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Kings of lions

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Kings of lions

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Kings of lions
  • Church Kings
    "See history fade, it's crystal clearAurora what you doing hereButtering the mouths of thievesShutter speed your bleeding leavesIn gardens in the orientLikelihood is good and spentHerod nods beneath the"
  • The Church Kings
    "See history fade, it's crystal clear Aurora what you doing here Buttering the mouths of thieves Shutter speed your bleeding leaves In gardens in the orient Likelihood is good and spent Herod nods beneath"
  • Ian Brown Lions
    "Im alone in the country Took a walk in the country All alone in the country Blade of grass in the country Sour mash in the country All the cash in the country There are no lions in England There are"
  • Tones On Tail Lions
    "lions always hit the heights 'cause to kill it's always been an easy way out lions always hit the heights 'cause to kill it's always been an easy way out after a couple of drinks I think straight tears"
  • Dire Straits Lions
    "Red sun go down way over dirty town Starling are sweeping around crazy shoals A girl is there high heeling across the square Wind blows around in her hair and the flags upon the poles Waiting in the crowd"
  • A Cursive Memory Lions
    "I've been trying and trying just to watch all these lions raging in and outside of me Someday you'll say I will be gone I will be gone Someday you'll say It won't be long I would rather be nothing than"
  • Patrice Lions
    "First time they've called me a bastard - They even told me to get a proper haircut - When I rumble all of them tremble - Because they get to know that I'm a lion - Come and let us rise - Let us rise up"
  • July For Kings Kings
    "Seven strong we came and Seven we were named in an empire of irrepressibility Dancing in the street with heaven at our feet in a circle of sustenance And no one stopped to say that we'd be gone someday the"
  • The Magnetic Fields Kings
    "All day snow covered us Night-time: it was always night The people on the street were made of meat Black girl, trucks ran us down Blue boy... The people on the sidewalk were traced in chalk Whale embryos"
  • The Pierces Kings
    "It strikes fear in the heart of the fun men Might not even move another While a stranger gets your head You turn your back upon your brother And you know You know You know You know We all wonder how"
  • Chelsea Wolfe Kings
    "Kings have all lost their heads Somehow we, we lost our way We are running away Lost upon the lonesome winds The voice of god despairing him Then crept into the severed heads Of dreams we have forgotten"
  • Chasing Victory Kings
    "Oh please, please, oh please I'm begging on my knees for a coin in the cup I got a fatal disease Could you help me get back on my feet? Why don't you give me something you don't need? Oh girl, I won't"
  • Steely Dan Kings
    "Now they lay his body down Sad old men who run this town I still recall the way He led the charge and saved the day Blue blood and rain I can hear the bugle playin' We seen the last of Good King Richard Ring"
  • Oysterhead Rubberneck Lions
    "Rubberneck lions as I lie in bed Double barrel under the pillow under my head You don't wake a man when he's trying to be dead Cause of the Rubberneck lions as I lie in bed Rubberneck lions as I lie in"
  • Constantines Young Lions
    "O young lions This is your kingdom Every beast has its poison Every line has its victim Choose your crime Pour the ashes out the window Empty mickey by the river shining like a broken halo O young lions This"
  • Jackson United Lions Roar
    "Left home and kept on leaving, Walked off into this morning, Sunrise cuts the darkness, Steps and stares with well-worn warning, Touch down, a perfect landing, Missing, but he still standing, barely, English,"
  • The Hush Sound Lions Roar
    "The lions roar and young men soar The flames all scorch the circus floor Puppets on string all dance and sing and flap their wings Trumpets play sick lullabies Delicate dame her fragile face Was scared"
  • The Business 3 Lions
    "Your tv image sofa and beers Your gobbing off about Brittany Spears Eaton Cambridge they paid for it all You're just a wanker but you think your cool Your shit and you know it Your a middle class wanker"
  • Asher Roth Lions Roar
    "Pretty girl, you know that you so hot, hot, hot, hot How about I take you to my spot, spot, spot, spot? We can take off all our clothes, he won't call anymo' You hear my lion roar, head high, eyes closed You"
  • DJ Three lions
    "We still believe (3x) football is coming home it's coming home it's coming football's coming home football is coming home it's coming home (2x) it's comin football is coming home it's coming home (2x)"

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