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KrakowiankaTax Free do pobrania za free

  • Free - Stryper
    "Free to turn away - say goodbye Free to walk away - and deny The gift waiting for you Whispers a still small voice It's your choice - you're.. Free - Free to do what you want to Choose your own destiny Free"
  • Free - 10 Seconds Down
    "Free, to do my own way Free, don't care what you say Free, to do what I do Free, because you do, yeah you do too Free to fly, free to fall Free to turn my life around Free to feel, free to choose Free"
  • Free - Ginny Owens
    "Turning molehills into mountains Making big deals out of small ones Bearing gifts as if they're burdens This is how it's been Fear of coming out of my shell Too many things I can't do too well Afraid"
  • Free - Jefferson Starship
    "her mamma don't like it there's not a lot that she can do her daddy don't like it she's stayin' out till after two she likes to go her own way wild, reckless and bold you can't hold her down boy"
  • Free - Zac Brown Band
    "so we live in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you We'll end up hand in hand Somewhere down on the sand Me and you Just as free Free as we'll ever be Just as free Free as we'll ever be Drive"
  • Free - Kylie Minogue
    "It's Night Time, We're driving, Lights go by and make stars in my eyes. It's cold out and it's warm in, when I have you by my side. And I know this is special, when the breeze is on my face. For now"
  • Free - Miss Angie
    "I've never seen You Never touched You Never, never, no But I believe in Your Son (x2) You, You make me free Yeah You do Yeah You do (x2) There is no hope in me, in me Oh no, oh no, oh no At Jesus' feet"
  • Free - Faith Hill
    "i had it tough when i was just a little kid it didn't matter what i thought it didn't matter what i did i felt the doubt for what i lacked right from the start it did a number on my head but it could"
  • Free - Planetshakers
    "You saved me, You set me free You healed me, You made me see You set me free You give me, all that I need You give me, life abundantly You set me free All I wanna do is praise You 'Cause You have set"
  • Free! - Raining Pleasure
    "you can always underestimate people's brains but you can never underestimate how they feel people always talk of things they would not do so never let them scare you never let despise you never let them"
  • Free - VAST
    "It's time to laugh, it's time to cry It's time to be what you need to be It won't be long till they are gone And we can be what we want to be I wanna run from everything Everything that holds me down Nothing"
  • Free - Heaven 17
    "Here as I sit in this lonely square This train of thought runs through my mind I like it best when the choice is mine I want to be free to speak my mind And if I cry I want no-one to be there (be there)"
  • Free - Elliott Yamin
    "Now that the air is out of the way I'm starting to see myself so clear Like a light shining into the night Everybody has a day When they're criticized for something But hold on to what you believe Tell"
  • Free - Sarah Brightman
    "And do you still touch her like you do Kiss her all over in the way I kissed with you And when you sleep with her do you sometimes think of me Not if you love her in the way I see I had to be free Had"
  • Free - Alisha's Attic
    "Take a breather angel Gather up your thoughts and fears As you sit there in that room Be sure that justice will be done But only if you believe Every second, every minute Just gets harder to hold on to"
  • Free - Geto Boys
    "Geto Boys (G.B.)'98 We gonna set this shit straight, belive that Don't you wish sometimes you can be free Free from incarceration Free from paying them bills Free to come and go when ya feel Most of all,"
  • Free - Diana Ross
    "Chill in the bones, chill in the air Do you think that I haven't been around? Boy I wasn't born yesterday, yesterday Coming home late at night, flowers on the doorstep Trying to make it right Boy you"
  • Free - Nate Ultra
    "Where did we go wrong where did we loose our faith my brother is in me but he can't depend on me you think give more love a try maybe you could find a better friend than any other if you gave more than"
  • Free - Cody Simpson
    "She looks good in the morning sun But even better with a thigh dot on Feather in her head, flower in her hair She looks good in the morning sun But even better with a thigh dot on Feather in her head,"
  • Free - Enrique Iglesias
    "When i moan, when you're gone, i come I wanna jump when you wanna jump I wanna touch, where it makes you mine I wanna push 'til i get it right Cos i'm free, free to do the dirty things you like I'm"

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