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Kygo im lovin

  • Wild about my lovin - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Well now, listen here people Im about to sing a song Im goin to Saint Louis And I wont be long Cause Im wild about my lovin I like to have my fun If you want to be a girl of mine You got to bring it with"
  • Double Lovin - Osmonds
    "Im gonna double your lovin Double your fun You get two for the price of one It took me a long time to find a good woman One that would be true Thats why Im gonna double what it takes baby to hold on to"
  • Good lovin - Bob Marley
    "Feat. Lauren Hill Turn your lights down lowAnd pull your window curtains;Oh, let jah moon come shining in -Into our life again,Sayin: ooh, its been a long, long (long, long, long, long) time;I kept this"
  • Lovin' u - One Voice
    "Lovin uish easy cuz u're beautifuland makin luv wit uish all i wanna doLovin uish more than juss a dream come truand eberything that i doish out of lovin uLalalalala...lalalalala...lalalalala...lalala~lalala...do-don-do-don-do-doAaahh..Not"
  • Thug lovin' - Ja Rule
    "What up, Gotti, yeah This is how its goin down (All we need is a a stage, God Ha-ha, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, come on, ha-ha-ha) Its on and poppin, baby (Its on and poppin) The Last Temptation, ha-ha Hes"
  • Lovin man - Hans Theessink
    "We can go up north, we can go down south Go out west, we can go out east Anywhere the wind blows, any place you wanna be Feels like home, home sweet home to me I wanna be, I wanna be, baby, wanna be your"
  • Good Lovin' - Fantasia
    "One sunny, sunny morning When my mans right by my side Held me closely, so close I felt love inside Its like paradise when he He called me his favorite girl And for sure hes my favorite boy And Ill be"
  • Lovin You - Forte
    "i was standing in a corner of a crowded room thinkin 'bout you (yeah) thinkin 'bout your smile it's strange tonight of how i fell in love so soon could this angel be sent to me to answer my dreams i"
  • It Ain't Me (ft. Kygo) - Selena Gomez
    ""I had a dream We were back to 70's Summer nights and liberties Nevar growing up" Media doniosły o zarejestrowaniu przez Selenę Gomez wspólnego utworu z norweskim DJ-em i producentem muzycznym, któremu"
  • Peace Lovin Man - Whitesnake
    "You changed your reason With a wave of your hand Fill me with wonder like a child Cause you never understand Its a son of it stays the same When its over Its a crime to deny When its gone Cause"
  • For lovin' me - Gordon Lightfoot
    "That's what you get for lovin' meThat's what you get for lovin' meEvry thing you had is goneAs you can seeThats what you get for lovin meI aint the kind to hang aroundWith any new love that I foundcause"
  • Peace Lovin' Man - David Coverdale
    "(Coverdale) You changed your reason with the wave of your hand... Fill me with wonder - Like a child 'Cos you'll never understand... It's a sin, not to say when it's over It's a crime, to deny when it's"
  • Lovin' Is Easy - Hear'Say
    "When Im alone I cannot help myself from fallin' Deeper in love with you Holding you close And feelin' your body Moments like this Make me lose control I can't help the way I feel right now And I dont want"
  • Im Real Remix - Jennifer Lopez
    "Whats my mother f**kin name (ja-rule ) R-u-l-e (j-lo) Blowin back on this maryjane I'm analyzin da game And the game done chose me Ta bring pain ta pussy niggas n pussy hoes it all Da same N eva since"
  • Im Still Waiting - Sasha
    "Sweet litlegirl, you and me together it's all I'm dreamin' of just one look and then I knew all I'm longin' for is you All alone,I'm standin' at the telephone now there is no one calling, no one calling I'm"
  • Gimme some lovin - Bro'Sis
    "Chorus: Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme some lovin Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme some lovin Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme some some lovin and affection Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme some lovin Gimme,gimme,gimme,gimme some lovin"
  • 50 Cent Lovin' - Sugarland
    "I'm so tired of bein' all alone So frustrated waitin' by the phone When i think of everthing i miss Wonder why i carry on like this I can't hide my love for you But i can surely deal without the shit you"
  • Lovin' You Again - Emmylou Harris
    "(Roger Ferris) You call me from a phone booth with tears in your voice Tell me you've been out all night runnin' with the boys You say you're cold and tired and lonely And you got no place to go There"
  • Gimme some lovin' - Grateful Dead
    "Well my temperature is rising got my feet on the floorCrazy people rocking cause they want to go moreLet me in baby I dont know what you gotBut you better take it easy cause this place is hotAnd Im so"
  • Lovin You Still - Terri Walker
    "intro: yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah ahhhhh verse: i was awakened of an angel in my bed he said he'd been flyin and somehow he bumped"

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