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Know me nothing asking

  • Asking - Mike & The Mechanics
    "(For The Last Time)I know I let you believe You weren't important to me And now it's safe to assume That you'll be leaving me soon Well I won't analyse it I know I've been a pain But I must emphasise My"
  • Asking - Will Haven
    "Is there light at the end of... That's all I can hope for When it seems so endless I'm sinking into myself My fears they over, over come me My fears they over, over come me There is nothing and no one This"
  • Asking Questions - Charlie Wilson
    "I aint askin questions Im only here to do one thing, one thing yea I aint askin questions oo weeee Im only here to make you feel good make you feel good When someone like you needs someone like me, You"
  • Song For The Asking - The Church
    "(I am a sailor on the water, did not find me through the dark) I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where you go I don't know, I don't know why I loved you so You said it was all right It stayed with"
  • Not worth asking - The Smashing Pumpkins
    "Not worth asking, who I'm supposed to be Not worth saying, seems I'm free Not worth reaching, to anyone at all Not worth reaching out to stop this fall I'm on my own Yeah, I'm on my own Not worth being,"
  • Asking Too Much - Ani DiFranco
    "I want somebody who sees the pointlessness and still keeps their purpose in mind I want somebody who has a tortured soul some of the time I want somebody who will either put out for me or put me out of"
  • Know Nothing - Travis
    "Everything that you know is as wrong as the next So you hold on to something and hope for the best And you know that it's right 'til you find that it's left And I'm doing the same and I have to confess That"
  • All I'm Asking For - Krezip
    "I can hardly breathe and it's hard to handle Things I need to do It's hard to get up but I want to go out I'll cry out loud for you You need to stay, don't walk away That's all I'm asking for Just hold"
  • Asking For The Moon - Regina Regina
    "(Chapin Hartford/George Teren) The fences are mended, the bills are all paid And I feel kinda guilty for feeling this way For all you that you give me and all that you do I can't help missing the romantic"
  • Yours For The Asking - Gregg Allman Band
    "Every time I see you lately You look so down and out Tell me, won't you tell me, Wh at you're so worried about Time alter time those young boys Broke your heart in two You aint sure if you want to play 'Cause"
  • Something For The Asking - Black
    "You don't follow me now, ribbons in hair searching for answers when there's none there. Then follow me round, up my stair into my bedroom if I'm in there. Hoping for something because it seems the right"
  • Song for the asking - Church
    "(I am a sailor on the water, did not find me through the dark)I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where you goI don't know, I don't know why I loved you soYou said it was alrightIt stayed with me"
  • Not Asking You To Leave - Motion City Soundtrack
    "I'm not asking you to leave. I'm just begging you to let me get some sleep. I've lied awake for far to long. I get so sick and tired of witnessing the dawn. As summer hangs on the horizon. Desire jumps"
  • Is That Asking Too Much - Diamond Rio
    "Some people say theres no American dream I hear them talking but they dont say a thing I still believe youve got to give it to get Baptize your every aspiration in sweat I vow my head each night and roll"
  • She Was Asking For It - Cannibal Corpse
    "Take me back Back to the scene It's coming back I remember her screams The fear in her eye The night she died It left me empty Hollow inside Dead to the world, I see only black, there's blood on my hands Dead"
  • Stop Asking Me To Come Back - James Arthur
    "So you told me to go You said don’t turn around There was no going back, You said it You were all out of love Now you changing your mind I forgive you but I, can’t forget it we walked these roads"
  • Asking You - Lennon
    "Walk down that hall, tak me to that room shut the door and close the lights too Turn down that radio, take off the TV Sit me down and speak real softly I'll pay my attentions to things you don't say I'll"
  • Asking Me Lies - The Replacements
    "Summoned through a keyhole In a lunchbox for three Take me to your followers And the swingset police You can't see the weather You've got to pull the blinds Tellin' you questions Askin'"
  • Don't Know Nothing - No Fun At All
    "I never let off something, leaving something cause I know It's a waste of my time I never listen to the things you say because I know It's a waste of my time Cause I don't know nothing and I'm happy as"
  • U Know Nothing - 4 Lyn
    "you bumrush , but aint got no bombs that explode. its your "object of envy" , the next episode. you wanted "a new hope" , a group that sounds dope, a bunch of freaks everyone wants to know. that was then"

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