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Kimbra - Goldmine

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Kimbra - Goldmine

  • Goldmine - Kimbra
    "You can't touch it with your two hands You can't find it with the third eye I've been thirsting in the mud-lands For a well, it can't run dry, oh Passed down to me through the wind (been listening) And"
  • Goldmine - River Phoenix
    "Working the goldmine Pushing a pencil around To make the weary world decide and kick some life into the grind Scrape and scratch away on a clean slate Working the goldmine Wax poetic books to climb A"
  • Goldmine - Colbie Caillat
    "If all I had was a dollar and your bright smile I'd have a dollar more than I would need to get by Cause I'm a billionaire if you count every sunrise Waking by your side, and every good night If all you"
  • Goldmine - Pointer Sisters
    "June Flowers arrive Who else whould think of that but my guy He's all heart and all mine Ooh, and I don't have to be Miss Perfect One For him to love what he sees I can feel it in the little things he"
  • Goldmine - Seeed
    "This is seeeds ear I And I appear in here With illvibe For our tribe For all our people doing their thing You are king Keep going Appear you are right We bend your knees We are real To make you feel"
  • Goldmine - Busta Rhymes
    "(feat. Raekwon) Old dro bottles, and blow, blowin from both zones Layin in them Tahoes we own the projo's Three for tenement we in the lobby with the big (da dun dun dun) Don't move cause I'm a representative Live"
  • Goldmine - Caviar
    "I take a pill or two to make me nice for you Buzz me at 3 am you feel inflicted dirty It's not called making out If you are over thirty She got the gold mine I got the shaft I'm 747, she's anti-aircraft She"
  • Velvet goldmine - David Bowie
    "You got crazy legs you got amazin' head you got rings on your fingers and bells my freind you got wit from my tongue name on the song I got your wings on my breast but you're the only one who uses school"
  • The Goldmine - Meat Puppets
    "Maybe you won't have to hit me again Maybe you won't try to slap me for lying I did what you heard and I can admit That I'd do it again in a second tomorrow Little or nothing makes much of a difference So"
  • I Look To You (ft. Kimbra) - Miami Horror
    "See her world lit so bright See her bird take flight See her face wild and charged See her quickened heart So if we fall, imagine that Imagination's ? So here I hold for what you are See all that I'm"
  • Beggar In A Goldmine - Boom Shaka
    "rich man in his castle with his pocket full of gold but his starving from hunger theres no water you can give him to ever quench his soul cry blood on the sufferer beggar in a gold mine looking for gold beggar"
  • She Got The Goldmine - Jerry Reed
    "Well, I guess it was back in '63 When eating my cooking got the better of me So I asked this little girl I was goin' with to be my wife Well, she said she would, so I said I do But I'da said I wouldn't"
  • Working In A Goldmine - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals & guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards & programming MICHAEL JONZUN. drums STEVE JORDAN. percussion CAROL STEELE. bass WILL LEE. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY"
  • She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft) - Jerry Reed
    "Well, I guess it was back in '63 When eatin' my cookin' got the better of me, So I asked this little girl I was goin' with to be my wife. Well, she said she would, so I said I do. But I'da said I wouldn't"
  • 90s Music - Kimbra
    "I've been driving round in my car Rolled down the window beside ya Blaring out loud of the broken speaker (Everyday be listening to 90s music) From that day we'd only be with one another Gang hangs, bust"
  • Love In High Places - Kimbra
    "I will be your savior When no one will save you Be a shining light Going nice Make you burn all up inside But there’s a space that I’m saving To keep me strong There is a place that I’m saving We can’t"
  • Settle Down - Kimbra
    "I wanna settle down /2x Won't you settle down with me? Settle down We can settle at a table A table for two Won't you wine and dine with me? Settle down I wanna raise a child /2x Won't you raise a child"
  • Two Way Street - Kimbra
    "I feel the 4 become 5 
And I'm waiting, waiting, waiting
 For you to walk down the boulevard
and and to take me, take me, take me
 but the moment you appear
 you wake me, wake me, wake me 
out of the slumbers"
  • Cameo Lover - Kimbra
    "This is nonstop baby You've got me going crazy You're heavier than i knew But i don't want no other You're my cameo love Only here for a moment or two You stay inside that bubble With all of your trouble In"
  • Come Into My Head - Kimbra
    "It's no use We're gonna have a fight You've thrown your words 'Round a thousand times Like a child who can't empathize You don't speak the language You don't read my signs You wanna know what I really"

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