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Kluaran angka 57 47

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Kluaran angka 57 47

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Kluaran angka 57 47
  • Biffy Clyro 57
    "Biffy Clyro Miscellaneous 57 The sun shone in, The glint in your eye. Your beautiful face, Your beautiful face. I held her tight, close to my heart. I didn't know it would break, didnt know it it would"
  • New Found Glory 47
    "You ask me, you ask me How I got to know you Just by speaking on the phone? Isn't is crazy How the thought of my touch Wakes you up when you're alone? Don't you believe everything you hear Darling, focus"
  • Black 47 Black '47
    "Everything is still Not a chicken not a body Just an awful sickenin' silence roarin' in my ears And the fog of death deepens and lies upon the land An ould wan rolls over on her back The grass stains"
  • Nerina Pallot 57 Flavours
    "Oh the light here is beautiful Strung like chandeliers in the rain Still, in the face of my past misdemeanours I, no I, can't go there again.... So come on and save me from the height of bad behaviour I've"
  • Billie Jo Spears '57 Chevrolet
    "Come and look at this old faded photograph Honey, tell me what it brings to mind It's a picture of that '57 Chevrolet I wish that we could ride it one more time I still get excited when I think about The"
  • Elemeno P 11:57
    "Another day slips away and I gotta wonder Lying here in my bed do I even care Everyday seems the same, seems so paint by numbers Early bird catches the worm is what the people tell me Put on a face,"
  • Watashi Wa 2:57
    "sixteen never came he just wanted to be understood his mother knew his name but never found the time to love her son of all the things in the world we just need someone we are more than wandering lives,"
  • Bruce Springsteen 57 Channels
    "I bought a bourgeois house in the Hollywood hills With a trunkload of hundred thousand dollar bills Man came by to hook up my cable TV We settled in for the night my baby and me We switched 'round and"
  • Watashi-Wa 2:57
    "Sixteen never came He just wanted to be understood His mother knew his name But never found the time to love her son Of all the things in the world We just need someone We are more than wandering lives,"
  • Gomez M 57
    "Baby, put your hand, you wanna be with someone, can'tafford to beLay your hand with me, I'm too lazy to put my hand, I wanna be somewhere, can't afford to stayLet me drive you away, girl, becauseLately,"
  • Hypocrisy Roswell 47
    "Their freedom was taken away as they crashed (to be a project of search) The experiment will make sure it won't last All expect starlight once The ascent (alien ship?) was shot at because national security"
  • Diablo Mimic 47
    "(AND THEY ASK WHERE IS YOUR GLORY GONE ICON IS CRASHED DOWN QUESTIONS LYING OVER YOU MIMIC 47) You role the dice lice never before you know this game Your future is already written for you take all the"
  • Red House Painters Metropol 47
    "Flash your smile and face at me Open your eyes wide at me Lay down every day with me Until there are no days Speak a native tongue to me Say some funny things to me Roll around and laugh with me Until"
  • Lareine When 25:57
    "When...25:17UnderstandTsukarehateteMe wo tojite nemuruKimi no sono kami wo nadeteFeel me nowYume no naka deKono kotoba wo kiiteAwai yoru ni madoromuTime goes stillTo share the momentLet me in your dreamGood"
  • Steel Prophet 07/03/47
    "Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived By those in power who deal in greed Intelligent beings unable to breed Hold technological secrets for humanities need Sleeping victims this planet in slumber Unaware"
  • Minas Morgul Ak-47 / Kalaschnikowstandgericht
    "Kalaschnikowstandgericht Bist Du Moslem, Jude, Christ? Sie legt Dich um! Sie legt Dich um! Bist Du Heide, Hindu, Buddhist? Sie legt Dich um! Sie legt Dich um! Bist Du schwarz, gelb oder wei? Sie legt Dich"
  • Angra Angels Cry [6:47]
    "Angra Angels Cry Angels Cry [6:47] (Matos, Bittencourt) Cry in the night of the angel For their light will never shine With their hearts so full of sorrow Muddy waters all around The curtain falls for"
  • Yes The Solution (23:47)
    "No need to wonder Do you belong No need to worry You can be strong Don't disbelieve it Let your fears go There must be more to this life And we all know Deep inside The solution Staring you down Looking"
  • Nizioł Gehenna (ft. AK-47)
    "To wy, niechciani, nielubiani w pewnych kręgach Piętno, krew na rękach złego człowieka Usterka, schorowany szuka lekarstw Przeciwności nie ma, a gdzie dobre chęci? Czeka go Gehenna – raczej byłbym pewny Dolina"
  • Polska Wersja Rozsądek (feat. AK-47)
    "tak jak wszyscy zgromadzeni przy tym stole ja także mam rozmyślania starsze wszakże, patrzę i widzę ciemną ulicę, widzę tych niżej tych, którzy przegrali życie a mianowicie nie chce oceniać sam mam"

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