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Kubik- ''saturn 5

  • Saturn 5 - Inspiral Carpets
    "Lady take a ride on a Zeke 64, Jerry wants to be a rockette That's a popular misconception, says we haven't seen anything yet Laying down the lifeless corpse of President 35 The lady crying by his side"
  • Saturn 5 - Inspirial Carpets
    "Lady take a ride on a Zeke 64 Jerry wants to be a rockette There's a popular misconception Says we haven't seen anything yet Laying down the lifeless corpse of President 35 The lady cryin by his side is"
  • Saturn - Stevie Wonder
    "Packing my bagsgoing away To a place where the air is clean On Saturn There's no sense to sit and watch people die We don't fight our wars the way you do We put back all the things we use On Saturn There's"
  • Saturn - Skillet
    "I ask him When will I Be free he Said I am Asking him When will I Change he said No matter now No matter now Saturn has a ring around it You can never see it with your eyes Saturn has a ring around"
  • Saturn - Jen Foster
    "Words & music by Jen Foster & Glenn Rosenstein C'mon, take my hand A surprise is awaiting you We'll sprawl out on the sand And unwind by the light of the moon Forget your father's face Forget the debts"
  • Saturn - Xiu Xiu
    "You are my son and i am saturn do you see it? this is you and me i want you to know as youre being eaten the lights will be on and that this is you and me this match and this sheaf of wheat this"
  • Saturn Boy - XTC
    "Red as a pin with a tortoise skin, and I'm only a saturn boy I can't explain to your minute brain that I'm only a saturn boy All you wanna do is kiss and kiss and kiss all night (saturn) Get down on the"
  • Saturn Girl - Paula Cole
    "Lost in another world, oh Saturn, Saturn Girl. Far away, ot an infinite world I escape I'm clear and calm, I'm unafraid. Sunless days, in my sheltered Milky Way In Saturn's rings I feel no pain. In my"
  • Saturn Freeway - Bigbang
    "Baby went off to summerschool and she didn't feel allright Nobody spoke to her and she couldn't sleep at night No one there knew what she had been through If they ever make one baby we should go right"
  • Saturn Return - R.E.M.
    "Easy to poke yourself square in the eye Harder to like yourself, harder to try These are espouses Postcards and neoprene Roses a dollar a stem Everyone sleeping or pulling the long haul and Keys/caves(?)"
  • Saturn return - Crematory
    "Easy to poke yourself square in the eyeHarder to like yourself, harder to tryThese Elvis poses, postcards and neoprynRoses a dollar a stemEveryone's sleeping or pulling a long haul,the keys in the cooler,"
  • Saturn Iii - Fu Manchu
    "Spacemen destroy...mega asteroids Certain time and place Floatin' out to space 4 billion years to cross Universe so vast For several days they tried This will never last (chorus) Saturn 3 takes hold...losing"
  • Saturn Return - Eraserheads
    "For the land Land of the sun, sun, sun All the lawyers pray to God Airconditon my brain There's a note in my ear that I can't sustain Drain all my fear oh dear Trapped inside an aeroplane Sittin' on the"
  • Saturn Parkway - Brazil
    "blue water runs deep blue water brings sleep in the valley sleep comes easy in the valley there is no fear of sharks and since the battles end the river flows red with blood the shark has swam"
  • Saturn nights - America
    "One more song about movin along the highwayFeel the fantasy in the air(ah -- --)Filled the room with flowers from norwaySensed her majesty in the airMade a sign bove your doorway, to show I careIve been"
  • Saturn-Impressionen - Sopor Aeternus
    "Der kalte See liegt schweigend im Nebel und ewig wird er sein. Sie alle hat er bereits empfangen, und auch ich tauche bald in seine Fluten ein. Die Zeit, sie liegt schon weit zurck, als das Erste von uns"
  • Saturn Song - Beach House
    "I was looking for a four leaf clover White snakes play summers for that gunpowder Out a mile, Out a mile Why give good manners? I just don't matter Out a mile, Out a mile Why it turn backwards? Out"
  • Born Under Saturn - Samael
    "Here Or There, Above Or Below It's Always The Same Force Which Prevails One Must Be Unreal And Surreal To Rise Above The Fear Of Isolation One Must Accept Exclusion Becoming Stronger To Face Fate Day After"
  • Saturn In Rain - Alpha
    "Anyone now Under the mellow tree Saturn in rain Sick of a woman me Anyone now All the one taste Out in the desert Out in the sea for me And now I mean it Over there the grains get in it And who are"
  • Saturn In Crosshairs - Rumbleseat
    "Kicked me off Made my wheels turn Rolled on way back to Where I'm from and what I've done Remembering them angels Through hard times They helped me walk them lines I watched that moon glow And felt the"

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