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Kiss Crazy, Crazy Nights

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Kiss Crazy, Crazy Nights

  • Crazy, Crazy Nights - Kiss
    "(Whoow! Here's a little song for everybody out there) People try to take my soul away, but I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us we don't belong, that's alright, we're millions strong This"
  • Crazy crazy nights - Kurt Nilsen
    "These are crazy crazy crazy crazy nightsThese are crazy crazy crazy crazy nightsPeople try to take my soul awayBut I dont hear the rap that they all sayThey try to tell us we don't belongThat's alright,"
  • Crazy Nights - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "on shadowed roads we run, for secrets london holds new cross to camden town, with metal force we rage in paradise we clash, you will perish our ambition, live to fight for all the crazy nights crazy nights,"
  • Crazy Nights - Tygers Of Pan Tang
    "The bright lights shine on me I give to give and to receive Enter the promised land Watch my every move Oh, you should know That I'm in your hand Crazy nights fever's on Crazy nights fever's strong Crazy"
  • Crazy crazy night - Kiss
    "Here's a little song for everybody out there People try to take my soul away But I don't hear the rap that they all say They try to tell us we don't belong That's alright We're millions strong This is"
  • Crazy Nights - Tesla
    "I'm feelin' so much better. But not quite feelin' fine. Now, I've got to get my shit together, Still. Little bit closer to the line. But I love those lazy days and crazy nights. It's my way, it's my"
  • Crazy nights - Lonestar
    "From the moment I walked in the roomI knew what I was in forSoft music, the smell of perfumeAnd that lacy little thing that you woreAnd by the way you're lookin' at meIt lookin' like it's gonna be one"
  • Crazy nights - Therion
    "You come to see the show Well, we're gonna rock and roll you Come and get on your seat We're gonna make you feel alright Hey, you wanna go crazy tonight! Let me hear you shout and scream You make me mad"
  • Crazy Nights - Bliss 66
    "I rememeber those crazy nights Too much to drink, and too many fights Outside in the pouring rain On my knees screaming out your name And I remember like yesterday All the game I knew you'd play Lying"
  • Crazy Nights - Kelly Campbell
    "4 bottles of beer last night didn't know what to do wiht our selves all we wanted was some more instead we robbed a convenient store Stole 100 dollars and some radios saw some cameras in the store so"
  • Crazy - Eternal
    "What they say They say I'm crazy when it comes to you (No matter what they say) (No words I know can keep me away from your love) (They say I'm crazy) This is why They see me walking down this lonely avenue"
  • Crazy - Sweetbox
    "I'm a wild one I'm lots of fun What can I say I betcha you're gonna like it way yeah yeah Don't really care I know I'm not the girl next door But I can give you much more and Make you scream make you lose"
  • Crazy - Chantal Chamandy
    "there are so many ways to say je t'aime but only you know how to love me in that way you please me in ways I think I'm dreamin' on my mind 24 hours please tell me this will never change when you"
  • Crazy - Tristan Prettyman
    "You know I love the way my hand fits in yours cause I've been down for so long and you're my cure but you're driving me crazy, completely crazy I cant get enough, cause you amaze me every time you"
  • Crazy - Trax
    "Jiteun eodum sa-iro nunmushin haetssal nalwihan bichi dwejugil mujige bit haneureul geonneunneoneun tumyeonghan nalgaereul gajin Angel ! haneurui byeoreul ttada nege da juryeogo sumgyeo conceal tabeorin"
  • Crazy - Aimée Allen
    "Baby I think I've gone crazy And if you want me then just take me Baby I think I am paranoid A girl like me keeps chasing all the boys La la la la - woah Everybody seems to agree La la la la - woah Everybody"
  • Crazy - Case
    "I just feel sad when I think of love And this is the saddest day I'm going through, hmmm Even though I know, that it's all because of me I can't believe that you would go away and leave me so lonely I'm"
  • Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop
    "Taking pictures with honeys Spending all mo-mo-money If you want it so badly Then why don't you say so,lady. You'll be hurt if you'll kiss me You gotta gotta believe me But if you want it so badly"
  • Crazy summer nights - Magnus Carlsson
    "I feel the love is in the air As I am walking down the street It's a hot summer night I see the boys impressing girls As they are dancing to the beat Underneath the moonlight Expectations Reaching for"
  • Kiss Me Crazy - Kaci
    "(kiss me) (oh yeah) Baby I can't take myself away from you(you) It's absolutely positively what you do(do) So drive me outta my mind Before you lead me one kiss at a time Come on baby kiss me crazy Tell"

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