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  • Dante - Pseudopod
    "i've been declared unfit to stand for years of dirty deeds and must admit the truth your honor, your honor here's my plea guilty if you must conceive in lust if not for love a puppet of my man's denial"
  • Dante Ulic - Intruz
    "Dla was Dante Ulic inspiracje mam pod ręką chodźcie ze man przez piekło jestem Dante Ulic i zdążyłem się znieczulić kiedy mój kawałek puścisz na klacie poczujesz uścisk albo pójdziesz i nie wrócisz nie"
  • Dante (feat. ReTo) - Avi X Louis Villain
    "chciałem wejść jak najwyżej wyskoczyć przez okno a dziś a dziś a dziś a dziś co najwyżej to możesz mnie cmoknąć nie wierze w miłość ala Paulo Coelho bo nie znajdę jedynej, a po prostu kolejna nie musze"
  • Angel (ft. Dante Leon) - DVBBS
    "I found an angel from outer space I found an angel from outer space We feel the same about a lot of things She wouldn't change for the milky way Her love is so new age She's got a flicker in her eyes,"
  • Cielo Y Tierra (w/Dante Thomas) - Nek
    "(feat. Dante Thomas) Escribo tu nombre amigo mio Hoy en tu ados triste y vaco Inevitable debe ser Preguntar por eso Si pudiste hacerme ver Que eras debil y por qu Where was I when you tumbled down Oh"
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (feat. Dante Thomas) - Michael Mind Project
    "Nothing lasts forever, so let's dance tonight Like we'll never see the morning light Let's live it up when the sun goes down Let's live it up when the sun goes down Nothing lasts forever, so let's dance"
  • Feeling So Blue (feat. Dante Thomas) - Michael Mind Project
    "Yo listen up here's a story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees Is just blue like him inside and outside Blue is his house with a blue little"
  • Freak On A Leash (Dante Ross Mix) - Korn
    "Something takes a part of me. Something lost and never seen. Everytime I start to believe, Something's raped and taken from me... from me. Life's got to always be messing with me. (You wanna see the light) Can't"
  • She's Miss California - Dante Thomas
    "TALK: California...that's where I saw her I learned to love her CHORUS: She's Miss California, hottest thing in West L.A. House down by the water, sails her yacht across the bay Drives a Maranello, Hollywood's"
  • Miss California (Rap Remix) - Dante Thomas
    "(Pras) (Dante) Uh, I mean I'm just sittin right here (California) Ckeckin out these ladies right here, baby you hot (This is where he saw her) I mean you sexy, oh my God, (I long to love her) Imagine one"
  • Miss California - Dante Thomas
    "Talk: Uh. I mean i'm just sittin right here. Checking out this young lady right here. Baby you hot. I mean you sexy. Oh my god! Let me ask you one question. Where you from anyway? Chorus: She's miss"
  • Money Can't Buy - Dante Thomas
    "yeah, ohhh baby, ohhh she lives a high life in the city never a time in her life she had a 9-5 she has a penthouse in Manhattan she's close to the sky so at times she believes she can fly with all of"
  • Never Give Up - Dante Thomas
    "We've been together And went to the extreme You put your trust in me When all I had was dreams My world is hectic But still you found away To balance out the time My love is here to stay I never stop lovin"
  • She Says - Dante Thomas
    "I've been here before but never made a choice instead I made the most of a bad situation but who's to say I won't, walk right out that door and leave the only love that I've ever known she says that"
  • Should Have Loved Her Then - Dante Thomas
    "She walked into the room all dressed in blue what am I to do he vowed to take her hand raise a family and promise to be true but she used to whisper to me by the river alone when the nights were so"
  • Tina Colada - Dante Thomas
    "Let's spend the weekend Just you and me, babe We'll take no phonecalls, No company Cuz 2night is a special night And we ow it to each other to talk (oooow) About our feelings and giving love a try What"
  • Fly - Dante Thomas
    "Set yourself on a movie screen Playin a part and be anything Know what I mean? It's all about right It's all about wrong About you and me and how to get long You've got to wake up Work hard and take a"
  • Get It On - Dante Thomas
    "Do you remember It was a Latin summer night Do you remember baby When the moon was shining bright Do you remember When we danced into this beat I still remember It was a midnight summer heat I"
  • Guilty - Dante Thomas
    "Shadows falling Baby we stand alone Out on a street anybody we meet got a heardache of their own Making a crime to be lonely or sad You got a reason for living You better love with the love you live it"
  • Goodbye - Dante Thomas
    "Yeah, bye bye bye... Have you ever loved someone so much it hurts to see them leave And you hope it won't be the last time that you will see them. So you try your best to stay strong because they're just"

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