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Korn - Falling Away From Me

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Korn - Falling Away From Me

  • Korn Dogs - Danger Doom
    "(MF Doom) One one Two two, two To get the dough, the Villain'll flow off of Stella D'oro and water go off the head for the slaugter you bet your daughter That liquor only gets you sick quicker Take it"
  • Falling Away From Me - Korn
    "Hey, I'm feeling tired. My time, is gone today. You flirt with suicide. Sometimes, that's ok. Do what others say. I'm here, standing hollow. Falling away from me. Falling away from me. Day, is here fading. That's"
  • Falling Away From Me (Live) - Korn
    "Hey I'm feelin' tired My time is gone today You flirt with suicide Sometimes that's okay Do what others say I'm here standing hollow Falling away from me Falling away from me The day is here fading That's"
  • Falling Away From Me (Unplugged Version) - Korn
    "Hey I'm feelin' tired My time is gone today You flirt with suicide Sometimes that's okay Do what others say I'm here standing hollow Falling away from me. Falling away from me. Day is here fading That's"
  • Children Of The KoRn - Korn
    "Attention all parents! Report to your local therapist! Report to your local church! Report to your local police department! It's goin' down! Glaring into my sons eyes. Reveals a void I felt her in the"
  • Falling Away - Dope
    "The more things change The more things change Ain't it funny how Ain't it, ain't it funny how Apparently everything is the same Ain't it funny how Ain't it, ain't it funny how I think I'm waking up or"
  • Falling Away - Good Charlotte
    "And tonight we burn down everything We worked so hard to build The ashes will rain down on me Memories set aflame, Sail away What we said if we can make this Then we can break this into two Memories "
  • Falling Away - Marion Raven
    "He comes to me He comes to me and I'm already gone He doesn't see He doesn't see that we're hanging on Blocking out the pieces of today Trying to get back to yesterday We're falling away And there's"
  • Falling Away - Mordred
    "Someone take this cold from me And let my mind run free it used to be Easy to deal with the everyday shit Now it seems I'm all alone to deal with it Take me away from here Falling away Falling away from"
  • Falling Away - Tantric
    "How did we let this *bleep* get complicated When all of this time we knew that we were wasting Why do I feel like I always fall through Sometimes I feel like I just want to be you Now that I know"
  • Falling Away From Reality - Seventh Angel
    "INTRO: I'm still living, life goes on But with you its no longer impossible Through the tragedy, alone so long I had given up on everything possible BRIDGE: Falling deeper into depression I needed death,"
  • Falling Away - Amber Pacific
    "I'm on my last breath who'd have thought it'd be me I'm leaving behind love life family I'll say these last words I'll fight the pain from within the bleeding won't stop I'll stop to take this all in When"
  • Falling Away - Jupiter Rising
    "Ooooooo ooooo Can't you see that its more than a picture More life than the oldest scripture Man I tell you this life may miss ya Play a role and it still may diss ya For the obvious never felt closer Till"
  • Falling - Tyrone Wells
    "I hear your voice from down below The sweetest sound I've ever known You call me closer to the edge To take a step and just let it go I know I want you Thats why i'm afraid Can you feel me falling for"
  • Falling - Nightingale
    "The darkness returned in this void where I will fall All the dreams from my past they're all clouded by their call I'm getting used to funerals that no one attends So I'm following the shadows to where"
  • Falling - Gotthard
    "Wasting my days On wondering why Searching for answers Possible lies Knowing the reasons But hiding the truth Now at the end All I miss is just you I'm falling Down, down, down into the room. I'm falling While"
  • Falling - Mercenary
    "Infiltrate them Disintegrate them Terminate my fire Create your own desire Don't let them drag you under Towards their paradise I am the fallen angel The only one am I Be my dream this night Hide me"
  • Falling - Guilty By Association
    "*Verse* Sometimes we have to do things we dont wanna do Like saying goodbye to someone you love, and who loved you It breaks your heart up inside But, you couldn't let it go on, you couldnt hide You try"
  • Falling - Tyler Terry
    "If this were falling upon my head From above the ceiling's painted red And I knew this night could have a reason We were laying on your bed While you looked, I looked away and instead Common sense would"
  • Falling - Blutengel
    "There is something inside me. I cant explain the way I feel, I feel about you. Everytime time youre by my side, I feel whole, I feel free, Cause what I've got, is what I see. I will hold you when you fall."

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