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Kylesa - Unspoken

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Kylesa - Unspoken

  • Unspoken - Crematory
    "unspoken names never reach my heart again unspoken feelings no one miss your life you see-you hear-you run and you awaken and don't know if you're sleeping overrun and compromised by the dreams of the"
  • Unspoken - Jaci Velasquez
    "I hear daily news People cry out for their freedom My eyes turn to You Don't they know Lord You can lead them CHORUS If we all pray for peace Change will come I believe As we face the unknown God heals"
  • Unspoken - Hurts
    "Things will never change And our hearts will always separate. Forget about you I'll forget about you. The things we never say Are better often left alone. Forget about you I'll forget about this time. But"
  • Unspoken - Finger Eleven
    "I'd rather waste this time Before I think of you The resonating light Still feels untrue I'd rather take this time To show you how I try When I just can't believe The situation's fine I don't want to"
  • Unspoken - Dash Channel
    "Seems you are my closest friend There’s no ears for what I care I’m afraid of the weight of those words so I won’t talk anymore what I think is my load I’m not lying I’m not telling the truth and what"
  • Unspoken - Lacuna Coil
    "And it doesn't matter How you feel now, anything at all Seems to be your only way, so vicious Heavenly apart When your envy is on a piece of paper Let me sweetly smile You're devouring all the crumbs I'm"
  • Unspoken - Flowing Tears
    "someone said the sun has gone someone spoke of fear someone said the stars have cried when someone shed a tear someone stole the smile I lost and someone picked up fear someone caught the lines I wrote to"
  • Unspoken - Brightwood
    "Hidden pieces of my heart Wait alone for only you And I sit silent for a while But time is nothing When its you on the line And some day I'll tell you What you mean to me I'll tell you I love you and"
  • Unspoken words - U.D.O.
    "My thoughts are going back - back to the time When I was young to live a life A life of lies - full of lies Then you came into my life And you've changed so many things That I've done before - that I've"
  • Unspoken Words - Showoff
    "Unspoken words are on my mind. Searching my head for that (those) answer(s) I can't find. Do I mean anything to you? Dying inside knowing that we are through. Blind man inside my head tell me again. Not"
  • Words, Unspoken - Andru Donalds
    "Baby forgive me Everything I said wasn't what I felt You know it ain't easy Being just the same person every day Inside I'm crying But so many things were surrounding me Thanks For a lifetime Nothing can"
  • Unspoken Words - The Connells
    "Call to myself and they locked me in. Call to myself today, today. Speaking to no one and feeling fine. Thinking of you today, today. If faith is the measure of what we feel, Then I haven't felt today,"
  • Unspoken Names - Atrocity
    "I see the horror day by day Only the sight shudders me World fail me, confuse me In there any explanation ? I shall not find One name or kind What's behind Forbidden thoughts Keep me silent Opress me Every"
  • Kindly Unspoken - Kate Voegele
    "As high as the moon So high were my spirits When you sang out my name And coming from you It was enough just to hear it Oh, it rang like the bells did today But even the sturdiest ground Can shift and"
  • Unspoken Words - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Young) If I could only share with you Once more the fruits of yesterday Could I forget unspoken words? The change in colours of your way I can still see you standing there Clutching my hand and"
  • Words Unspoken - Supertramp
    "Why sing a lonely song The whole world knows that love goes wrong Why browse a heart that isn't broken It isn't broken, it can be broken Life's just a show for free Come along and watch with me The only"
  • Unspoken Word - Feeling Left Out
    "Unspoken Word You'll never know the meaning of a nice day When the leaves cast shading shadows on your face I wonder what went so wrong I'm sorry that you're gone I hope you're in a better place where"
  • Unspoken Word - The RZA
    "Chorus: Yo, yo it's the unspoken word You not heard, get your brains open Controlled emotions freewill as the same token Keep a sword tucked sharp inside your personal We can bust a shot or we can bust"
  • Unspoken Word - RZA
    "Chorus: Yo, yo it's the unspoken word You not heard, get your brains open Controlled emotions freewill as the same token Keep a sword tucked sharp inside your personal We can bust a shot or we can bust"
  • Unspoken Request - Boysetsfire
    "Failed coercion Leads to intrusion And the blood forever runs In her hair Into her hands Between her legs Where his mind lies Power drives him on To murder innocence On the rack of his devices Vices and"

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