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Knife Party vs Zedd ft. Foxes

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Knife Party vs Zedd ft. Foxes

  • Knife Party - Deftones
    "My knife it's sharp and chrome Come see inside my bones All of the fiends are on the block I'm the new king I taste the queen In here we are all anemic In here anemic and sweet so Go get your knife And"
  • Break Free (ft. Zedd) - Ariana Grande
    "If you want it, take it I should have said it before Tried to hide it, fake it I can't pretend anymore I only want to die alive Never by the hands of a broken heart I don't wanna hear you lie tonight Now"
  • Boom Boom (Ft. Zedd) - Iggy Azalea
    "coldest on my chain and wrist lit sonic face lift one time gotta hit them with the two time like a backstabber baby, come and hear the pitta-pitta kiss my back-scratcher do you smell a lie don’t need"
  • Clarity (feat. Foxes) - Zedd
    "Hot dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life If I fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time Hold still right before we crash cause we both know how this ends A clock ticks 'till"
  • I Want You To Know (ft. Zedd) - Selena Gomez
    "I want you to know that it’s our time You and me bleed the same light I want you to know that I’m all yours You and me run the same course I’m slippin down a chain reaction And here I go here I go here"
  • Antidote (with Knife Party) - Swedish House Mafia
    "There’s no antidote Don’t stop, turn that up, take it higher Take this mother up, start a riot Don’t stop, turn that up, take it higher Take this mother up, start a riot There’s a glitch inside my system Rushing"
  • Stache (ft. Lady Gaga) - Dj Zedd
    "Princess die high Princess high die Where’s my stache Want to get high guy I need my, have you seen my I can’t find my Where’s my stache? Can you feed my love? Cannabis Can you feed my love? Where’s"
  • Butcher Knife - Necro
    "(Hook) One for the butcher knife, two for the glock! (You can't kill me, cause I'm already dead) (Necro) Peep my little friend his name is M one six I got the butcher, knife, to cut your fuckin' heart"
  • Unvisible Zedd - Gogol Bordello
    "Little lady, alone in her house She is preparing for a bed Little does she know, she's in the house with invisible zed Little lady, in her kitchen She's bending over, over frying pan Little does"
  • House Party (Ft. B-Case & U-Jean) - DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark
    "Parents out of town You know it's going down Mix me that jack and coke And watch me drink it now We going hard No doubt about it all So many shots I can't even count 'em all Freaks only Welcome to my"
  • White Foxes - Susanne Sundfør
    "Poses, poses That's all you are to me Roses, roses That's all you're offering me And now I wish to God that The earth would turn cold And my heart would forget it's made of glass And all the pretty tulips"
  • Little Foxes - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous Little Foxes I can still hear momma say "Win or lose, its how you play" Aw mom, no harm in a little sin That's how its done today (Do it!) Every evening after school A couple joints,"
  • Sly Foxes - Burden Of A Day
    "We watch the waters rise, and let the tides come up to our neck. With pride taking on the ways screaming over and over again, "I never lie, I swear I can swim" "I never lie" but there I go again. What"
  • Foxes Wedding - Clouds
    "Do you know what day it is today? Showers gently clear the air for you know who Coloured canoe Will get you through, coloured canoe Did she tell you you're forbidden? If you saw them you could never"
  • 365 (ft. Katy Perry) - Zedd
    "Premiera wspólnej piosenki Zedda i Katy Perry zapowiadana jest na 7 lutego 2019 roku."
  • Slumber party (ft. Tinashe) - Britney Spears
    "I think I see confetti from this potion Pillow fights and feathers, overdosing' Smells like a cologne and candy lotion Like a slumber party Sheets all on the floor just like an ocean Building up your fortress"
  • Party Crash (ft. Carlprit) - Modana
    "Is that a party crash? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Let’s have a party crash Let’s go! Is that a party crash? We make the night bash I want the Feeler’s and The ladies make a big mash Let’s go! I want to say:"
  • Wrong Party (ft. Scottibrains) - Brodka
    "My mind goes by Fill with dreams of endless night There’s no surprise I lose myself in moonlight shine -- Brodka powraca z nowym singlem 'Wrong Party' w międzynarodowym towarzystwie!!! Utwór 'Wrong"
  • Push Play (ft. Miriam Bryant) - Zedd
    "With my words, across your face, you're making up stories of your own. Little bits of white paper, in pockets deeper than you know. You painted black upon the whitest lies you've seen them fall, you have"
  • Beautiful Now (ft. Jon Bellion) - Zedd
    "I see what you're wearing, there's nothing beneath it Forgive me for staring, forgive me for breathing We might not know why, we might not know how But baby, tonight, we're beautiful now We're beautiful"

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