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Kuda lari semarang

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Kuda lari semarang

  • Kuda - Joshua
    "Kupunya kucing lucu sekali Kumisnya panjang Warnanya belang Sungguh kusayang Setiap hari aku selalu bermain Main dengan sikucing Mama Papa senang Akupun senang Suatu hari lihat si kucing duduk Sendiri"
  • Kuda Idu Ostavljene Devojke - Ceca Raznatovic
    "Ceca Raznatovic Miscellaneous Kuda Idu Ostavljene Devojke Jos koliko kasnih vozova da sacekam i da propusitm Pa da s nekim svijem gnezdo ljubavi Da i meni dode onaj pravi Kuda idu ostavljene devojke,"
  • Helping Me Get Over You feat. Lari White - Travis Tritt
    "(Featuring Lari White) (Travis Tritt/Lari White) You ask who's lying in my bed Is it really love we're making My heart's hanging by a thread She's the only reason it ain't breaking Do you ever cross my"
  • Ghost Of A Chance - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Jones) I've got my arms around the sweetest love I've ever found It's something I'd fight to hold onto But I'm giving in, this is a battle I can't win I've done all that I can do She's"
  • If You Only Knew - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) If you only knew the way I love you Don't I wonder what you'd do Would you look at me and say you love me too If you only knew If you only knew I'm dreaming of you Every night"
  • Made To Be Broken - Lari White
    "(Lari White) So it begins Learning the language of poets and thieves She's crying again He's making promise no one could keep They sound so sweet But they are Made to be broken Made to be broken Even"
  • Something Blue - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue It was the perfect wedding day Band of gold, dress of white Handsome groom, blushing bride Pretty pictures in"
  • Wishes - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) If wishes were horses I'd ride a fast one If wishes were wings I'd fly wild and free If wishes were trains I'd be on the last one If wishes came true You'd be loving me If wishes"
  • Next To Love - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) There's a chill hanging in the air We've been silent all night long I'm lying here, you're way over there Pretending there ain't nothing wrong Ain't there something I can say,"
  • Somebody's Fool - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Tom Shapiro/Chris Waters) I've got a closet full of sensible shoes I keep my head never lose my cool I'm well known for my practical ways But ooh one of these days I wanna be somebody's fool I"
  • Helping Me Get Over You - Lari White
    "{Travis} You ask who's lying in my bed Is it really love we're making My heart's hanging by a thread She's the only reason it ain't breaking Do you ever cross my mind Darling fact is you still do That's"
  • Don't Leave Me Lonely - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) I step across the danger line And feel this crazy heart of mine Go midnight blue Somewhere an angel sheds a tear For all the beauty and the fear Of loving you It's true that"
  • Go On - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Tom Shapiro/Chris Waters) You talk to me with one eye on the door You lie beside me with one foot on the floor You're always going You're never gone So long shouldn't take so long Go on go"
  • Nothing But Love - Lari White
    "Nothing but Love Nothing but time Baby I've got nothing but you on my mind And I've just got to tell you somehow I've got nothing if I Can't make you believe You're the only thing that really matters"
  • What A Woman Wants - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon) Come here darlin', let me whisper in your ear A precious little secret that I think you need to hear With the way the women's movement's always making the news I can see how"
  • When It Rains - Lari White
    "(Lari White) He'd had some time He'd been doing fine He couldn't remember when she'd last crossed his mind But a storm cloud comes stealin' With that old mournful feelin' Just like the black night she"
  • Where The Lights Are Low - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chris Waters) It's been awhile since I've seen you around You don't come down to the lonely side of town Since we've been out of touch I'm not too hard to find But it doesn't hurt so much 'Cause"
  • Its Love - Lari White
    "(lari white/chuck cannon) There's a full moon slippin' up over the hill There's a heart gettin' ready to fall There's an old song playing on the radio And there's a crazy feeling got a way of stealing Over"
  • Do It Again - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Chuck Cannon/Chuck Jones) I grew up fast and wild, I was Saturday's child Leaping in long before I would look Yeah, I was the fool, always breaking the rules Blind to the chances I took And"
  • Good Good Love - Lari White
    "(Lari White/John Rotch) Chorus: If you want a good good love Hold on when the times are bad 'Cause if you jump ship when trouble hits Good for nothin' is all you'll have You gotta anchor down in the winds"

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