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Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess

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Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess

  • Beautiful Mess - Kristian Kostov
    "when the world shakes uus trying to take us out of line fear of tomorrow feelings we borrow for a time water so deep how do we breathe how do we climb? so we stay in this mess this beautiful mess tonight and"
  • Live it up (feat. Roksana Węgiel - Roxie, Kristian Kostov) - B-OK
    "we keep our eyes on the headlights got your hand and it feels right to drive sway in a runaway car like a ride on the wild side you’re the fuel when I am run down don’t be scared you just let then talk and"
  • Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio
    "Going out of my mind these days, Like I'm walkin' round in a haze. I can't think straight, I can't concentrate. And I need a shave. I go to work and I look tired. The boss man says: "Son, you're gonna"
  • Beautiful Mess - Meredith Edwards
    "My life could not be better My life is a total wreck Can't string two thoughts together But I can write a love song in my head One minute I'm strong and fearless Like a modern day Joan Of Arc Next"
  • Beautiful mess - The Cloud Room
    "Oh, don't you want to go Oh, to the time when we were bored and happy Oh, don't you want to go To the time when all the plans we'd make were laws we had yet to break Hold on, hold on to that beautiful"
  • A beautiful mess - Jason Mraz
    "You've got the best of both worldsYou're the kind of girl who can take down a man,And lift him back up againYou are strong but you're needy,Humble but you're greedyBased on your body language,your shouted"
  • Maria's Beautiful Mess - Ellis Paul
    "She fell to the mattress with the grace of an actress You're falling like a thief from a roof. She's asking for proof , "Are you staying?" Outside you hear mission bells. Welcome to Maria's beautiful"
  • What A Beautiful Mess - Diamond Rio
    "Going out of my nind these days, like I'm walkin 'round in a haze, I can't think straight, I can't concentrate, and I need to shave. I go to work and I look tired, The boss man said son you gona get fired, this"
  • Kong Kristian - Hymn Danii
    "Kong Kristian stod ved hjen mast i rg og damp; hans vrge hamrede s fast, at gotens hjelm og hjerte brast. Da sank hvert fjendtligt spejl og mast i rg og damp. Fly, skreg de, fly, hvad flygte kan! hvo str"
  • Happy Mess - Atmosphere
    "Remember that time that I made you so mad Last week right ha ha you know that It's not like it's all that rare So put it here and let me cherish the embarrassment I realize I've been a dick head yes And"
  • Beautiful - Rachel Farris
    "Beautiful is what I want to be When I get a glimpse of you, I'm far away Who is the girl in the mirror? Who is it that I want to be? The time I take, The mess that I make What is it I'm hoping to see? When"
  • Beautiful - Enchant
    "(Music & lyrics: D. Ott) How did we come to this? When did we reach that fork in the road That carried us from our home? Where did we go wrong? How could we lose the words to our song When we were writing"
  • Beautiful - Bosson
    "I do believe in fate cause that's how we met It was raining and we were soaking wet You took the last of cabs on an empty street Then you smiled at me and said 'take a seat...' I said do you believe in"
  • Beautiful - Staple
    "Tell me now, are you loving your life? Tell me now, do you get your sleep at night? Tell me now, have you found yourself begging for a way out? Your maze has no lights. Tell me now, have you found your"
  • Supernova Girl-Kristian Rex - Zenon
    "Stargazing megafast You hit me like a cosmic blast You've given me a Technicolor world Putting me in Overdrive Speed of light, I'm so alive! Could you be my supernova girl? Interplanetary, Megastellar,"
  • Mess - Standover Radio
    "She's alone it's not the first time that she's felt this pain And it' don't feel right. Another night another shattered dream she has to face And she's not fine Never just have strength not give it"
  • Mess - Ben Folds
    "there was a time when I had nothing to explain oh, this mess I have made but then things got complicated my innocence has all but faded oh, this mess I have made and I don't believe in God so I can't be"
  • Mess - Ben Folds Five
    "There was a time when i had nothing to explain oh, this mess i have made but then things got complicated my innocence has all but faded oh, this mess i have made and i don't believe in god so i can't be"
  • Mess - Custom
    "you dont really want to get involved in my life its scary like a slurpee brain freeze you dont really want to taste more than the first kiss because if you do there are some things you should know about"
  • Mess - B. Reith
    "Somebody get me out this mess I'm in See I've been tryin' to do the best I can But I keep on stumblin' over and over again I ain't got no more excuses for ya All that I can say is sorry Won't you please"

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