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Kiss I Confess

  • I Confess - Rob Mills
    "I like to party, I like to cruise I only like it when I'm feelin' kinda bruised My mind is dirty, when I'm in love No doubt about it girl, I love it when I'm used I wanna taste the sugar, flick a"
  • I Confess - Footloose
    "Oh yes, he has all the answers He's gonna set me straight How can he presume to know what I've been through? He hasn't got a clue But how could anyone unless they've had a son As perfect as a child can"
  • I Confess - Kiss
    "When I look into the mirror Just can't believe, what do I see There's no wakin' from this nightmare And you're lost in your reality So you tell me all your secrets And you tell me that you're innocent There's"
  • Confess - Buddy Clark & Doris Day
    "Confess Confess, confess Why don't you confess Say yes, say yes I wish you'd reveal to m Reveal to me The way that you feel Why don't you tell me the way that you feel Confess Confess, confess Confess,"
  • Confess - Shawn McDonald
    "I cannot sing you a song about what happens when you're gone my whole world seems to fall and i dont feel like myself at all I must confess that its true that I'm nothing without you We are two souls"
  • Confess Your Beauty - After Crying
    "Sinking into myself I think that you play No, don't dulcify me Never known hasty pain There was a burnin' twilight in your glance There was a shy and womanlike excitation Shy white butterfly Why can't"
  • I Confess - Catherine Wheel
    "Oh my blue-eyed boy Built something to destroy Is it getting high? High Oh you cheeky face Shirt open to the waist Now it's really getting cold One more paranoia, I don't want another Oh yes I confess,"
  • I Confess - Moonlight Awakening
    "(Vlastyn) I confess I'm nothing you thought I'd be but you already knew It's only some days that I forget myself and but fewer that I care I'm nothing that I wanted to be I've said nothing that"
  • I Confess - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
    "I confess that I killed the cat The cat was speckled and fat He was an angry cat But I thought he was laughing I confess that I hit my brother That I trapped my mother And I struck my sister Her nose"
  • I Confess - Holly Palmer
    "I've been really really bad I said mean things just to get you mad I've been really really glad To see you fight for me I've been carrying around An awful lot of weight that holds me down I've got"
  • I Confess - Bahamadia
    "Word life, boo, I checked you flexin' wit' cha crew Lookin' sweet enough to chew wit them, saint eyes like tha brew Roughneck mannerism, fly disposition Ya live like channel sparkin' like mad-izm My mission"
  • I Confess - Halo
    "Come to me, I'm the best you will ever see Please remember you must agree, Before I lose it completely I confess, I'm deluded and self-obsessed So remember, forget the rest And tell me I am the best Stand"
  • Don't Confess - Tegan & Sara
    "Don't think I'll confess Don't think I'll confess that I Don't think I'll deny Don't think I'll deny that I Don't be so hard on yourself You won't get better till you get worse Yeah you send a little"
  • I Must Confess - Everything But The Girl
    "You kissed my head as you stood in the door And then you said: "don't want to see you no more" All I could say as you walked out on me Was how I hoped you'd remembered your key Took one last look Took"
  • Ready to confess - Carina Round
    "From the glittering tailTo the constant moanIt hooked me in put a magnet in my bonesHere I come againCity lightsLooking for something big on the insideI'm ready to confessI'm ready to say yesI'm ready"
  • When Lovers Confess - Howard Jones
    "In this boat out on the sea I can't see land Hiding out and biding it's time Yet it's all around Shimmering sun for day Jealous moon will prey On the mind of an unfulfilled soul Life seems a moment away Challenging"
  • Confess Thy Sins - Axenstar
    "Forgive me father, for I have sinned But that's just my way and I know I will win Years spent in waiting for final attack My powers are stronger there's no turning back When you stand at the gates Take"
  • To Thee We Confess - Acheron
    "Before the mighty prince of darkness In the presence of the lords of hell I do confess to my past error, Despising the ways and path of god. Proclaiming that satan rules the earth, Making a covenant to"
  • Confess - Phantom Planet
    "'Round and 'round the dial turns Your finger itches, but your vanity hurts. So you cross your friends off on by one Either they're busy, or they are no fun. Well, you can call me whenever you want You"
  • Kiss Kiss Kiss - Yoko Ono
    "Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, Just one kiss, kiss will do. Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, Just one kiss, kiss will do. Why death? Why life? Warm hearts? Cold darts? Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss me, love, I'm"

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