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Kygo ft. Miguel - Remind Me To Forget (Vlad Rusu Remix)

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Kygo ft. Miguel - Remind Me To Forget (Vlad Rusu Remix)

  • Remind Me to Forget (ft. Miguel) - Kygo
    "it never fades away, it’s staying your kiss like broken glass on my skin and all the greatest loves end in violence it’s tearing up my voice, left in silence baby, it hit so hard, holding on to my chest maybe"
  • It Ain't Me (ft. Kygo) - Selena Gomez
    ""I had a dream We were back to 70's Summer nights and liberties Nevar growing up" Media doniosły o zarejestrowaniu przez Selenę Gomez wspólnego utworu z norweskim DJ-em i producentem muzycznym, któremu"
  • Vlad - Inkubus Sukkubus
    "How Ive loved youAnd will always love youYou were the one to lightThe stars in my nightWhy cant one of suchBeauty live foreverHear my soul scream its plightYou were the gift of joyYou were my lightYou"
  • Remind Me (Remix) - Royksopp
    "It's only been a week, The rush of being home in rapid fading. Failing to recall What I was missing, all that time in England Has sent me aimlessly, On foot or by the help of transportation, To"
  • #Beautiful (ft. Miguel) - Mariah Carey
    "Ah, ah, you’re beautiful (Yeah) Ah, ah, you’re beautiful Hop on the back of my bike Let the good wind blow through your hair With an ass like that and a smile so bright Oh, you’re killing me, you know"
  • Ashley (ft. Miguel) - Big Sean
    "And I, I wouldn't trade it for the world, world, world And I, Just so fucking lucky you're my girl, girl, girl And I, I wouldn't trade it for anything No, no, no not anything And you Yeah, I got a brand"
  • PrimeTime (ft. Miguel) - Janelle Monae
    "Tick-tock, I'm watching the clock I can't wait til we get to rock. I wanna scream and dream and do love for age, Is that ok? Tonight is me & you alone, we'll make a call or we'll even write a song See"
  • Miguel - Nakatomi Plaza
    "welcome back to town they said to me and it's not too great to be back or good to be gone neither's forever can i make either better for me? either or fuck summer how was yours? stick to your guns and"
  • Remind Me - Ella Fitzgerald
    "Turn off that charm I'm through with love for awhile I'm through and yet, you have a fabulous smile So if I forget Remind me Not to find you so attractive Remind me That the world is full of men When"
  • U remind me (remix) - Blu Cantrell
    "Right, oh y'all know what I'm sayin' Trackmasters, what up? Yo, you remind me of this chick I knew, used to pursue She wouldn't let the Meth' Man screw, but let the crew So I did what any man in that"
  • #Hermosa (#Beautiful) (ft. Miguel) - Mariah Carey
    "You’re beautiful You’re beautiful Ah, ah, eres hermosa (sí) Eres hermosa. Hop on the back of my bike let the good wind blow through your hair with an ass like that and a smile so bright oh, you’re killing"
  • Good Lovin (Ft. Miguel) - Ludacris
    "I keep dwellin' on the past, babe Know what I need, yeah I need some real good lovin' Cause I'm troubled by the things that I see I need some real good lovin' Cause ain't nobody been around here lovin'"
  • Remind yourself - Tyler Kyte
    "We're always on display People question what we say Seems like every move we make there's someone watching Don't want to lose you to the crowd So I turn the music loud So we don't have to listen to them"
  • Remind Us - Over The Rhine
    "I don't know where this is going I'm taking a ride on a wing and a prayer Follow me there We'll both be surprised If we forget anything Hopefully no one will remind us Can't bear the news in the evening We're"
  • Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave
    "I walk the streets of Japan till I get lost Cause it doesn't remind me of anything With a graveyard tan carrying a cross Cause it doesn't remind me of anything I like studying faces in a parking lot Cause"
  • Remind Me To Tell You - The Carpenters
    "I can be distant, like an echo in a canyon I get resistant and I need your understanding I don't know what happens, I get removed I don't mean to fade out, but when I do (*) Remind me to tell you all"
  • Vlad The Impaler - Theatres des Vampires
    "Blood is life! I want blood of virgins for my glory... Power and life I was a fighter of god in his crusades But god has caused the death of my bride I was a fighter of enemies of the church But god has"
  • Vlad The Impaler - Kasabian
    "Face check I walk this beach I'm frying in the heat in the cauldron stir me Chomp down my diamond teeth I ain't got The simple things in life I feel like You have got to witness This is your last retreat"
  • U Remind Me (KC's Smooth Remix) - Usher
    "Yo, I ain't seeing you in a minute, but I got something to tell ya, listen. See the thing about you that caught my eye Is the same thing that makes me change my mind Kinda hard to explain, but girl, I'll"
  • Remind Me - Sherrie Austin
    "See our picture on the wall Why were we smiling, I just can't seem to recall Remind me Do you see this wedding band Wasn't it once worth more than just gold on my hand Remind me Chorus: I don't care who's"

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