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Koo man

  • Fatty Koo - Fatty Koo
    "Ooh ooh ahh ahh, my my my my let me get a taste Of your sweet potato pie Ooh ooh ahh ahh My my my my (Verse 1:) Yo, it's fatty koo. (ah no, no no no) keep it hot, Got black cajun cabana models. sweet"
  • Koochie Koo - Baccara
    "Koochie Koo! Never heard about It? Well listen! When do you feel you like to touch My hand and wanna say so much We're all alone and really only sun Then do you feel a sting inside You know now that"
  • Koo Stark - Chixdiggit
    "I thought everyone knew it but I guess there still could be a bunch who must have been out of town or they could have been out having lunch they missed a nasty break up now you and me are shagged up I'm"
  • Koochie Koo - Christina Aguilera
    "I saw you here where you were standing It scared me, dear so I bought some candy. When I see you my eyes are open. When you see me, your eyes are open. oh oh oh oh oh my koochie koo ohhhhhhhhhhh i still"
  • Duk Koo Kim - Sun Kil Moon
    "looking out on my roof last night woken up from a dream i saw a typhoon coming in close bringing the clouds down to the sea making the world look gray and alone taking all light from my view keeping everyone"
  • Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo - Johnny Winter
    "I couldn't stop moving when it first took hold It was a warm spring night in the ol' town hall There was a band called The Jokers, they were layin' it down Don't cha know I'm never gonna lose that funky"
  • Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer
    "Couldn't stop moving when it first took hold. It was a warm spring night at the old town hall. There was a group called 'The Jokers' they were layin' it down. Don't ya know I'm never gonna lose that funky"
  • Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo - Rick Derringer
    "Couldn't stop moving When it first took hold It was a warm spring night At the old town hall There was a group called The Jokers They were laying it down Don'tcha know I'm never Gonna lose that funky"
  • Tight - Fatty Koo
    "(Valure) It's Friday night, Hittin' the club with my girls tonight (what) I'm hanging out with my girls tonight (who?) Tamika, Ranisha, Shaniqua, Alicia, Myesha, Aylisha, Janelle, Shanelle, Danielle, Michelle,"
  • Lust - Fatty Koo
    "(VALURE) When i look into your eyes (x3) (VERSE 1 (VALURE)) something about the way you look at me, keeps me wonderin, could this be my destiny, maybe take a chance at love again, claim you as my man,"
  • Cruise Control - Fatty Koo
    "(Verse 1) (Valure) I met this young man Just the other day Set my world on fire In a special way He had the prettiest smile That I ever seen Had my feeling like a day dream (Eddie B.) Hey are you goin"
  • Juke Joint - Fatty Koo
    "(Valure) Somebody put the juke jonit on, listen to the words of the song, let me prove what i say is true, that i'm realy really feelin you (verse #1:) (Eddie) hey, hey, hey shorty why u here standing"
  • Like That Girl - Fatty Koo
    "(Verse 1:) Tell me what should i do, what should i say. I'm lost for words so i'm coming to you, sistas. Will you help me, see i don't know, where to start, to find the keys to win over a woman's heart. Well"
  • Blind Man - Man
    "Blind man, try to save your sight Blind man, walk out of your night You're afraid of the darkness, But afraid to turn on the light Blind man, locked in shades of gray Blind man, look for words to say It"
  • Bad Man - Elephant Man
    "Yeah, I dedicate this one to all my dogs n all thugs across da globe (all over). My big bulla my jackass corn I cant believe my black brother dead ah gone yuh miss a friend turn yuh lighter in da air"
  • Bad Man - Beenie Man
    "Intro (1) Oh, a dat a oonu a gwan wid Oonu a bawl, caan oonu claim mi come pon t.v wid rupaul No man caan jump bad man wall No naah stall alright first Intro (2) Dong dong, dong dong, dogger diggy"
  • Man Royal - Beenie Man
    "Intro: Yeh man, mi know she mek yu sick man Yu see how she a mek yu a vomit, laugh... Yu see it a das why mi tell yu nuh Brethren Yu see me Beenie Man mi a go tell yu something Hear mi Chorus: Mi"
  • Method Man - Method Man
    "Chorus: M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man M-e-t, h-o-d, man Hey you get off my clooud Let me get raw with my southpaw style Mover, puffin' on a fat blunt from cuba It's the meth-tical"
  • Mellow Man - Pooh-Man
    "(Pooh-Man) Yeah lets make this kind of mellow Ant slow it up for me We going to do this kind of cool (Verse 1) Always on a mellow man Kicking rhymes that last Grab the microphone and I clock straight"
  • Man - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "'m being hassled by the man The man The man The man Man Crush a killer with a thigh bone Man You call the cable, make a cozy home Man You need a rock 'n' roll singer Man You gotta thumb and a finger..... You"

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