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Kobiet lament

  • Lament - Kotoko
    "lament lament lament ==Romanized Japanese== mata kieru wataridori no koe osanai hi wo yomigaerasu hitokake sou sa kitto kono yo wa hon no isshun douse hitori saigo no hi mo ashimoto"
  • Lament - Ultravox
    "And just as my eyes start seeing After all the pain The twist in my life starts healing Just to twist again In stillness, in sorrow Returns that softly sighing lament And just as the smile's returning After"
  • Lament - The Doors
    "Lament for my cock Sore and crucified I seek to know you Aquiring soulful wisdom You can open walls of mystery Stripshow How to aquire death in the morning show TV death which the child absorbs Deathwell"
  • Lament - Zyon
    "This is our last night, Blow out the candles and end it with me, I want to feel you in the fire, Burning beside me... All those dreams still remain, Causing me to forfeit what I once was, The constant"
  • Lament - Poema Arcanus
    "Questins of reality Lock you up inside your self Earthly sentence spills bood on your body , soiling souls The city traps and power rules over you New horizons to reach for a mind that seeks salvation Sailing"
  • Lament - Miros
    "słowa: Przemysław Borkowski muzyka: Jerzy Satanowski Na cmentarzach źle się dzieje Zmarli płaczą wicher wieje Opuszczeni w samotności Chodzą smutni gubią kości Niepotrzebni, nieśmiertelni Rozbitkowie wysp"
  • Lament - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Lament I've seen your fairground hair, your seaside eyes Your vampire tooth, your little truth Your tiny lies I know your trembling hand, your guilty prize Your sleeping limbs,"
  • Lament - Epidemic
    "Caught off guard Or I was even on Forcing me down hard Striking even blows Monochrome mind Is my only control Nothing can make me whole Never dreamed so real Never felt the way I feel Soft innards skin"
  • Lament - The Cure
    "Today there was a tragedy Underneath the bridge A man walked Cold and blue Into La Ment The sky coloured perfect As the man slipped away Waving with a last vanilla smile Somewhere at a table Two drowned"
  • Lament - Nick Cave
    "I've seen your fairground hair, your seaside eyes Your vampire tooth, your little truth Your tiny lies I know your trembling hand, your guilty prize Your sleeping limbs, your foreign hymns Your midnight"
  • Lament - Demis Roussos
    "I've long awaited for the day That comes to set me free And all I ask As I'm a fool Is love for you and me For now and each and every day The moon, it changes us all All the misery lies Set to"
  • Lament - Tear Garden
    "Merciful angel, You always been there When it all got to painful I was mad with despair Lying down in the ruins Tied with wires to this chair You just point to new star I follow you there I follow anywhere Follow"
  • Lament - Symphony In Peril
    "let's not let the sun go down. to me, tonight is like a farewell from a silent yet beautiful dream. why do I have to run away? i want to stay with You. i don't seem to want to understand. it is so cold"
  • Lament - Nocturne
    "Music and lyrics by Chris Telkes After loss of beauty Through the aging of the skin Another slow erosion Will erupt from deep within And then I'll be... And then I'll be... And then I'll be... Dead Life,"
  • Lament - Blake Babies
    "You told me all about you, without ever saying a word. Every time you opened your mouth it was my voice that I heard. At least that's what I thought, or maybe I'm just lonely. Believing every minute of"
  • Lament - Bolt Thrower
    "The time has come to leave this place - never to return Nothing's left but ashes - my body now is spurned Your sorrow will subside in time - my one, true, only friend There is one thing we can do - to"
  • Lament - Midnattsol
    "As I stood in the shade there beside him And as eyes turned to a paler shade of crimson As I felt cold blood waves running down my spine Then I knew he wouldn't return Maybe I should have known (better) Some"
  • Lament - Eluveitie
    "I wonder what we have become... A land so full of riches bought with blood! A land so free, yet chasing for wind.... As we look up to false giant emperors We've lost our pride of old, the innocence is"
  • Lament - Ashengrace
    "this darkening winter blows across my aching heart my strength is ebbing, my soul is coming further and further apart I've never seen a drier season, never known such burning heat and just beyond the door,"
  • Lament - King Crimson
    "I guess I tried to show you how I'd take the crowd with my guitar And business men would clap their hands And clip another fat cigar And publishers would spread the news And print my music far and wide And"

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