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Kraftwerk Showroom Dummies

  • Showroom Dummies - Kraftwerk
    "1 2 3 4 We are standing here Exposing ourselves We are showroom dummies We are showroom dummies We're being watched and we feel our pulse We are showroom dummies We are showroom dummies We look around and"
  • Showroom - Milburn
    "Watch out! He's always up to something Cause he's so devious And he's so cynical And it makes me laugh He's trying so hard to pretend Acting oh so original When he's simply following the trends The book"
  • Girls For Dummies - Goin' Places
    "Girls for dummies Chapter one, here's the first mistake treating girls like gold from the very first date If you become their friend that's all you'll ever be Chapter two, here's what to do you find"
  • Scene For Dummies - Hollywood Undead
    "Da Kurlzz: What! yo This is Da Kurlzz bitch! We aint just a gang motha fucka, but a way of life! Yo check it! this is my boy! THA PRODUCA Tha Producer: (Chorus) All you fags on sunset show me where"
  • Lobotomy For Dummies - Zebrahead
    "You can lie to me and say it's you I adore You can poison me and drown me on the shore You can kick me again when I'm down on the floor Give me some more Give me some more You say I'm desperate and"
  • Punk For Dummies - Too Bad Eugene
    "Well you saw a couple shows and you gathered what you know About the punk rock paradigm All you really know is you have to throw a fit and whine So you wrote a bunch of songs that are 30 seconds long And"
  • Underground For Dummies - Sage Francis
    "And you'll know it was me by the trail of demos Spare me the details, e-mails, memos Dookie-gold chain letter to whom it may concern Put this around your neck until your hangin on my every word Stalkin',"
  • Drama For Dummies - The Awkward Romance
    "unbroken promises are clich, i'm sure clich's will be clich one day. so can you see why i spaz? given my history if something's wrong it's wrong with me. besides i know you're perfect.now you're gone."
  • I'm not into Twerk, I'm into KrafTwerk - Modeselektor
    "(Utwór instrumentalny.)"
  • Tell Dat To Dummies - Andre Nickatina & Equipto
    ""Always admired your ability to communicate precisely" (Equipto Talking) Yeah, shit, you know I mean We in slow motion with it mayne All my homeboys give a little bit of stuff to ???? You know I'm sayin,"
  • Tell Dat Ta Dummies - Andre Nickatina
    "(Quipto) I'm the new Jack Nino On my own like C-Lo Got carried away Married to this game when I eloped Gone, imma take it further I'll learn her Soon as I turn her out And there'll be no doubt that she'll"
  • Punk Rock For Dummies - Too Bad Eugene
    "well, you saw a couple shows and you gathered what you know about the punk rock paradigm all you really know is you have to throw a fit and whine so you wrote a bunch of songs that are thirty seconds long and"
  • Wake Up (Stimulated Dummies Mix) - Brand Nubian
    "Peace to the god Peace allah Aiyyo there go that brother grand puba I heard that brother got knowledge of self Yo true indeed brother Yo let's have that brother come over and add on to the cipher "sunshine!"
  • Radioaktivit - Kraftwerk
    "Tschernobyl (Tschernobyl) Harrisburgh Sellafield .......... (Hiroshima) Stopt Radioaktivitt Weil's um unsere Zukunft geht (Because it's about our future) Stop Radioaktivitt (Stop radioactivity) Fur dich"
  • Radioaktivitat (The Mix Version) - Kraftwerk
    "Tschernobyl (Tschernobyl) Harrisburgh Sellafield .......... (Hiroshima) Stopt Radioaktivitat Weil 's um unsere Zukunft geht Stop Radioaktivitat (Stop radioactivity) Fur dich und mich im all Entsteht (Because"
  • Der Telefonanruf - Kraftwerk
    "''Dieser Anschluss ist vorbergehend nicht erreichbar'' Ich geb' dir meine Zuneigung und meine Zeit Ich mu dich wiedersehen, wann ist es soweit? Du bist mir nah und doch so fern Ich ruf' dich an, ich"
  • Sexobjekt - Kraftwerk
    "Ja! Ja! Ja! Nein! Nein! Nein! Ich bin nicht dein Sex Objekt Zweigefhl, so ganz direkt Ich bin nicht dein Sex Objekt Deine Tricks sind fast perfekt Ich bin nicht dein Sex Objekt Du machst mich an und gehst"
  • Antenne - Kraftwerk
    "I'm the antenna Catching vibration You're the transmitter Give information! Wir richten Antennen ins Firmament Empfangen die Tne die Niemand kennt I'm the transmitter I give information You're the antenna Catching"
  • News - Kraftwerk
    "Hier ist der Westdeutsche Rundfunk mit den Nachrichten Fnfzig Atomkraftwerke sollen in der Bundesrepublik In den nchsten zehn Jahren errichtet werden Jedes einzelne kann eine Millionenstadt mit Strom versorgen (English"
  • Tour De France, - Kraftwerk
    "Tour de France Radio Tour information Transmission tlvision Reportage sur moto Camra, vido et photo Les quipes prsentes Le dpart est donn Les tapes sont brles Et la course est lance Tour de France Les"

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