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  • Babyface Savage (feat. Tory Lanez) - Bhad Bhabie
    "it’s that /3x BHAD BHABIE coming out hard like 88’ make a bitch levitate baby face savage bitch I don’t play Patty Cake charms in the carrot cake carts in the patek face cop a new coupe no top that;s"
  • Drifting (ft. Chris Brown, Tory Lanez) - G-Eazy
    "Chris Brown & Tory Lanez połączyli siły z G-Eazy!"
  • Trust Nobody (ft. Selena Gomez, Tory Lanez) - Cashmere Cat
    "I'm a tell you how I want it Baby, tell me how you need it Hope you're good at keeping secrets Say: “You're good at keeping secrets” See, I don't trust nobody I know you don't trust nobody Say: “Only I"
  • Still Be Friends (ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga) - G-Eazy
    "i know you don’t do one night stands so I am the closest thing now can we fuck and still be friends, though? and if you ever fucking a friend (I am just sayin) I’d be the closest thing (haha, I, I’d be"
  • WHATS POPPIN (feat. Dababy, Tory Lanez, & Lil Wayne) - Jack Harlow
    "What’s popin’? Pooh, you a fool for tihis one Brand new whip just hopped in just hopped in i got options oh, Lors, jetso made another one i could pass thet bitch Stockton it ain’t nothin’ just joshin’ i"
  • Klok - DeLillos
    "Der er han og der er du Dere ser lykkelige ut men skinnet bedrar For han har en hemmelighet Og det du ikke vet det skal han plage deg med For han har ftt en ny Og hun er mye yngre enn deg Men ikke halvparten"
  • Klok Onder Water - Boudewijn De Groot
    "Twee jongens in een boot stiekem aan het fuiken lichten op een warme nacht in juli stiekem paling stropen bij de volle maan Dan horen ze opeens in de nevelige stilte in het diepe zwarte water het luiden"
    "Tory I’m so tired of you niggas you and all your bitches that be lying on your pictures I;ma take a jet and fly my niggas somewhere so big I can’t find my niggas and I’m trying my niggas but you making"
  • Steady (feat. Torey Lanez) - Bebe Rexha
    "Official Lyric Video"
  • Tory! (feat. Nergal) - Dolls Insane
    "Czy widziałeś kiedyś siebie? Czy słyszałeś krzyki w niebie? Czy zgubiłeś i znalazłeś coś Co wolisz wziąć? Co wolisz wziąć? Czy ty byłeś wiesz, jak deszcz? Czy ty boisz boisz się. Czy ty byłeś kiedyś"
  • Tory Potion #9 - Moxy Fruvous
    "They serve it up...we drink it down They serve it up...we drink it down Politicians really are the cream of the crop They work so hard to make injustices stop Economics, violence, the problems they"
  • Fuck Everybody Who Voted Tory - Oi Polloi
    "In 1979 the Labour government was brought down over its failure to grant even limited autonomy to Scotland as had been promised in its manifesto. Disastrously, the following saw Margaret Thatcher installed"
  • Cuando Me Amo (Toy's Tory) - Alessandra
    "Cuando alguien me amaba, Me sentia tan feliz, Los momentos que pasamos, Los recuerdo bien. Simper en su pesar, Yo sus lagrias seque, Su alegria comparti tambien, Cuando me amo. De estacion en estacion, Entrelas"
  • Part of the Game (feat. NLE Choppa & Rileyy Lanez) - 50 Cent
    "I am a hustler I am a hustler, baby I know heartbreaks Setbacks Bitch, if i crap out I am sure i’ma get back"
  • Anyway - Tory Lanez
    "I can fuc* you anyway You gona bust it down I fuc* you anyway __ and __ Bitc*, my pieces hit everything Are you gonna let me demonstrate __, I bet that I can fuc* you anywat __ Bitc*, my pieces hit everything"
  • B.I.D - Tory Lanez
    "jumped in the What the fuck is that took a shot of henny out the back girl you know it’s real I ain;t tryna brag I just wanna take you to the back while you let a nigga bust it, down bust it, down bust"
  • B.A.B.Y feat. Moneybagg Yo - Tory Lanez
    "you know rhat i;m in Miami That my baby"
  • FeRRis WhEEL (feat. Trippie Redd) - Tory Lanez
    "we stay lit all that shit damn, lil baby what you call that shit that’s the red nose shawty you a dog lil bitch touch the damn floor wyth your paws, lil bitch shake that fat ass on my balls, lil bitch damn,"
  • Broke In A Minute - Tory Lanez
    "word to Mazii, nigga fuck these niggas talking about nigga? ha When they swing that way to be right you swing to the left you heard? woo, damn iain’t been broke in a minute don’t get offended tore of"
  • W - Tory Lanez
    "I can't satnd i am black i don't know w i am feeling chasi i found another you"

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