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Kortez: i need somebody

  • I Need Somebody - Michael Sullivan
    "If I want to find the reason in my life I know I need somebody If I want to say that loving is a dream I know I need somebody Everytime I look around I see it clear I know I need somebody Everytime I see"
  • I Need Somebody - John Mellencamp
    "I am your crazy driver Honey I'm sure to steer you so wrong I'm a dieing in this story I'm only livin' to sing this song I need somebody baby You need somebody baby too I need somebody baby Just like"
  • I Need Somebody - The Pillows
    "kimi no namae wo yonde furimuita kedo kaze ga mau you ni kiete yuku omoidashita yo sou da ne boku wa zutto maboroshi no kimi wo miteta dake datta zenbu uso daro waraibanashi daro dakedo konna ni mune ga"
  • I Need Somebody - Ash
    "I can't be myself, when I'm alone I think stupid things, when left on my own I need someone to be around Someone to play up to, to fool about I need somebody, to pick me up I need somebody Oh anybody I"
  • I Need Somebody - The Stooges
    "But I am your crazy driver Honey I'm sure to steer you ' round I am dying in any story (?) I'm only living and (when I) sing this song (Just the same, baby...) I need somebody, baby I need somebody,"
  • I Need Somebody - Bardot
    "Bardot Play It Like That I Need Somebody Thanks to michael2001_@hotmail.com for these lyrics. Don't need anybody messin with you I want you just the way you are Don't want anything that you can give"
  • Somebody - James Taylor
    "I am somebody And I love somebody Do you respect somebody Cause we all need somebody Everybody is somebody Baby, I am somebody So dont you treat me like nobody As if you feel for somebody So just because"
  • Somebody - Atomic Kitten
    "The times i've seen you down In despair walking round And felt you that were alone Baby, someone was by your side To dry your tears, to make you smile But you would never have known (you would never have"
  • Somebody - Aerosmith
    "I need a lady, not somebody shady need someone to be close to somebody cozy, not somebody nosy help me see my whole day through someone to share the load somebody to walk the road I live on... live! good"
  • Somebody - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan Reckless Somebody I bin lookin' for someone Between the fire and the flame We're all lookin' for somethin' To ease the pain Now who can you turn to When it's all black and white And the"
  • Somebody - Bryan Adams
    "I bin lookin' for someone Between the fire and the flame We're all lookin' for somethin' To ease the pain Now who can you turn to When it's all black and white And the winners are losers You see"
  • Somebody - Tonic
    "I need to be around you I want to fall into your eyes I love to feel you close to me But there's no peace of mind I live to hear you laughing I long to feel your hands fall down Along the side of me A"
  • Somebody - The Chainsmokers, Drew Love
    "in the town full of fancy cars and crowded bars and supermodels looks exactly the way it did inside my head when I dreamed about it all the things I could live without I need it now cause they’re all around"
  • Somebody - Jukebox The Ghost
    "I want it I need it I want somebody I want it I need it I want your eyes to turn I need it I want it I want somebody Baby Now this is my turn I don't want any more doors Cause I'm walkin' on string They"
  • Somebody - Belinda More
    "Somebody who's cool Somebody who want's to see it too Tell me why I screw or why I play the fool Never find the right guy Somebody tell me why? Tell me why? See I become an expert Realized, gettin'"
  • Somebody - KRS-One
    "Oh, do it now, oh, do it now Yeah, we celebrate diversity in the university Everybody can't be a queen, everybody can't be a ho and a bitch (Ha ha) Everybody can't b e a philosopher Some of y'all gotta"
  • Somebody - Sam Ryder
    "Do, do-do, do-do Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do Do, do-do, do-do Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do You bring me summer every weekend Like a rooftop in LA When it heats up in the evenin' You cool me off like lemonade So"
  • Somebody - Slightly Stoopid
    "Wait and see because you know you need somebody I said, the loving you lost is just one of the costs When you're living in the streets and you're running from cops And everyday that's just the price you"
  • Somebody - Justin Bieber
    "Every time i wake up next to you I talk to god And i am so damn grateful Cause you make up for all the things i am not Didn;t know i need nothing Till i needed you Im a world that’s spinnin’ It ain’t easy"
  • Somebody - Bonnie McKee
    "I sit alone, in a dark theater Watching the people go by Hand in hand, everybody but me I stay behind Watching the credits roll by Roll, roll, roll right by me I know I won't cry Because there is somebody, Somebody,"

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