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Klaxons Children of the Sun

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Klaxons Children of the Sun

  • Children of the Sun - Klaxons
    "Here we are Here we are Here we are calling /2x We're the children of the Sun We're the children of the Sun We're awakening We're awakening We're awakening as one Higher Burning through the skies a thing"
  • The Klaxons -Magick - Klaxons
    "Magick, without tears Magick, without tears Magick, without tears The magickal veneer The way to mother noose, The way to suck an egg, The way to Golden Dawn, The way to Koh Phangan. The glitter on the"
  • Children Of The Sun - Yanou
    "All the people Go get together and hear me sing My song of freedom and love In a world of children that cries no more One race, one heart It's all leaving you if we've gone fall apart Live up, I don't"
  • Children Of The Sun - Flowing Tears
    "We are children of the sun We are children of the rain Pale and wonderful and wild We are children of the rain We are children of the sun We are children of the rain Walking handsome, brave and sane We"
  • Children of the sun - Dead Can Dance
    "We are ancients As ancient as the sun We came from the ocean Once our ancestral home So that one day We could all return To our birthright The great celestial dome We are the children of the sun Our journey's"
  • Children Of The Sun - Gerry Rafferty
    "We are not one We are legion, we are many A seed is sown in everyone (seed is sown in everyone) A silent prayer that was given in compassion We are the children of the sun Oh sun sun, oh sun sun sun We"
  • Children Of The Sun - Agent Steel
    "In the mist of a windswept plain We carried the gifts that our priests had restrained Chanting awaiting the gods of the sun We're children of sorrow captors of none A hole in the sky And a tear in the"
  • Children Of The Sun - Billy Thorpe
    "Children of the Sun (Proffer/Thorpe) - 6:28 People of the Earth can you hear me? Came a voice from the sky on that magical night And in the colors of a thousand sunsets They traveled through the world"
  • Children Of The Sun - Feeder
    "Standing in an open space Surrounded by views as you escape You find a place Forgotten what it's like to lose Freedom and the right for you to choose Which step to take As we go through this life Things"
  • Children Of The Sun - Headstone Epitaph
    "One lonely day in the city One lonely day in town It seems like there's no pity There's coldness all around I'm in the wrong direction I dreamt that no one cares And there's a strong selection It's time"
  • Children - Portugal. The Man
    "Birth me of blood oil salt sugar water pales build me black jesus cause jesus can't save me shackles pulling at your hair shine me from roots out wash me form the neck down cut me fat stores take me to"
  • Children - Twarres
    "Were coming from far Over oceans of time Were coming from places we once left behind Were looking for love In the heart of every man Were looking for reasons well all understand Chorus We are (we are) In"
  • All My Children Of The Sun - Pete Seeger
    "ALL MY CHILDREN OF THE SUN The navigator said to the engineer, I think our radio's dead. I can hear but I can't send, And there's bad weather ahead. The pilot said to the co-pilot, Our right engine's"
  • Children Of The Sun (feat. John Martin) - Tinie Tempah
    "Lay down your head You're not alone Anywhere you go, I follow We are the children of the sun That's all you need to know /2x Bitch I'm a moon walker like Michael, sky walk all over my rivals Both hands"
  • Children - The Mavericks
    "(Raul Malo) A child who is raised by an unworthy hand Has less of a chance being a man Who will try to remember and then understand Why a mother would cry while a husband lay dead Shot down by a gun of"
  • Children - Jeannie C. Riley
    "Children go run and jump and play you'll be men and women some day Then you'll have to leave your world of make believe now children Young carefree children Children need someone to understand children"
  • Children - Michael Michailoff
    "Don't you know who I am mommy I walk around high on drugs, beating up old people and why, maybe you can tell me why, who else can it be mommy, talking through, my mouth, it couldn't possible be you and"
  • Children - Amber
    "Amber Miscellaneous Children ================= Amber - Children ================= Written by Dewey Bunnell, ?971 The boy cried out Gaily on the ground At the joy Of something he had found Aw, come"
  • Children - 4 Clubbers
    "Where have all of our children gone?Innocent of all, the world that`s so bad,It`s no wonder that it`s so wrong,When they are alone, In truth they aren`t that strong. Chorus:Children, children, Exspectations"
  • Children - Vicious Rumors
    "Children, finish what we started. They may only live in the world we give them. Children, will they be brokenhearted? They may never know what they're missing. We gotta take it easy, We gotta take"

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