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Klara-The Cliff

  • The cliff - Klara
    "I would jump into water if I could From my house, from my house, on a cliff I would sleep on my hill if I could Near your house, near your house, on a cliff Oh, please take me higher, take me your own"
  • Cliff Notes - Time Tells All
    "Cold shoulder I hope you analyze the words I say Fall in too deep Im chasin dreams But they run too fast for me Chance Im taking them and getting caught Let me tell you another secret Just listen"
  • Cliff Hanger - Blackalicious
    ""Whole house freeze!" It was a Thursday I stepped to the club, there she was Draped in a burgundy dress, silhouetted superbly Curved indeed, she started staring in my direction Luring and urging seductively,"
  • Hanger, Cliff - Blackalicious
    ""Whole house freeze!" It was a Thursday I stepped to the club, there she was Draped in a burgundy dress, silhouetted superbly Curved indeed, she started staring in my direction Luring and urging seductively,"
  • Cliff Diving - Plus 44
    "Hey silly girl, I think I got a thing for you From late nights spent driving in this stolen car The years we wasted living in this desert town Haven't broken us so far Hot afternoons we climbed onto the"
  • Over The Cliff - Old 97's
    "Words and Music by Jon Langford Well I worked hard and I got lots of money Well I tried hard but I don't wanna stay Yeah I've seen too much trouble, I felt too much pressure bubble I knew there had to"
  • The Cliff of Suicide - Gothica
    "When everything is bathed in colour And a blinding golden path Shines from the sky onto the sea, To the white shingle beach which is below you, Blood stains stand out every so often: red poppies. In"
  • The Great Western Cliff-Hanger - 8 Foot Sativa
    "diamond white versus charcoal black a thousand faceless souls worth less than one soulless face this is our daily standard and it makes me sick to my stomach forgetting all we have learnt this is a new"
  • Crowd Surf Off A Cliff - Emily Haines
    "Cursed with a love that you can't express, It's not for a fuck or a kiss. Rather give the world away than wake up lonely. Everywhere and every way I see you with me. Crowd surf off a cliff, land out on"
  • Battleship Starship Warcloud Shake'spear Cliff - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust f/ Juleunique Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: Battleship Starship Warcloud Shakespear Cliff Typed by: Knowledge God (Intro: Holocaust) Attention all crew members Extra"
  • On The Edge Of A Cliff - The Streets
    "I'm really okay, thanks, there's nothing to witness I said as I looked back from the edge of a cliff The old man looking down lent over the ridge struck with a grin as if a blessing had hit him. I slumped"
  • Whenever God Shines His Light (With Sir Cliff Rich - Van Morrison
    "Whenever God Shines His Light On Me Whenever God shines his light on me Opens up my eyes so I can see When I look up in the darkest night I know everything's going to be alright In deep confusion, in"
  • Suddenly (Duet: Olivia Newton-John With Cliff Richard) - Olivia Newton-John
    "She walks in, and I'm suddenly a hero, I'm taken in, my hopes begin to rise Look at me, can't you tell I'd be so thrilled to see the message in your eyes You make it seem I'm so close to my dream and then"
  • Your Just Whta I Need By Cliff(Correct) - Bring It On
    "Oh Torance, can't stand you're cheerleading squad. but I love your ponpons.. ill feed you bonbons tonight.. 1234! Yeah you got me to feel those butterflies inside, in your locker I would hide the thruth"
  • Klara - Bohema
    "1. Nadchodzi już wieczór i koło się toczy ,Telefon wciąż dzwoni i słyszę ich głosy,Anioły i diabły z uśmiechem i płaczem ,Klękają i grożą nim znów mnie zobaczą .Ref. 2x. Wypal papierosa , nalej sobie"
  • A Man's Life Flashing Before His Eyes While He And His Wife Drive Off A Cliff Into The Ocean - Of Montreal
    "I heard a human voice in an adding machine and my brain slipped out of my ear Which made it hard to hear A customer clapping in approval A bird flew through the window And he sucked it right into his mouth I"
  • Klara i Franciszek - Religijne
    "Mogę mówić, że kocham wszystkich, Mogę mówić, że kocham Boga, Lecz nie mogę już Tobie mówić, że kocham cię. Nic już nie mam, nic nie posiadam, Nawet miłość nie jest moja, I nie mogę już Tobie mówić, że"
  • Your Jsut What I Need - Cliff
    "Yea you got me 2 feel all those butterflys inside In your locker I would hide The truth its only you I see And your just what I need I'll Bring you flowers everyday Just to roll you in the hay Well Am"
  • Burlesque (Feat. Klara Elias) - Andreas Schuller
    "Oh woopsie doo What's a girl, a girl to do With all of these clothes that are waitin' to come off for you Oh woopsie doo What's a girl, a girl to do I'll put on a show, a show of Burlesque, for you But"
  • The Night - Cliff Richard
    "It's in the night, That I get that lonesome feeling Oh, the troubles of the day Come rushing into my mind. It's in the night That I start to think about you And this ache that's in my heart Gets stronger"

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