless trees Blooming carefree Wonderful days Wonderful life Wonderful life with love Faded rain From"
  • Machine Men Where I Stand
    "He was blind 'cos he thought he could fight back... Reach the sky - be the man of his own life Broken walls - made of sand so he had to build them of stone Forced to change his future - write the fate"
  • American Heartbreak Richey James
    "American Heartbreak Miscellaneous Richey James All the pictures I once had Burn them all I couldn't care less Cut yourself with razor blades Destroy yourself on amphetamines This ain't"
  • Johnny Gill I Know Where I Stand
    "Seen the world It's crumbling all around me A place to go Where I felt safe In search of help I fell down on my knees I pray to lord Please keep my way Doors open I've never know When I ask faith He'll"
  • As Tall As Lions Where Do I Stand?
    "Written by: Brandon Syms Dear I fear that we've gone wrong, You've always hung me from the galows, But I don't feel I'll be forgiven, Yeah I don't feel like being forgiven, If you don't see it, you could"
  • Kendall Payne Stand
    "Here I am still waiting For how long I don't know It's a long way back from where I've been But there's no where else to go So I'll stand With my face to the wind And my back to the world I'll follow you And"
  • Kottonmouth Kings Stand
    "If you dont stand, stand up for something Then you will fall, youll fall for anything, yeah Lifes kinda funny man Little crush you hear like this beer can Youll stop your soul and watch you blow away,"
  • Lifehouse Stand
    "waiting for how long I don't know it's a long way back from where I've been and there's nowhere else to go so I'll stand with my face to the wind with my back to the world I'll follow you and I'll go where"
  • Lil' Kim Kim Freestyle
    "Mmm, mmm-mmm Check it out, the Queen Bee That's me My man Flex, he's up next Yeah, check it out Hey, yo Flex There's a lot of muf**kers out here that wanna be like us... real bad But we got to show them"
  • Lil' Kim Notorious Kim
    "(Lil' Kim) (Notorious B.I.G.) What? Here's another one What? (Uh-huh uh) What? Uh! Here's another one (Uh-huh) Uh! Uh! Live from NYC it's Q.B. The heavy weight champ female emcee Girls say they different"
  • Lil Kim Kim freestyle
    "Mmm, mmm-mmmCheck it out, the Queen BeeThat's meMy man Flex, he's up nextYeah, check it outHey, yo FlexThere's a lot of mufuckers out here that wanna be like us... real badBut we got to show them who's"
  • Vacant Stare Where I Stand
    "Before you say things I like Try to read between the lines Cause we've fallen down To many times And now I'm leaving don't you stand in front of me Or where I want to be Where I wanna be Before"
  • Ashanti Where I Stand
    "Tell me where I stand Are we gonna be hand in hand Or did I just fall in love with a friend Tell me where I stand We ain't' gotta move it nowhere I just gotta know where I am You gotta know what I'm"

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