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King sometime i file onlyone

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King sometime i file onlyone
  • Sonata Arctica Blank File
    "It is your new best friend, new eye in your private den And you can find the world inside it every day They know what you did today, hear everything you say And when they send you mail, they know where"
  • Archers Of Loaf Form & File
    "Crossing some creek or small river somewhere in north, northwest boder of germany, something like that. uhm, yeah, I think it's _____ there something to the right, right, right, yeah. yeah, I don Ow, man."
  • Chalee Tennison Sometime
    "(Robin Lee Bruce/Ed Bruce) Sometime I thought I'd found the one love of my lifetime Funny how your heart can fool ya sometime Nighttime, the memories start to crawl around the nighttime Trying to steal"
  • Geri Halliwell Sometime
    "Treat me kind, keep me safe Show me love, I'll embrace If you take me home Where I was born I'd find peace of mind, somehow Give me luck, show me grace Give me time, and little space If you take me back"
  • Twelfth Night File
    "======= "Technician we want you to build a component for each of our workers to be with them always at all time watch closely so we can keep track of their actions their interests their morals their time"
  • The Monkees Sometime In The Morning
    "Words and Music by Gerry Goffin and Carole King Sometime in the morning A simple thought may occur to you, And you hold her, And tell her all the things you never told her. Your love has shown me things"
  • Kasia Kowalska Fili
    "Tuż obok twoich drzwiosuwam się po ścianiezamykam oczy i wchodzę w całkiem inny światbez urojonych winbez ciał tak skrępowanychgdzie ciężar ludzkich spojrzeńnie obezwładnia nasŻycie to kilka chwilżycie"
  • Agnieszka Osiecka Fili
    "Biedna ta miłość, cała się zmieści w filiżance kawy. Smutna ta miłość, niech się napije, kto ciekawy. Mała czarna - tęsknota, duża czarna - nadzieja. Czy to można tak kochać. kiedy nic się nie zmienia? Filiżanka"
  • Sons Of The Desert Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime
    "(Chris Lindsey/Stephonie Seekel) Why can't I? G.I. Joe moved to Mexico He's hiding from the IRS Wearing diamond rings and livin' like a king At an undisclosed address Superman flew to Japan Gave up fightin'"
  • Maureen McGovern Sometime Soon
    "When I'm with you, I need nothing more Night's an open door To forever But I know, love, When I'm far from home, Every day alone Seems a lifetime But sometime soon, I'll be there And I'll hold you We'll"
  • Magnum Sometime Love
    "I'm looking round at the posters on the damp wall Hear static on the radio There's no sound from the mission or the dance hall No place that I want to go Broke up, am I dreaming it's a sad day Too much"
  • Elliott Smith Single File
    "Here in line where stupid shit collides with dying shooting stars All we got to show what we really are is the same kind of scars And looking at you, all I see is you're waiting for something Single file You're"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary Sometime Lovin'
    "I don't want your sometime lovin', That falls like summer's rain. For I've slept through two long winters, And love's been where my head has lain. When you've wandered through the snowfall, Through the"
  • Alpha Sometime Later
    "Touch my hand It's only me, listen I'm here. Come to stand In sultry fields With you. And now Old dummy day I know Is over this way. I'm laughing Saw you gonna kiss me You see Yeah as I said. One day"
  • Nothing To Lose Someday, Sometime
    "please someday please sometime i'm hoping but hoping's not enough maybe dreaming or make believing that she'll come my way this time i'm movin through the hard times through the good times i'll be there"
  • Banks Tony Sometime Never
    "Banks Tony Fugitive Sometime Never Sometimes I have to ask myself, How it is that we survive, We know trains, boats, planes and cars Will sometimes fail, And if one don't get you then the other one will, And"
  • Addiction Crew Crack File
    "Think you're about to forget what you do remember now Pray just another style to express Reach out for a brand new connection to crack da file you miss Please don't tell me, don't wanna listen to Your"
  • Clarkesville Secret File
    "You say You're good at analysing You never meant to criticise And you're just trying to help Well look into yourself And say that all is well. Show me your secret file on me Why don't you tell it like"
  • The Monkees Goldilocks Sometime
    "Smiling a painted smile for awhile Ragidy Ann and I walk along Under the painted sky Funny how time is flying Alice in Wonderland Would you minds If I just hold your hand for awhile Maybe you'll understand"
  • Wishbone Ash Sometime World
    "You want me to go and steal A million dollars You make me fight an army Win and get away CHORUS: I've got so many things to tell you I've got so many things to say You expect me to lay the crown Jewels"

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