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Kiss Creatures Of The Night

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Kiss Creatures Of The Night

  • Creatures Of The Night - Kiss
    "Searching in the darkness, running from the day Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say Victims of the moment, future deep in doubt Living in a whisper till we start to shout We're creatures of the night,"
  • Creatures Of The Night - Iced Earth
    "(Kiss cover) Searching in the darkness Running from the day Hiding from tomorrow Nothing left to say Victims of the moment Future deep in doubt Living in a whisper till we start to shout We're creatures"
  • Creatures - Akron/Family
    "In dreams like these become the seeds with which we place the light beneath the ground has not the breath to seek why now deep creek choose breeze horse fleas Their arms are mean and jokes discrete could"
  • Creatures - And One
    "We're back to creatureVery hard to understandI can't imagine how it happenedImpossible to comprehendIfeel the dangerWhat are things coming toThey shut their eyes go into hidingThere's no god for me and"
  • Creatures - Adolescents
    "I'm not accepted by my peers - so what I could care less about the queers - they're fucked The chicks are hot and full of cheers - pleasers They say "no" so I jerk white tears - teasers I hate them"
  • Return Of The Night Creatures - Old Mans Child
    "Hear how the wolves sing as day become night... the earth shivers, it's on its way, see how the fear increase they await the beastn soon blood will be shed. Where he goes death will follow and haunt you"
  • Holy Creatures - Axel Rudi Pell
    "The evil wolfs in the dark are howling again I wish that I could sleep every now and then The moon is shining in, in my face so bright In this neverending storyteller's night It was not worth to remember Left"
  • Brilliant Creatures - Marc Almond
    "I lost you in the great big city You gave me your number But fate, she closed her eyes And the wind blew it away I know you're sometimes at a bar But I can't recall the name You could have called I'm sure"
  • Speaker Creatures - Canibus
    "I was born in Jamaica, reincarnated by the Creator I crawled out of a meteorite crater Bat-shit crazy, I feel like Hip Hop hate me They erased me and my sanity escaped me Sumerian, Israelian, mammalian"
  • The Loneliest Of Creatures - Klaatu
    "'''The Loneliest Of Creatures''' (John Woloschuk) Sometimes I feel like I'm the loneliest of all creatures in the universe Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no you're not the loneliest of all creatures in"
  • Creatures Of Light And Darkness - Vader
    "A man chosen to trace down a god In the world between two houses The Cycle unwinds so slowly The middle worlds laid to waste The Things that cries in the night Defeated by the prince who was a thousand All"
  • Creatures Of Little Faith - Ray Davies
    "(Ray Davies) You caught me with my pants down But I was only taking a shower Still you looked for the evidence Like the smell of perfume, or lipstick on my collar You're always suspicious, and terrified"
  • One CREATURES - And One
    "We're back to creature Very hard to understand I can't imagine how it happened Impossible to comprehend I feel the danger What are things coming to They shut their eyes go into hiding "
  • Heavenly Creatures - 18 Summers
    "The colour of your eyes We don't need to talk I can taste your tears I'm like a tree Like a bird Heavenly creatures We are so beautiful Playing our games Dancing in our underwear Heavenly creatures We"
  • Creatures Of Love - Talking Heads
    "A woman made a man A man he made a house And when they lay together Little creatures all come out Well, I've seen sex and I think it's alright It makes those little creatures come to life I can laugh"
  • Creatures Of Habit - Judith Owen
    "Do you know this place, Do you know this face, Do you see the space i live in now? Well i've done my best, But i've failed the test, Cause i see the pain upon your brow. And We're just creatures, Creatures"
  • Creatures - Gary Numan
    "I need it The sex skin habit You could just crawl out And forget I'm here I need it Love and something I'd just as soon forget So keep it out the papers I need it 'The sex musicians' I'll show you"
  • Creatures of habit - Soul Asylum
    "If the day wants to begin, you can let the day in If the darkness has no end, light up the darkness It ain't on what you can depend, it's who you can depend on If the rain wants to come in, you can let"
  • Creatures Of Habit - Deicide
    "What in the world do you wish to achieve Why do you think you'll get something for free Look in yourself, is it worth what you said It may be you who comes turning up dead Lives are worth nothing unless"
  • Creatures Of Influence - Information Society
    "I'll tell you a story It happened long ago Please keep it between you and me See, she was a slow one he had to let it go this is what it means to be free I hear you asking 'hey what's this all about? what's"

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