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Kingdom Come Tease

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Kingdom Come Tease

  • Tease - Kingdom Come
    "You, make me crazy and I don't know why You, got me working for another night You always keep me waiting You push me to a frenzy Now I know a better way I won't take this another day Your special touch,"
  • Tease - B2K F/ Jhene, Romeo
    "B2K F/ Jhene, Romeo Miscellaneous Tease intro (J-Boog) uh..yea..yo sup girl, wut u gonna do? i mean is we gonna do it, or wut? u keep trippin u keep flippin actin like..u wanna get wit it but u won't"
  • Tease Me - Chaka Demus & Pliers
    "She's floating like a butterfly So charming (baby girl) She recognise the man in me (number 1 in the world) There's sometihing in her eyes Like a spell getting me hypnotised Oh lord She give me one smile Two"
  • Tease me - 3T
    "We can do it nice and slow Sex o'clock it's getting dark And we're all alone So dim the lights, lock the door Baby, come on Cause I've waited for this moment For so long I don't want just anybody Who wants"
  • Kingdom Come - Manowar
    "(Joey DeMaio) See the white light The light within Be your own disciple Fan the sparks of will For all of us waiting Our kingdom will come Rays of power shining Rays of magic fall On the golden voice"
  • Strip Tease - Lady Saw
    "Strip Tease! Lady Saw representin, yo I gotta do this bid tonight I gotta dance for these rich dudes Uptown When I reach there, I just put down my bags and tell them this Let me strip, so I can tease,"
  • Kingdom Come - Sir Lord Baltimore
    "I hear sirens calling me I fell prey unto the wind Sail on, crimson majesty Turn, turn, wheel of fortune, spin Until my kingdom come And then my will be done Tired voyage on the brink Eyes want only"
  • Kingdom Come - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) Well, I walked in the pouring rain And I heard the voice that cries it's all in vain The face of doom was shining in my room I just need one day somewhere far away Lord, I just need one day. Well,"
  • Kingdom Come - The Mission
    "Desert rat cry me wolf Shedding skin upon you lips I pray For the love of madness For the hand that takes the grip And we close our eyes To forgive and forget And we close our eyes To forgive and forget With"
  • Kingdom Come - Fair Haven
    "You're standing at the crossroads of your life Sometimes we all seem lost, look to the light There's not all lot we can do but be Living in a world of of uncertainty Kingdom come You know that things in"
  • Kingdom Come - One Bad Pig
    "When war is finally ended When death has breathed its last When the Lion Lies with the Lamb When all the old is passed When no man rules a nation When no man rules his soul Then each man will bow before Our"
  • Kingdom Come - Freedom Call
    "When it's night on earth I'm longing for the days All the tears in my heart, driving me insane Running free, breaking from our chains away And smell the wine of paradise Agony is the price we have to pay Suffering"
  • Kingdom Come - Hillsong United
    "Your love reaches out to me Your grace has made a way to you Made away to you Your word lives inside of me Your truth is life to all who hear Life to all who hear We live for you Live your truth May"
  • Kingdom Come - Dire Straits
    "I tell you what! They don't mess with me, I'm a wild man, son I got me my very own anti tank gun I got a jack rabbit with it, guess he was a mean one Yeah, I've always been a sportsman Now, there wasn't"
  • Kingdom Come - Bloodgood
    "Just once is never enough You got to try it over and over Sometimes won't satisfy you Cause constant is your number Just like a rat in the lab You're a creature of habit You see the crack in your face And"
  • Kingdom Come - Jay-Z
    "I don't know what life will be in H.I.P. H.O.P. Without the boy H.O.V. (I will be, I will be) Not only N.Y.C. I'm hip hop's savior (Yeah) So after this flow you might owe me a favor (Yeah) When kingdom"
  • Kingdom come - Hillsong
    "Your love reaches out to meYour grace has made a way to YouMade a way to YouYour word lives inside of meYour truth is life to all to hearLife to all who hearWe live for YouLive Your truthMay Your Kingdom"
  • Kingdom Come - David Bowie
    "Well I walked in the pouring rain And I heard a voice that cries "It's all in vain" The voice of doom was shining in my room I just need one day somewhere far away Lord I just need one day Well I'll"
  • Kingdom Come - The Civil Wars
    "Run, run, run away Buy yourself another day A cold wind's whispering secrets in your ear So low only you can hear Run, run, run and hide Somewhere no one else can find Tall trees bend and lean pointing"
  • Kingdom Come - Kirk Franklin
    "ive been up ive been down been looking for some joy to come around ive been praying for some sunshine been looking for a love that i can call mine. see ive cried for so long now im ready for the tears"

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