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King od my heart kutles

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King od my heart kutles

  • King Of My Heart - Michelle Tumes
    "All the castles underneath the sky Fit with kings and rulers Could never measure all this glory inside It makes me sing when we're together Oh, and His words igniting power Oh, His sweetness fills my"
  • King of My Heart - Taylor Swift
    "I'm perfectly fine, I live on my own I made up my mind, I'm better off bein' alone We met a few weeks ago Now you try on callin' me "Baby" like tryin' on clothes Salute to me, I'm your American queen And"
  • King - Florence & The Machine
    "We argue in the kitchen about whether to have children About the world ending and the scale of my ambition And how much is art really worth The very thing you’re best at Is the thing that hurts the most "
  • King - Thin Lizzy
    "Down and out in the city Won't you give a boy a break Juvenile on trial before committee Taken all he can take But the king shall have his vengeance Especially on the poor Some say preaching to convert"
  • King - A.O.N.
    "Intro: Yea you know who's back on the track, It's A.O.N. Gettin ready to drop you another hot track again I get angry And let all these flows come out me Touch the pen to the pad And show all yall why"
    "I'd like To sorcer you every day It's okay Baby, I'm on the way Broken house Barely alive, to feel ecstatic Golden heart I would say it, on my heart I am okay (knowing you're not in pain) I am okay"
  • King Kong - Shanadoo
  • Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King - Abigor
    "Act I: Ritual Red interludium of pain Sacrifice for the vein of eternity Battles of ages revealed To my third eye Darkness' treasures as reward for my belief I faint in final ecstasy Surrender to the"
  • King Midas - Army Of Lovers
    "There was a king with magic hands There was a crown and a touch of gold The crown was up in the game of chance Welcome King Midas King Midas oh the secret of your touch King Midas oh I like your smile"
  • Disco King - Barbados
    "I'm running away Away from illusions I still don't know why Cause I feel devotion Guess our love is over Looking back I smile and cry Remembering that night CHORUS You wanna ring to the disco king Tell"
  • Chess King - Freezepop
    "i'm at the mall, i'm cutting school and it's the middle of the day i'm in the spencers, but i'm scoping on the girls over at rave that's when I saw you, with an orange julius in your left hand I walked"
  • Gypsy King - Kitty Wells
    "His laugh was music to my ears it touched like summer sun But when I looked into his eyes my heart told me to run For there are so a wanderer a veever of dreams A restless carefree bagabum a roving"
  • Poorest King - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "This is my song to the poorest king who ever lived Though He did nothing wrong They took his crown and cast him down But little did they know that was meant to be so we might be With him again To see"
  • Glorious King - Jaime Jamgochian
    "Can words explain how I adore You Can colors paint beauty like You Creation testifies Of Your wonder and Your might How good, how great, how wonderful You are All the earth stands amazed at Your fame Every"
  • Perfect King - Hillsong United
    "I've come to love on you I've come to pledge my life to you I've come to sit at your feet and sing sweet songs to you I've come to give my life to the greatest love of all I've come to lift my hands to"
  • Restless King - Crom
    "The wind calls his name Recounting a story of truth A restless heart is fading away Long forgotten is his youth The trees sway in the whispering wind - A flicker in his eyes As he remembers times of"
  • King Henry - Steeleye Span
    "Let never a man a wooing wend That lacketh thinges three A store of gold, an oaken heart, And full of charity And this was seen of King Henry And he likewise alone For he's taken him to a haunted hall Seven"
  • Speed King - Venom
    "Good golly said little Miss Molly Whe she was rockin in the house of the blue light Tooty Fruity was oh so rotty Rockin to the east and west Loucile was oh so real When she didn't do her daddy's will Come"
  • Glass King - America
    "Here within these castle walls My love is still with you Watching all the lands below These stones are always true Oooo don't give it away no no no no Oooo don't give it away no no no no no no no"
  • Saviour King - Don Moen
    "Let now the weak say I have strength By the Spirit of pow'r That raised Christ from the dead Let now the poor stand and confess That my portion in Him And I'm more then blessed Let now our hearts burn"

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