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  • Kurt Cobain - Amplify Dot
    "Catch him in the viper room, pine him for some Vicodine, Leave him lying in the same position that you find him in. I’m a fire like a liar on a hype And I be leading by example, freedom fighters call me"
  • Kurt Cobain - Bielizna
    "Kurt Cobain strzelił sobie w łeb Bo trafił mu się kiepski dzień A gdyby nie wydawał płyt To może by spokojnie żył Kurt Cobain strzelił sobie w łeb Bo chemia w nim zabiła sens A gdyby parkingowym był To"
  • Jak Kurt - BLANKPAGE
    "gdy mija noc przychodzi dzień bywam zmęczony, że przytłacza mnie nie biorę łez nie biorę leków na sen nachodzi ochota żeby się odjebać jak Kurt to tylko słowa i tekst to tylko słowa i wiesz nie muszą"
  • Kurt Kobain - Proof
    "(Proof Talking) This my last letter right here Fuck this world, lets get the fuck outta here (Proof) I put my soul through the ink Bless a path with thoughts at my thoughts Before I grow extinct My back-bone"
  • Kurt Drickamer - Kensington Gore
    "Aw shit! They say nothing in this world is free Not even bodybags for you and me You know, there ain't no way, that at the end of the day We'll make it out of here unscathed, so Kick back, and take your"
  • Kurt Cobain / Anioł Stróż - White 2115
    "/ Kurt Cobain: mam włosy jak Kurt Cobain w moich nowych ciuchach flex robi kiedyś wciąż mówili ;nie twoje’ dzisiaj off-white, MISBHV, Lauren dzisiaj nic zabronić nie możesz bo już nie jestem tym gnojem zabieram"
  • No Retreat (Kutmaster Kurt Remix) - Dilated Peoples
    ""The mind-blowing party-rocking Platform crew" (scratched 4x) "That's Rakka-Iriscience, Evidence, Babu" It's no retreat, hit the street, get my plane confirmation To the other side of the world, a daily"
  • I Don't Suck (Really)-Kurt Angle - World Wrestling Entertainment
    "(Kurt Angle) Whoa! Before you get started.. +I+ have something to say! (Chorus: Kurt Angle) I don't -- SUCK! I don't -- SUCK! I don't -- SUCK! I don't -- SUCK! I don't -- SUCK! I don't -- SUCK! I don't"
  • Kurt Cobain - Bushido
    "Klick klack, klick klack - BOOM! Das ist Kurt Cobain Lauf in den Mund, ich bin dieser Typ, der dich einfach haut ohne Grund! Also lauf, lauf wie ein Hund, es ist aus mit euch Jungs, es macht: Klick klack,"
  • Kurt Cobain - Jacuś
    "nie masz dowodu ciemno, nie widzę koloru, ej bez rozwodu młody"
  • It's Never That Easy Though, Is It? (Song For The Other Kurt) - Los Campesinos!
    "This one time I kissed a girl for class war. I pulled her hips in close and held my left fist high above her pale right clavicle. She said "oh tell me darling do you think we have a future?". "Well maybe,"
  • It's Never That Easy Though, Is It? (Song For The Other Kurt) - Los Campesinos
    "I'm considering religion And military conscription It's the moment I realise I am stuck Asserting ourselves at traffic lights In foreign countries in the very dead of night Is the moment I realise I am"
  • Master Of The Bump (Kurt Stumbaugh, I Can Feel The Soil Falling Over My Head) - Xiu Xiu
    "If you say my dancing is effeminate I will never dance again And if you say my logic is irreversible then things will always be the same Master of the bump and master of the hustle But i not i'm not"
  • Kurt Gibt Net Auf - Hubert von Goisern
    "Boid bist obn und boid bist untn, Boid bist valorn und boid wirst gfundn Boad bist wer und boid bist nix Und dann fressn di de Fix. Boid host an Kreiza, boid an Guidn Und glei darauf schon wiada Schuidn Des"
  • Mamma (Met Kurt Darren) - Nicholis Louw
    "Mamma dankie vir wie ek is Dankie vir wat ek nooit sal wees Daar's baie wat ek graag wou s As ek vergeet Vergewe my Mamma jy was nog altyd daar Jy't my geleer jy't my bewaar As ek my lewe oor kan kry Wens"
  • I - Kurt Nilsen
    "Look at my behaviour. I cant help myself.One feet before the other, and hope you didnt notice. Im 14 days ahead to you. In my head you already mine. I hope I dont seem like the desperate kind. ChorusSometimes"
  • If I Tell God - Kurt Carr
    "hey hey hey hey I will trust in God To supply my need He'll come through for me If I just believe If I pray in faith then I will receive If I tell (God about my problems) He'll work it out for me (Repeat) yeah"
  • Every time i wake up - Kurt Nilsen
    "If I had 48 hours in a dayThen I could get my sleep knowing it's okay I'm all worn out I cannot see things throughWhat am I trying to prove to myselfPut yourself in my shoes and slap on a smileThat is"
  • All I Have to Offer - Kurt Nilsen
    "Hey! What is it with you today? You know you shine You know you glow Don't drag yourself down Just listen To what I have to say If not tomorrow You'll soon be on your way (Chorus) If this is all you have"
  • Set The Atmosphere - Kurt Carr
    "We hope you just open up your mouth and glorify God. Has he done anything for you? Holy,Holy Worthy to be praised,Worthy to be praised Can't you hear the angels,crying holy,holy,holy,holy Can't you hear"

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