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Korean movei sub indo

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Korean movei sub indo

  • Sub - Chico Buarque
    "L no tem brisa No tem verde-azuis No tem frescura nem atrevimento L no figura no mapa No avesso da montanha, labirinto contra-senha, cara a tapa Fala, Penha Fala, Iraj Fala, Olaria Fala, Acari, Vigrio"
  • Indo Love - H-Town
    "What's up babyy? you ready for this? R. Kelly talkin' bout bump and grind. jodeci talkn' bout fiendin'. Silk talkin' bout locin' control. but I'm' talkin' bout yo bidy hot as indo. I got you soaked,"
  • Korean Bodega - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "He got the pizza and brew, sensational 20,000 out on the street and accidental Here's to the one, the one around my way Giving love to the peoples, many hours, many days See he is both the hero and the"
  • Korean Parents - Randy Newman
    "Kids today got problems Liek their parents never had Neighborhoods are dangerous The public schools are bad At home there are distractions so irresistible The hours fly by No work gets done Some"
  • Korean Dogwood - Devendra Banhart
    "Red oak Sugar And Korean Dogwood Vibes turn To rubbed rum Lit by mission moonlight Kangas on that hillside. You are My life And you baffle me some Like vanilla's maple. Inca Cornflower You're my baby's"
  • Korean pride - H.O.T.
    "Yeah~ This is dedicated to all the niggers out there~ who just don't care about sh*t ya know~ check it out yo~uhn jeh nah due ryuh oo meh yuhn seu soh keh ool boo jee duhn seul peun young hon deul eh too"
  • Tears (korean) - Trax
    "eodiro kamyeon chooheurggah dangshinkwa heh eojin hooeh jikeumeun jinagabeorin shikaneh moodki shijakhae ginakin bameum jinaneun yeohaengeul kkoomkkoogido haesseo eekeun wiro pyeolchyeojin haneul son godonmajeo"
  • Indo Pra Goiania - Gino E Geno
    "T rindo toa, t achando bom demais Corao t parecendo a apital de Gois Cheio de mulher bonita, loira, morena e mulata Corao calma no peito, desse jeito oc me mata Arruma tudo, v se no esquece nada Eu t"
  • Intro to indo - Snoop Dogg
    "But really you don't know what you gettin into you can't see the gangster in me Uh, God Damn... Thats some of the sticky icky icky icky Oh Wee Ya ya, wassup niggaz and niggets, This is Dr. Dre, Hey"
  • Sub Love - Toploader
    "Never want to get inside of I'd rather roll with the times and the vibe, oh Come take all of my dollars And my loader come and cure ya God never gave me a sign Clearer than the Devil in baseline And it's"
  • Sub zero - Patrice
    "Ohhhhhh, chinese-ninja warrior, with your heart sooooo cold. Sub-Zero ohhhhhhhh, your life is a mystery, whatever without mask. Sub-Zero hey hey freezing vibration (3x) here we go (3x) Ohhhhhh, chinese-ninja"
  • Sub Race - Undercroft
    "A sub-race of human race It comes back With the eyes Flashing by blood! A sub-race of human race Sowing the panic With the existence Of sick faces! From the dusk reborn Of ancient time Titanic Shadow Black"
  • Sub-Effect - Voivod
    "The one go down is alive It is part of my flight The one inside makes a sign And keeps an eye to the light I sense panic overboard Obscure, viscid sprawling fog I hear a sonar rumour That says I'm far"
  • Sub Crazy - Method Man
    "We can all get by if we want now Get a phat piece of the pie if we want Motherfuckers gettin' mad high when they want now I will survive, recognize it be Tical Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready"
  • Sub-16 - GNR
    "E quem causa inveja E fuma escondido da mae Vida tao chata Onda tao curta Moda tao fora, sai Que um raio a parta E salta puxa pula ri at ao sol Mas aos desasseis so de uma vez Tens o desgosto de vestir-te"
  • Sub Balloon - Remy Zero
    "the lights distilled as it goes hand from hand tonight cause we were not supposed to be here at all is the world ashamed the still comands my body to remain forever steeped in alcohol and flames"
  • Sub-Mission - Nocturne
    "I'm on a submarine mission for you baby I feel the way you were going I picked you up on my TV screen I feel you under current flowing Submission going down down dragging me down Submission I can't"
  • Sub Rosa - Kasia Nosowska
    "Z dźwięków miękkich Tej piosenki Mnie wysłyszeć - Niepodobna - Słów drobiazgiem Co kaszką sypią się - Głodomora ciekawości paść Z plotek płotek Nie wyłuskasz nic Bo w plotce, jak w płotce Tylko ość Z"
  • Sub Rosa - Nosowska
    "Z dźwięków miękkich Tej piosenki Mnie wysłyszeć - Niepodobna - Słów drobiazgiem Co kaszką sypią się - Głodomora ciekawości paść Z plotek płotek Nie wyłuskasz nic Bo w plotce, jak w płotce Tylko ość Z"
  • Sub Zero - GULI x Homex
    "To nie jest smutny love song Dla smutnych jebanych dziwek Jebać was Pozdrowienia ode mnie serdeczne dla was, kur*, joł! Martwi królowie Koło mnie wciągają kokę Suki se robią focie Ja na mordzie mam face"

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