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King Crimson - Starless

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King Crimson - Starless

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King Crimson - Starless
  • King Crimson Starless
    "Sundown dazzling day Gold through my eyes But my eyes turned within only see Starless and bible black Old friend charity Cruel twisted smile And the smile signals emptiness for me Starless and bible black Ice"
  • Edge Of Sanity Crimson
    "Crimson Prologue: In a very distant future, the last generation of planet earth has come to a point where they cannot breed anymore. When everybody had lost their faith, a child was born, but no one"
  • Bruce Dickinson King in crimson
    "In the darkness, the raven's head In the courtyard clothed in fear I see gates that are opening There's only one way out of here Daylight has come The night has come See his twisted sons and daughters"
  • King Crimson The Court Of The Crimson King
    "The rusted chains of prison moons Are shattered by the sun I walk a road, horizons change The tournament's begun The purple piper plays his tune The choir softly sing Three lullabies in an ancient tongue For"
  • Crimson Thorn Crimson Thorn
    "The red blood of a king, poured upon the ground A crown of thorns, wedged into his skull The weight and burden of sin, too heavy for a man to hold Sliced into pieces, death upon a wooden cross Death for"
  • Saxon Court Of The Crimson King
    "The rusted chains of prison moons Are shattered by the sun I walk a road horizons change The tournament's begun The purple piper plays his tune The choir softly sing Three lullabies in ancient tongue For"
  • Crossfade Starless
    "If only you could watch me fall I cannot feel it anymore The soul you cut, the soul you adored Cannot feel you anymore Cause you've run through me with destructive force I think somehow I gotta get it"
  • Spoken Love Starless
    "My eyes are running through the maze of tears Somehow that never get started When I was wonder how the sky would fill For real couldn’t feel starless Just like a broken heart To night As time was turning Pull"
  • Ne Obliviscaris Tapestry Of The Starless Abstract
    "All horizons fall through dying stains A crimson crown to call my own O home is everywhere I voyage And darkness is always with me I call to the sirens Echoing in sweet laughter Broken hopes beneath the"
  • Old Man's Child The Crimson Meadows
    "In the mist of the morning light's shadows Triumphant, he stands battered and proud In the dark of the morning light's shades The meadow is red, and the fallen lies dead Tales of a menace, abandoned by"
  • Glay Starless Night
    "Yasashii kaze ga hakobu yabureta koi no uta Koi no nigami ore no ii wake wo kakikesu Yowasa wo kakuseba mata kyou mo sugita hibi ni ochite yuku Ari no mama de ikite yuku OMAE ni SAYONARA dake ga ienai Oh"
  • Olivia Lufkin Starless Night
    "I reached into the sky Omoi wa todokanakute Chiisaku sora ni kieta Irotoridori no fuusen I'm alone Ikisaki no nai watashi no te wo Sotto tsunaide kureta Starless night kako no kage furi kaeranai Kanjitai"
  • Guster Starless Heaven
    "After all the years away I don't feel that much older Over the holiday it keeps me away Standing on the sand Staring at the sea Waiting for a whale to come and swallow me The day is gone now Still not"
  • Dissection Starless Aeon
    "The seventh aeon will soon pass as it has been foretold The false empires will crumble and all illusions shall be destroyed The enslavers tremble with fear, soon our stars align The forbidden gates begin"
  • Nana Starless night
    "I reached into the skyOmoi wa todokanakuteChiisaku sora ni kietaIrotoridori no fuusenI'm aloneIkisaki no nai watashi no te woSotto tsunaide kuretaStarless nightKako no kage furikaeranaiKanjitai anata no"
  • WASP The Crimson Idol Medley
    "I was the boy unwanted, a prisoner I'm born to them My brother was the one, that couldn't do no wrong And I was there dying in the shadow of him Red, crimson red, am I the invisible boy? Feel the strap,"
  • Animal Collective Crimson
    "Are we safe alone tonight? As moans an eagle crying out but trying not to choke He's lost his pride He looks for somewhere safe to die And goes alone His never trying heart you bullshit me to give it one"
  • Project 86 Cavity King
    "Desires in conquest toMurder her main herProgress possession in blackmail entrails toPursuit your end forRegret with shame no end to shade Bail her in comfort completeThen move to killRed inkSpills from"
  • Cassie Steele Crimson Tears
    "So the mourning after heartbreak got me tearstained And all my cries have hurt my sides in losing you pain All these bruises and misuses will become scars Just a norm for tragic born with all their broken"
  • Joan Jett And The Blackhearts Crimson & Clover
    "I, now I don't hardly know her But I think I can love her Crimson and Clover I, now when she comes walkin' over Now I've been waitin' to show her Crimson and Clover Over and over Yeah, If I'm not such"

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