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  • Longin' for your touch - Hillsong
    "Longing for Your touchLord I come to YouLord I'm reaching for Your love againLonging for Your touchI can feel Your loveLord I'm reaching out to YouVerse:If I need a friend on whom I can dependThen Jesus,"
  • Dancin' With Someone (longin' For You) - Teresa Brewer
    "DANCIN' WITH SOMEONE Teresa Brewer While dancin with someone And longin' for you I saw you, my darlin' with somebody new And over his shoulder I watched you dance by The smile on your lips bright"
  • Żona i Ksiądz - Żywiołak
    "Pojechał na pole Napotkał pachole A z pola powraca .. Rozgniewała się żona Wzięła pieniążki i poszła do księdza Mój dobrodzieju, dorodź mi temu Co ja uczynić mam mężowi swemu Wstań no rano A choć o"
  • Koniec (feat. Ksiądz Krzysiu PZM, Nizioł) - TPS
    "Utwór TPSa z gościnnym udziałem Nizioła i Księdza Krzysia PZM pojawi się na płycie TPS "Selfmade"."
  • Oh Marie - Louis Prima
    "Oh Marie! (Oh Marie)Oh Marie! (Oh Marie)In your arms I'm longin' to be (I'm longin' to be)Uhm, baby (Baby)Tell me you love me (Tell me you love me)Kiss me onceWhile the stars shine above me (Shine above"
  • A Big Day In The North - Black Grape
    "It's your big day in the north It's your big day in the north - love Sha-sher sha-shy pinapple When you smile en coeur le Big Apple Attention - get up charge your face la ou mais ou mon ami It's your big"
  • Miss you in my arms - Joana Zimmer
    "I miss the way you kiss me in the mornin'This house just ain't no homeI wake up on a clear blue dawnin'It hurts to be aloneThere's nobody in the bathroomAnd the kitchen is deadly quietI sure miss your"
  • Little Cabin Home On The Hill - Porter Wagoner
    "Tonight I'm alone without you my dear but in my heart's a longin' for you still All I have to do now is sit alone and pine in our little cabin home on the hill Oh someone has taken you from me and left"
  • Weselicho - Monika Chwajoł
    "dziś ślub was i wesele życzę więc wam szczęście wiele jestem druhna, nie zawiodę będę śpiewać wam na zgodę kościół pięknie ozdobiony w tyle słychać, bija dzwony a w nim gości bardzo wiele będzie ślub"
  • Words Of Love - The Mamas & The Papas
    "Words of love, so soft and tender Won't win a girl's heart anymore If you love her then you must send her Somewhere where she's never been before Worn out phrases and longin' gazes Won't get you where"
  • I Won't Cry Anymore - Bobby Vinton
    "I Won't Cry Anymore Bobby Vinton Written by Fred Wise and Al Frisch This version not released as a single but In 1951 Tony Bennett took it to #12 I won't cry anymore, now that you've left me I won't"
  • I Want To Be Happy - Tony Bennett
    "I Won't Cry Anymore Bobby Vinton Written by Fred Wise and Al Frisch This version not released as a single but In 1951 Tony Bennett took it to #12 I won't cry anymore, now that you've left me I won't cry"
  • Ant Man Bee - Captain Beefheart
    "White ants runnin' Black ants crawlin' Yella ants dreamin' Brown ants longin' All those people longin' to be free Uhuru ant man bee uhuru ant man bee All the ants in God's garden they can't get along War"
  • My Baby's Waitin' - Red Simpson
    "Waitin' my baby's waitin' waitin' at the end of the line Hurry up old truck we're running a way behind time Longin' yes I'm longin' to hold her in my arms it's true Cause old stirring wheel I'm gettin'"
  • Haunted Heart - Mandragora Scream
    "Life, I blame your minds that get a pain, they're always risin' over crime... They want my skin, collapsin' my brain... Their better healin' is rainworm cry! They cast me over that quiverin' shroud! They're"
  • Get To Know Ya - Maxwell
    "They be tryin' to bring you flowers you prefer your roses blue brothers try to get in your trousers others was tryin' to get into you I was just tryin' to get with you honest Thats why them boys be scared"
  • Somewhere, Somebody - Jennifer Warnes
    "(Andrew Kastner, Larry McNally, Max Gronenthal) Must be a million boys living in this great big city I know that one of them is just right for me I've looked uptown, downtown, all around searchin' I know"
  • Stairway To The Stars - Johnny Mathis
    "Teacher, Teacher Johnny Mathis Words by Al Stillman and Music by Robert Allen Peaked at # 21 in 1958 Teacher, teacher There's so much I'm longin' to know 'cause my heart has been all aglow From the moment"
  • If I Loved You - Michael Crawford
    "If I loved you, Time and again I would try to say All I'd want you to know. If I loved you, Words wouldn't come in an easy way Round in circles I'd go! Longin' to tell you, But afraid and shy, I'd let"
  • I Won't Cry Anymore - Marvin Gaye
    "I won't cry anymore, now that you've left me I won't cry anymore, now that you're gone I've shed a million tears since we're apart But tears can never mend a broken heart I won't sigh anymore, I'll just"

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