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Kristen Stewart-There Alright

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Kristen Stewart-There Alright

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Kristen Stewart-There Alright
  • CHVRCHES Down Side Of Me (with Kristen Stewart)
    "Maybe I tell you that it’s No big deal Maybe I can aim this high Or maybe I could eat my words Not the same Not the same You’re Not the same Not the same Not the same Not the same You’re Not the same Not"
  • Rooney Kristen
    "I don't know a lot about her But she, she knew a lot about me Her family seemed to love her If what they say is true Her friends all shared the good times Man, that girl has love That girl has - I, I didn't"
  • King's X Alright
    "And i was thinkin' i'll never get older, so many die in the night, when i was thinkin' we're over and done for, when i was feeling no life, you put your hand on my shoulder, and told me, it's gonna be"
  • Kinnie Starr Alright
    "Is it alright for me to feel this way? Put my head in your lap The world will go away Well, well, we can go there We can go anywhere We can go there (yes) But is it alright? (yes) Is it alright? (yes) Is"
  • Tadpole Alright
    "I can see it in your face Don't think that I don't recognize it I was adored once too Soon you'll be bitter and old, my dear We'll see about these feelings you have They'll be the death of you Needy,"
  • Freeway Alright
    "State Property, Roc-a-fella Records This that feeling music you know We make that music you can feel Early "Just Blaze" I went from the ghetto to the ghetto and I'm back again And we doing it back"
  • Rocco & Bass T Alright
    "I don't wanna be the one The one who's always left behind Will there ever come a day When I can turn around and say I don't wanna be the one The one who's always left behind Will there ever come a day When"
  • Tree63 Alright
    "I believe a change is going to come That yesterday is over I do yeah I do yeah The clouds have silver linings after all Ive seen them with my own eyes Its true yeah its true yeah Though darkness overcomes"
  • By The Tree Alright
    "Down here where everything's crazy The whole world is falling apart Don't start believing the lie Love will find you, right where you are Chorus: It'll be alright tonight It'll be okay If the world falls"
  • Skindred Alright
    "I know that I hit you with a full on attack Never pulled no punches it was full contact Now we enter the place and we no wan bring it back init? Hit you in the heart and made a deep impact Rock rock rock"
  • Superchic(k) Alright
    "There's so much on my mind lately I can't make out my own thoughts anymore I don't know where one begins and the other one ends I wish that I could push a button and turn it all off Just for a little while"
  • D-Side Alright
    "It's gonna be alrightAs every day goes byIt's easierAll you need is timeSo come and Rest your mindThere's so much more to lifeI see the bigger pitureI feel your troubles liftingI'll be there to break your"
  • Jamiroquai Alright
    "I need your love, I need your love... You, give me light So tonight, take me there I, feel your sun Start to glow and I know it Let me show you that I want your love I need your touch For the rest, of"
  • Devin The Dude Alright
    "Lord thank you for the food that I'm about to receive May it nourrish my body and keep my mind at ease But as far as my soul I been meanin to holler atcha And I know you been busy with niggas steady tryina"
  • Trace Adkins Alright
    "Ain't no whiskey in this glass Try not to smoke too many cigarettes I stay away from Mary Jane These are my choices Ain't gonna judge you if you do So don't you judge me if I don't I got my reasons,"
  • Yoko Ono It's Alright
    "mummy! mummy! mummy!" "uh-hmm?" "mummy!" "uh-hmm?" "mummy! you have to wake up!" "yes, yes, i know..." "ma, you have to wake up!" "i know..." Sometimes it's such a drag, I don't feel like getting up"
  • MxPx It's Alright
    "There is no map, there are no signs, We're on our way, we're crossing lines Strap on your boots, go pack your bags, No time to rest, no time to lag, And you know, everyone here has been invited to go Whoa"
  • Slick Idiot Blast (Remixed By F.Turiot@Kristen.orb)
    "Nobody Gives A Damn And Neither Do I, That's The Way It Goes And That's The Way We Die !! Feel The Sparks In The Night My Baby, Slip Into The Heat I Will Be There. I'm Your Candyman, Come On And Take"
  • Blue It's Alright
    "let me tell you 'bout atory that I heard 'bouta guy that thoughtlove was just a word and a girl that promised she would be there when he called he always playing off the line never knowing that she's"
  • Eddy It's alright
    "There are times when my heart is uneasy with fear The answers are nowhere in sight Then I hear a sweet voice whisper soft in my ear Everything's gonna be alright When I see the people with hunger in their"

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