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King is born

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King is born

  • New Born King - Beborn Beton
    "chorus From far beneath our galaxy The spacemen came and they talked to me They told me all their names And their major plan Lights in the desert The city lies asleep Happily dreaming And few men"
  • Born To Be King - Magnum
    "New broom had swept and did collect A thousand tears from far and near The time had come, the chosen one A welcome guest by children blessed The doors unlocked, the walls are down No more to wear the"
  • King - Fireball Ministry
    "if i was listening and knew i shouldn't be made all the threats again the pain is deafening the jury couldn't win and put the verdict in like many times before they closed the coffin door leave"
  • Christ Is Born - The Carpenters
    "It is he Christ who is born today Hear him crying In the manger King of Heaven Son of God Alleluia, Alleluia There he lies There with the lambkin Only swaddle for his garment With his Holy Mother Mary Alleluia,"
  • Christ is born - Perry Como
    "It is "He", Christ who is born today See Him crying in the manger King of Heaven Son of God Hallelujah! Hallelujah! There He lies there with the lam?kin Only swaddle for his garment With his Holy Mother"
  • 17 Born Against Are Fucking Dead - Born Against
    "Born against are f**king dead that's what the answering machine said looks like this is ti!!! They talked one too many shit about the working class and the government did you hear what those faggots said"
  • A Star Is Born - Paul Brandt
    "Christmas time again The perfect end, to a not-so-perfect year At last it's here Hustle bustle to and fro From store to store, to get one more Of whatever is in style this year On the marquee sign at"
  • A Child Is Born - Brand Nubian
    "A child is born with no state of mind Blind to the ways of mankind God is smiling on you but He's frowning too Because only God knows what you'll go through, uhh A child is born with no state of mind Blind"
  • Born Again - Lisa Bund
    "I am born again My bridges were burned But now this is my return I am born again I am standing here tonight Coming back into the light I was gone forever Forever the taste of hell I had before It's not"
  • Die Born - Days Of The New
    "I am cold and I don't know why Said you got to keep me warm You will run from my eyes They stare you down and make you burn I am the king, the king of the jungle I'm the little dog The king of the jungle"
  • Born Again - Black Sabbath
    "As you look through my window Deep into my room At the tapestries all faded Their vague and distant glories Concealed in the gloom The icy fingers of forgotten passions Softly brushing my lips At the tips"
  • Born Blind - Born Blind
    "Fear consumed me, hatred in my eyes, Why? Because of the world we live in and the absence of God. My wretched life was full of so much strife, until met the one, there is love in the Son. I was brought"
  • Born - Perzonal War
    "You see me smiling see me sneaking although you would like me to feel down but there is so much for me to lose so many ways for me -no doubt- no Yes in a way I went through hell with one foot nearly in"
  • Born - Nevermore
    "Religion changed the face of man, thou shalt not kill, we all are gone The seed of ignorance is born thou shalt not think, thou shalt conform The pigs order us to follow orders and obey The flies drink"
  • Born - Blindside
    "As I stand here watching your worn-out shell You used it well I can feel it in the atmosphere somehow I want to see with your eyes right now I know you?ve never been this close before You?ve been feeling"
  • Born - Hothouse Flowers
    "There's smell of fresh cut grass and it's filling up my senses And the sun is shining down on the blossoms in the avenue. There's a buzzing fly hanging around the bluebells and the daisies And tAere's"
  • White King - Off Kidow
    "Born in the ice castle Between the mountains King of the winter He gave his life for white horses And blue blood came Horror shake mountains And virgins death Black Kruk came And gave lame Bloody sunrise White"
  • Corn King - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "It's that time of year once more and again When the green turns golden brown And the summer sun shall fade to winter sky Old Oak King, it's time for you to die The King, the Corn are born to fall And all"
  • Glorious King - Jaime Jamgochian
    "Can words explain how I adore You Can colors paint beauty like You Creation testifies Of Your wonder and Your might How good, how great, how wonderful You are All the earth stands amazed at Your fame Every"
  • King Pharao - Pharao
    "They called him... Pharao... Pharao Nanana nana nanana nanananana... Pharao... Threethousand years, he's living inside of my mind Love... star to mine He was a man, but the...... over their lives Pharao Fa"

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