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  • People Uniting - Kirsty MacColl
    "Chorus: Yeah, Yeah... people uniting ... around the World Yeah, Yeah... working together ... to fight the good fight Yeah, Yeah... love's never ending ... we've shined our light Yeah, Yeah... we're people"
  • Hands High - Kirsty
    "Uu yeah I like what you do to me Give in to who you are Uu yeah I like what you do to me Let's takes this way too far Is gonna take you back Yeah you're under attack Tonight so baby get your hand high Don't"
  • I Wanna Be Sedated - Kirsty MacColl
    "Twenty, twenty, twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated Nothing to do, nowhere to go Oh, Oh, I wanna be sedated Put me in a wheelchair And get me to the show Hurry hurry hurry Before I go loco I can't"
  • I Want Out - Kirsty MacColl
    "Well I'm no cold hearted Jezebel I've been doing my best to love you well I've done my best to play the part And kill this drifter in my heart But it's killing me not to go down to the city When I've"
  • London Bridge Is Falling Down - Kirsty MacColl
    "Days of old when knights were bold, Britain ruled supreme Songs were sung and tales were told, life was like a dream Top men like the great King Arthur never came here ever after Ever since those gallant"
  • Train In Vain (Stand By Me) - Kirsty MacColl
    "You say you stand by your man Tell me something I don't understand You said you loved me and that's a fact But then you left me, said you felt trapped Well some things you can't explain away But the heartache's"
  • Trains And Boats And Planes - Kirsty MacColl
    "Trains and boats and planes are passing by They mean a trip to Paris or Rome For someone else but not for me The trains and the boats and planes took you away Away from meWe were so in love and high above We"
  • You Still Believe In Me - Kirsty MacColl
    "I know perfectly well I'm not where I should be I've been very aware You've been patient with me Every time we break up You bring back your love to me And after all I've done to you How can it be You"
  • Manhattan Moon - Kirsty MacColl
    "The ship was heaving with a mass of humankind My heart was grieving for the the land that lay behind The cruel ocean echoed all those sad goodbyes That at my leaving almost made me change my mind The night"
  • Moving Out - Kirsty MacColl
    "It's no use knocking on my door I won't be answering any more So don't come round here like you did before I'm moving out, no doubt about it Take the video Take the stereo Take the dog and the cat and"
  • Please Help Me, I'm Falling - Kirsty MacColl
    "Please help me, I'm falling in love with you Close the door to temptation Don't let me walk through Turn away from me darling I'm begging you to Please help me, I'm falling in love with you I belong to"
  • Rhythm Of The Real Thing - Kirsty MacColl
    "It was sublime, it was thunder, As my life got torn asunder I felt the rhythm of the real thing. Falling down is nothing new We all fall down now, even you I felt the rhythm of the real thing. Delicate"
  • Sail Away - Kirsty MacColl
    "In America you'll get food to eat Won't have to run through the jungle And scuff up your feet You'll just sing about Jesus and drink wine all day It's great to be an American Ain't no lions or tigers-ain't"
  • Shutting The Doors - Kirsty MacColl
    "He has such good parties I go there all the time It's all so fascinating Cheap thrills and lousy wine His records - Joe Passe So classy I don't know I've seen his collection And now I've got to go My"
  • Something Stupid - Kirsty MacColl
    "I know I stand in line until you think you have the time To spend an evening with me And if we go someplace place to dance I know that there's a chance You won't be leaving with me And afterwards we"
  • Sticked And Stoned - Kirsty MacColl
    "The stranger sits with golden eyes Transfixed upon the screen above Behind the air of his repose He wonders if they're caught his love Sticked and stoned he was Sticked and stoned Sticked and stoned he"
  • Sun On The Water - Kirsty MacColl
    "Sun on the water Making it hard to see Sun on the water Lapping around my feet Sun on the water Making it hard to see Sun on the water Lapping around my feet A farmer's daughter Living a long time ago She"
  • I'm Going Out With An Eighty Year Old Millionaire - Kirsty MacColl
    "He buys me movies and I am the star He sends me to work in a black shiny car The girls in the chorus are jealous as hell But I find it pays when you kiss and you tell So I jetset around from one place"
  • Libertango - Kirsty MacColl
    "Strange, I've seen that face before Seen him hanging round my door Like a hawk stealing for the prey Like the night waiting for the day Strange, he shadows me back home Footsteps echo on the stone Rainy"
  • Don't Come The Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim! - Kirsty MacColl
    "Some boys with warm beds and cold, cold hearts Can make you feel nothing at all They'll never remember and they'll never mind If you're counting the cracks in the wall They're quick and they're greedy They"

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